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Tis' I, F8! I'm writing this to say that the next chapter(hopefully next two chapters unless something goes terribly wrong) will be coming out today(saturday, but quite a few hours from now and its saturday in my time zone, but maybe not everyone else's). I apologize for the continued delays, but more sh*t happened...whether it's good or bad, I can't truly be certain. 

So basically, my parents managed to get all the required paperwork to our solicitor(only time will tell if we get the proper timing for ILR). My parents are getting me to pack my stuff away before Sunday(just wall decorations and stuff from around the room, some clothes that don't fit sorted out, and stuff I won't be needing anytime soon) because they're bringing in people to look at the house on Wednesday, since they're planning to sell the house sometime in one and a half to two months, then they'll move to their 'dream' boat. The second inconvenience is that if the IRL stuff doesn't get through in time, then my schooling costs will go up somewhat, and then decision will be left up to me as to whether to stay on my parents' boat for a year until I can start school with the standard costs or go this year with the higher costs and whatever shifts to the curriculum happen due to COVID-19. 

It's probably stupid to be worrying about all of this stuff, but my stomach really disagrees with that thought, so I'm still mulling it over in my head...Anyways, sorry for the continued delays. Oh, and Trinox, I haven't had time to try chamomile tea, but I'll be near a shop that sells it later when I'm getting a haircut, so hopefully it helps my aching blackhole of sodas...