I’m finally back, for real this time!
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I am finally refreshed, out of excuses, and done with the sh*tload of SAT prep, worrying over whether or not I'll get into Uni(which I didn't because of citizenship status troubles, but it turns out that might've been for the best...because I would've become a prisoner in my own dorm XD), worrying about boat stuff, and actually taking the SAT(and let me tell you guys, that testing room was cold as nifelheim in winter(I'm pretty sure everyone noticed my unceasing twitching...)!). 

Needless to say, with all the time I've had, I managed to come up with the outlines with some future plothooks...as well as a couple of ideas for other stories, so...after I refine some of my gibberish, I'll have a chapter(hopefully the one that ends this long loooong creative dry spell(and, no, I do not mean that sexually!)!!!) out to you guys some time on the glorious day of October the 1st! 

Sry that it's taken so long to truly return, but I'm back!


P.S. - Another reason for my return is that I'll finally have an actual vacation. However, that vacation is sailing in Sicily, and that is still some kind of work, so writing is my best way to avoid it!

P.P.S - I'm really sorry that I didn't come back sooner, guys. Truth is that I probably should've, and with all my promises, you'd think I would've....but I didn't. However, that stops now! I hope to have you guys reading the next chapter soon!