The Familiar of Fate: Chapter 33 – I didn’t expect this(3)
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Fate devoured the cream-filled stick, which seemed to mimic the flavor of a yogurt covered pretzel. He hadn’t had any food with flavor in years, not since the spicy chicken soup which had burned his throat so just a simple snack moved him beyond words.


He could almost feel tears welling up in his eyes after he had finished eating. It had been four years since he had been reincarnated and he had scarcely touched upon his old memories, however, eating something with actual flavor had managed to stir his memories…


-I...I guess that one of my only friends was food...All those sweet, sour, and spicy flavors made me forget all the sh*t that I had to deal with everyday…


He wasn’t crying in front of anyone, he wasn’t crying for attention or sympathy, and he wasn’t shrieking in pain or misery. Instead, he was just a kid over a trivial thing in his room, which made him almost seem like a child for just a moment…a real one...


-I didn’t think that he’d try it again…


Liza walked down the hall while twiddling her thumbs and her head drooped so that you couldn’t see her face unless you got up close. 


One might think that person, who looked like she did would be sad or depressed but if you got up close to her, you could see a smile on her face.


Liza: “It’s okay though! I know that he’ll want to come around to my way of thinking! Plus…”


She put her hand over her mouth and snickered childishly.


-I made sure to put some cream and sugar as filling for that little salt stick! There’s not a single person alive who can resist something that you’ve made with positive thoughts and a lot of sweet!


Fate was desperately trying to act like an adult, but Liza, on the other hand, wasn’t trying to act more mature than she was. If she did say something that sounded mature, it was mostly to make people believe her or to get what she wanted.


Liza: “I’m sure that he’ll be happier with something that mother passed off as a mistake in the kitchen than that terrible…*shudder*...nutrient jel!”


Liza had snuck to the kitchen to make a snack since she had wanted to have something of worth for a friendship to work...and that she hadn’t wanted to see anyone having to eat something so tasteless every single day like it was normal!


-He’s my responsibility now, I’ll be better than all of his previous caregivers! It is our duty as servants to serve and wait on our master’s every desire and even if he’s disowned, I’m still responsible for him!


It was strange that a noble would disown their firstborn, but Issac Schneider was more of a family-centric noble instead of one that was only concerned about impressions or legacies. The fact that a mere toddler had been able to damage its own mother, and a former priestess no less, so horrendously was extremely abnormal!


-Mother taught me that all priestesses of the choir are extremely talented in magic, basic martial arts, song, and holy rituals...I just can’t imagine someone like that to be...injured as bad as she had been, even if it was her own child…!


Liza turned her head inside out trying to make sense of her lord’s odd family but just chose to focus her mind and shake away her ill feelings. 

-It’s the first good thing I’ve had in a while but it’s gone so fast! Seriously, why did she bring me just this small snack does she have a thing for making people younger than her suffer!? 


Fate sighed and looked at the plate that the stick had been on. Originally, it looked like a small pretzel-stick, but now there wasn’t even a single crumb remaining…


Fate: “Then again, she did bring it to me in the first place...and she said this was a then...I can get more delicious foodstuffs! Wait, no! I’m already starting to become subservient to her wishes and all for one...delicious...creamy...salty...crunchy…”


He began to fantasize about it again before snapping himself out of it, vigorously shaking his head. At this moment, he looked like a regular child in denial. 


-Still, though, what am I supposed to tell her when she comes back tomorrow? She wants to be my friend, I’ve threatened to kill her twice, and I really want some more food that isn’t tasteless…


The next day, Liza once again walked the halls of the manor that lead to Fate’s small room. Although he had been moved, he had still been placed in a mostly unused section of the mansion. She soon reached her destination and took out a set of keys on her belt. 


-I don’t know why they needed to go so far as to lock him up? Then again...I guess if it was anybody but me that he threatened with burning...they’d probably try to have him hanged.


She slid a key into the lock on the small door and turned it until she heard a click at which point, she pushed the door open.


-Oh wait, I forgot to knock! He’s going to…

The door opened to the sight of a small room with the same narrow walls, old floor, cot, and dresser where she had left the tray. However, one thing was obviously absent from the fact that the cot was empty...its occupant.


Liza began to hurriedly look around the room, desperately hoping that Fate hadn’t broken out. She attempted to look behind the dresser and under the cot, but neither of these locations yielded results. Suddenly though, she heard a noise from above her…


Liza: “Young lord…?!”


Fate suddenly dropped from the ceiling and once again pinned her to the ground! Liza was in shock but still was able to take notice of the blood and scrapes on Fate’s fingers. It was quite obvious that he had somehow clawed his way into the section of the room above the door and waited to attack her when she came in…


-He was waiting up there all this time, how much pain did he have to put himself through?!


He spread a devious smile across his face while his pupils dilated, giving him the depraved look of someone truly disturbed. A flame flickered on his finger and quickly swelled to the point where it looked like an average 『Fireball』! He lowered the flame to her arm and Liza quickly felt a burning sensation envelop her elbow! 


Fate lifted the finger after letting her flesh sizzle a bit and lowered his head to her ear while keeping one of his eyes fixed on hers…


Fate: “So, are you still going to keep playing this game?”