Chapter 9: Mysterious Place and Different Universe
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I’m walking, walking, and walking, inside a blackness that encompassed all over the place, that was what sprung up in my mind as I kept walking on a never-ending tunnel of darkness. Moving my feeble leg forward to the front, directing it to a dot of white light in the far end of the corridor.

This cycle continued until I stopped and gazed at a faint white figure in the distant. Nothing could be seen on the face of the hazy figure, no eyes, no ears, and no nose, only a wide pure smile was plastered on him/her? face.

Is it a male or a female? I didn’t know, at least the gender of him/her wasn’t discernible from the outside. Although I’m sure that he/she was someone very young, possibly around 10-12 years old.

When I tried to approach her/him? The figure strangely laughed and ran to the wide dot in the distant. My hand tried to reach him/her? But it was to no avail. It was as if there were a strange force holding my body back in place.

Suddenly, a cheerful voice of something or someone rang out, “Master!”

Huh? I tried to look around for the source of the familiar sound but didn’t find anything.


Unexpectedly, the black corridor vanished, as if it never existed in the first place. A white ceiling entered my vision as I tried to open my eyes.

My eyes moved to see around the place without moving my head, confused by the situation I was in. I tried to inject some strength to my hand and made my body leaned back to a chair near me. Strangely enough, my body was heavier than usual, but I didn’t bother with that and tried to recall the hazy dream in my head.

Despite trying to search across my brain, I found that I couldn’t recall what the dreams were about. Out of the blue, a voice of cheerful woman abruptly shattered my daydreaming and made me forgot about it almost completely, [“Master!”]

“Whoa!” My body moved away abruptly, surprised by the sudden voice, but then realized that I was wearing the smart helmet ATHENA and my suit all this time.

“What is it, ATHENA?” I inquired nonchalantly.

[“Master had slept for over 8 hours and we had safely landed on a mysterious plane that seems to break the laws of physics of the universe. ATA had given me the recording when the spaceships had finished crossing the wormhole and reach this place.”]

Huh? Did she mean that we landed somewhere? Is it a planet on a solar system? No... if that was the case it won’t break the laws of physics.

Thereafter, I stood up and flexed my body to find out my previous suspicion before completely sure that my conjecture was correct. I felt that my body was two times heavier, meaning that this place must have twice the gravity of Earth.

Although this much increased in weight didn’t bother me too much, I just didn't understand why artificial gravity seemed to be off. Then, I gazed around the control room for confirmation and saw that the power of the ship was running out.

Following that, I sat on the captain's chair of the ship and said to ATHENA, “Show me the recording, I want to see what was happening when I passed out!”


Subsequently, a hologram screen was projected from the helmet. There, a first-person look from the ship was shown. Realizing that I could switch between different kinds of camera angles, I switched it to the back of the ship to see the place with the worst damages.

What entered my eyesight was the damaged main and back thruster. Crevices and dents could also be seen here and there, although the A.I. ATA had been swift on taking care of that by closing the corridor so that the air inside the ship didn’t escape out.

I suddenly thought of something that had been bothering me, so I decided to ask ATHENA, “ATHENA, how much time does the spaceship experience when crossing the wormhole?”

[“Less than a minute… at least that was what my computing power calculated, the hologram time of the ship freeze in its computation, giving signs that the time wasn’t so stable inside the wormhole.”]

So that was the case why it feels weird in the wormhole, but I feel that time alone wasn’t the answer. I wonder what other that might be the cause? Ahh… How am I supposed to know all that?

At least, I was able to survive, and it was a miracle for me to survive crossing over a wormhole that no one other than me ever done. Sigh* Thanks Jesus that I was still able to see tomorrow.

Just then, a strange massive landmass that defied the laws of physics appeared in the distance. As the ship lost its power generator and the main thruster. It could only use the smaller thruster with emergency fuel to push itself slowly towards it.

What was most shocking was that the closer it got into the strange landmass the clearer it was. Continents and seas could be seen from here. Even a bio-signature such as the green color of the plants on the surface was clear.

“How can such a place existed? There shouldn’t be any such object in the universe that’s able to contain life in such a strange-looking plane, only a circular planet could have an atmosphere and stable enough to produce life." I tried to rub my eyes multiple times but the scene in front of me never changed.

What was even more shocking was that the plane was getting bigger and bigger to the point that it was hundreds to thousands of times bigger than the surface area of the Earth.

“This… I must be hallucinating. No, there’s one thing that could answer this question. It was the wormhole, the wormhole didn't get me to the other part of the universe, but it sends me to another… universe!” I couldn’t believe what I just said but I don’t have any choice but to stick to it. Because only other Universe with a different law of physics could reasonably allow for such a bizarre thing to exist.

But one thing for sure, for me to be able to exist in this Universe without breaking any law was a miracle. This was just an assumption, but the Golden Star Dust might be the catalyst that makes the wormhole stable as it was an exotic material that could produce negative energy.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a scientist so I couldn’t research more on this topic unless there’s a scientist to help me, nor was I a mechanical engineer that could repair the ship. How good it was if I was to have someone to help me with this… Wait, what's wrong with me, I was betrayed when I finally trust someone!

Unintentionally, I punched the chair after having my thoughts went into there again.

[“Abnormal emotion detected….  Activating sedative air….”]

A strange aromatic air pervaded over the inside of my helmet and filled my nostrils, a calm feeling permeated every crook and cranny of my body and made me calm.

"There’s no good thing for thinking about that,” Then, I gazed back at the hologram screen showing the atmosphere entry of the ship. It was burning as it entered the atmosphere, splitting the air apart just like a falling star.

The ship managed to turn on the booster to minimize impact with its remaining power and used the friction from the atmosphere to glide safely to the surface.  The twice gravity meant that it was harder to do so, therefore making the ship crash-landed.

“So, the ship enters the atmosphere and crash-landed on a forest, huh?" I saw the hologram screen ending not long after it crash-landed, leaving a long trail on the forest, and signifying the shutdown of the engine.

"Although I wasn't a specialist in spaceship technology, it just so happens that one of the devices I bought from the Spring and Autumn shop was able to repair the ship, at least minimally." Afterward, I decided to check the storage room.

I then walked across the dark corridor where the lights were off, to go into the middle section of the ship. Although the middle part of the ship didn't get as much damage as the back part, some tears and dents could be seen here and there.

Not long after, I reached an automatic door of the storage room. Even though the ship was out of energy, the remaining of the emergency energy was still there, so the automatic door was at least still working.

The door then opened before revealing different kinds of sections of the storage room inside. As the devices, materials, and weapons still hadn't been unpacked, it was gathered in the middle of the room. I took out a box the size of a basketball before opening it up. Inside of it was a glass case with a sophisticated rifle shaped device in it.

A Multi-Tool, a device that can repair almost anything as long as there’s enough material. Sadly, this one was only a civilian model and wasn’t the specialist model capable to construct a structure of a building.

My hand picked up the device from the glass case and I tried to examine it. One of the reasons why I buy this kind of device and a lot of materials was to deal with this kind of situation.