Chapter 10: Objectives and Exploration
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After examining the Multi-Tool, I moved my gaze into the three big refrigerators at the back of the room. The refrigerators were equipped with a long-lasting advanced battery, so it didn't turn off when the generator was out.

As I opened the double 2-meter size door of the most left refrigerators, cold wind burst into my face, making my teeth chattered. Lots of frozen foods then entered my vision, all of which was what I had bought at the Blue Moon Station.

From the looks of it, the food at the refrigerators will last for 2 months and possibly 3 months if I ration it well. I should secure a food source in case I weren’t able to repair the ship within that time.

Then, my hand closed the refrigerator after taking some food and water into my dimensional storage before then clarifying my objectives.

So, first I’ll need to repair the ship and possibly turn on the engine back to work. Although I had bought quite a lot of materials, it’s far from enough. It means that the next objective is to survey the surrounding area and possibly find an ore deposit.

Third, I need to secure food and water source, so in case I get stuck at this place for more than two months, I had enough food and water supply. After all, no human could survive without eating and drinking. Thus, finding food to eat and water to drink is a must and the most important priority.

Lastly, I need to be sure that this place is safe. If there were a lifeform that could endanger me and harm the ship, it will be very dangerous. Unfortunately, as the A.I. of the ship was out, I can’t use a drone to survey the surroundings. Furthermore, my hands and neck had been tingling to explore the area myself.

After deciding my objectives, I checked my armor to see if there were any damages or tears but then found nothing. Subsequently, grabbing an electromagnetic pulse rifle from a weapon section at the side. I didn't have anything stronger as for them were expensive and needed a certificate to buy.

Following that, I also took a lot of ammunition and stored it into my dimensional storage before going back to the pile of things and grabbed a long small box. As my hand opened it, a long sophisticated looking one-edged sword with a unique design filled my eyesight.

A radiator sword was shaped like a medieval age sword and made by a hot resistance material. It was said that it could become so hot and cut anything just like cutting a cube of butter.

Despite that, the wearer won’t feel anything because the hilt was made from a material that wasn’t able to become hot. Even the heat radiation emitted by the sword was minimal, therefore making the guard of the sword able to absorb the rest.

I remember seeing a movie of the past where lightsaber was used. Although there's an energy blade, a lightsaber wasn't a practical thing and impossible to be made the same as in the movie.

Heh… it’s not like people in this era were using a close-range weapon, only a fool would do so. It just so happens that I buy this for decoration purposes only and heck, who would know that I need it now?

After examining the sword, I tried to move and swung it around, realizing that the sword was light and sharp. Since the heat of the radiator will cut through anything, thereby making the sword made by a durable and light material.

Then, I activated its radiator before cutting the box filled with metal at the side. Shockingly, both the box and the metal inside were cut clean while leaving a red mark at the surrounding of the cut.

“What a sword, I will name this sword an All Cut Sword then.” I smiled after being satisfied with the sword and my naming sense, before storing it into my dimensional storage.

Afterward, I cross-checked all the things once more to ensure that all had been prepared before going out to the outside. As I reached the exit door of the spaceship, I took a deep breath and a deep smile crept over my face as I was anticipating the unknown that I’ll explore.

Since the door was equipped with a battery, the force field was also on. I wasn’t worried that any kind of bacteria will enter my ship as it was capable to block any kind of foreign microscopic lifeforms from entering. Of course, I was using my helmet and didn’t breathe the air outside.

Even though mankind had developed a vaccine that could cure all diseases. There wasn’t any guarantee that the unknown lifeform present here will be harmless as it might be able to infect me even with the vaccine.

Just then, the door was automatically opened, and the warm bright light of the morning sun entered my view. My hand tried to cover my eyes as I wasn’t used to the light.

After having adjusted to the light, I tried to gaze around the place, finding that I was in the middle of a small crater located in an opening of a forest. I could see a green shadow in the surroundings, looking like treeline.

Subsequently, my legs moved forward, going into the forest in the distant. And as I came closer and closer to it, the sound of birds chirping, and the sound of wind breezing accompany my ears.

What a good melody for my ears. Wait, is that the sound of a bird? There’s no way that a lifeform on Earth could be here.

I shook my head but then examined all the places here to find more bizarreness before stopping to a ball of fire in the sky.

Wait, sun? Somehow, it's kinda a bit different than the typical sun, but I just couldn't put a word to describe it.

Anyway, it feels like in the morning right now and the universal time is shown to be in the evening, must have been the difference in time. Guess, I’ll adjust the time to the one here.

Next, I adjusted the time on the helmet screen by scanning the elevation of the sun and it showed 9 a.m. Thereafter, I continued my walk into the forest and strangely enough, the flora from afar seemed to be familiar.

Finding this to be odd, I couldn’t help but ordered, “ATHENA, scan all of the flora and fauna that we came across and compare it to all kinds of flora and fauna in the database!”

[“Yes, Master~!”] a cheerful voice replied.

Raising my leg into the forest, I saw a tree that resembled a pine tree at the surrounding. The tall structure of the tree and the thickness of the forest made me realize that this was an ancient forest that hasn’t been touched by Humans.

Rustle~ Rustle~

The melodic sound of trees rustling makes my heart fluttered.

“Well, it's not like there have been any human beings except for me in here.”

As I mocked myself, ATHENA had been mapping the surrounding, so I won’t lose my way when going back. But then I stopped after gazing at the 50 meters tall banyan tree in the distance.

“For God’s sake! Is a banyan tree supposed to be that tall? Wait, this wasn’t a banyan tree like the one from Earth anyway.”

My eyes scanned the dim looking tree, for mostly the below part of the tree and saw that it was littered with 2 meters tall mushroom with different kinds of colors.

I approached the place instinctively and inquired ATHENA, “Had you finish with the scanning of the surrounding? If so, show me the result!”

[“Showing results…”]

Then a hologram screen appeared as I gazed into a pine tree beside me. I saw the explanation for the tree and realized that it seemed to come from the same genus of the pine tree from Earth.

“That didn’t make sense, even a flora found on another planet supposed to be not that like the one on Earth. How could there be such similarities?” I shook my head but then suspicion began to form on my head.

It may be related to the mystery of the wormhole and… wait, what's that?

A sudden breeze of wind came and made me goosebumps, I could feel that something was moving very swiftly and quietly as if stalking prey. In precaution, I took out my pulse rifle and aimed it around the place.

As my eyes were looking around vigilantly without having my body moved much; the sudden sound of a shrub flapped violently behind, made me pointed the pulse rifle in my hand to the back.

Weirdly, there was nothing behind me. This made me amused by my over vigilant self. “Pfthh… Have I gone crazy? Even the smart helmet didn’t catch any kind of a lifeform sign.”

Just as I lowered my guard and pointed my pulse rifle down to the ground, something so fast ricocheted me and made my body thrown off 5 meters into the banyan tree that was right behind. I also lost the grip of the pulse rifle and it got thrown somewhere.


What the heck was that?

Confusion filled my head as I didn't see anything that bumped me. Fortunately, I didn’t receive a bad injury as the ceramic armor was protecting me. Although that thing was moving so fast that I didn’t manage to activate the shield.