Chapter Five : Observation
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"If we go out, we'll just be eaten!" Someone protested but the others also did, it just so happened that his voice was the loudest of the bunch.

"So we wait and starve? Not to dash your hopes, but the army if it hasn't come by now, won't come at all." Someone who wanted to relocate said with a bitter tone.

"We can't wait to die by starvation. We have over a hundred people in all, and the food we have, even if we ration it won't last more than a day."

"Then send some people out to search? And draw even more zombies over? If we do that, even if they do make it back, it will just draw more of those monsters to us."

Wynn didn't disagree that zombies were monsters, after all, when he was being eaten, it was by zombies, but he wouldn't have been eaten if not for a human, something that had thoughts and knew what the outcome of stabbing him would be, but did it anyway.

"Then when we have sufficient food and strength, we can fight though them and escape." For a moment, Wynn wondered how brainless one would have to be to think of such a tactic.

"Then what if some Runners come? Or god forbid a Venator?" The voice was low and shook as if thinking of something terrifying, but the voices fell silent.

"If we push out during the day, we can avoid that. It was said before when the radio was on that the Venators don't usually hunt during the day." The other man argued back.

"Then we'll use you to deal with any Vindicators that show up." Someone said with a snarky voice and the discussions fell into a lull.

"Either way, going during the day we risk being killed, and at night, we won't even see death coming. Not to say even being surrounded by normal zombies would mean our deaths."

"Can we lure some of them away and then try and slip out?"  Someone suggested but the following silence made Wynn think they were looking at him with disbelief and the following sentence proved it.

"Then you'll try?" It seemed that no matter what was chosen, it was either bad or worse. Wynn heard several older voices and then stepped back and walked to the covered window and looked at it.

Because the windows were covered, it didn't attract any people, which probably saved the occupants. Outside wasn't sunshine and rainbows and the fact that people killed just as much as zombies was true.

With a quick swipe, the paper covering the window was torn, and then steeling himself, he sprang forward. The window shattered and the sudden sound alerted the humans inside and the zombies outside.

Wynn fell and landed lightly, and a moment later, aside from the broken glass on the ground, his figure couldn't be seen. Wynn had decided rather than to stay inside, it would be best for them to come out.

If they remained cooped up inside, how could he get into the base? If they were cautious, they'd now have to worry about whether or not something had gotten in rather than worrying if something had gotten out.

The night still had a few hours so Wynn followed a few signs to the cafeteria and after sniffing a few times confirmed that the place had been overrun by zombies, maybe a week ago?

If the humans in the gymnasium wanted to gather food, sacrifices would be a necessity. In an enclosed building where zombies lurked, hoping for no losses would be idiotic.

While Wynn's stomach told him he was hungry, he had come across several zombies in the trip to know that they wouldn't die of hunger, at least no immediately.

Some zombies who'd been locked in empty buildings or out in seemingly nowhere could still move and chase fine, but he wouldn't put off eating for too long.

Zombies lacked a variety of survival traits, the ability to feel pain, a sense of danger, and even rational thought, and he didn't want to simply fall over one day because his body could no longer continue to operate.

Of course, he could gauge whether he could survive or not, and Venators with their hunter instincts definitely factored in survival, but to overcome the temptation of food and retreat was unlikely.

Wynn circled back and realized the window had been covered. It seemed some brave person had covered it after a while. Wynn didn't infiltrate again knowing although it was possible, it was pointless.

Either they came out today, or Wynn would 'assist' some zombies inside through various paths and force them out by nightfall. Although it was cruel, on his trip over, he had seen worse scenes play out.

While he would hesitate at eating people, he didn't care if they died. How many had died in traps or tricks using zombies plotted against by fellow human beings?

When the first rays of sunlight appeared, Wynn snarled softly and retreated into a building and hid himself in an empty room. If he had to, he could move during the day, but his newfound instincts absolutely despised moving in the sun because he couldn't sneak as well as in the dark.

Unlike when he slept before, he had a vague idea of what was happening around him, and only after the sun started waning did Wynn get up and leave the room.

With that many people, even if they left, getting far was impossible. Wynn left the building and pursued the scent, ignoring the broken bodies of nearby zombies, some having actually died.

Wynn could smell zombies, and a dead zombie gave off a different scent, like a sharp stench while the smell of human blood and flesh lingered. Wynn followed the trail and stopped in the shadow of the cafeteria, and stared stone still.

"Inside?" Wynn could smell that the trails entered the building, but the lack of bodies outside meant that zombies either ate the remains or the humans made it relatively intact.

"If they bring back food, they'll hole up in their shell and not come out." Wynn sighed and grabbed a nearby zombie's shirt, and with a sudden snort, threw the zombie at the cafeteria, sending it flying over eight meters into the entrance.

Sadly, it was a bit injured, but he also couldn't throw it any further. Wynn had great strength, but it wasn't as high as his speed. Perhaps a Vindicator would be able to throw someone twenty meters, but a Venator had limits.