Chapter 2 The Red Oni Inn
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Upon seeing the odd house in the middle of the small valley, they decided to slow their horses down.

After they had made it half their way down and towards the Inn they slowly started circling the house carefully observing every nook and granny the could see. Whilst they were slowly circling the house they decided to draw their weapons, in order to be prepared for every possibility.

Do you sense something Bara?” (Charles)

The taller Knight asked after they had reached the back side of the Inn. Bara didn’t answer immediately. Instead she closed her eyes and slowly moved her head from side to side, focusing on her other senses.

I don’t sense anything. I only hear some rustling. It’s quiet, … almost too quiet.” (Bara)

So you don’t sense any form of danger.” (Henry)

Yes, and that might be its danger. On the other hand my gut is telling me its save.” (Bara)

It seems inhabited though judging by its appearance. I would say we approach carefully and decide what to do when we have more information.” (Charles)

Slowly they continued circling around the Inn. After a while they had once again reached the front of the Inn. They stopped their horses and dismounted. Having reached the ground both Knights immediately started preparing themselves. They took of their cloaks and stored them in one of the side pouches of their horses. Then they stored their bows away, as they wouldn't need them if it were to come to a fight in the odd House. Finally the took their shields from their backs and fastened them to their arms. After having finished their preparations they slowly started to advance towards the Inn.

During the time, which her two companions needed, Bara decided to keep observing the Inn in hopes to sense something that could tell her whats going on with the odd looking Inn. When her companions started moving towards the Inn she quickly jumped from her horse and slowly followed them. Whilst following them she quietly changed the weapon in her hand with another. When they had been circling around the Inn she had drawn her spear, but now on the ground she decided that her two short swords, which had rested on her waist, were better suited in this kind of situation.

Before they entered the porch of the Inn they stopped briefly. They decided on their next moves.

I will lead the way, and open the door. Objections?” (Charles)

No.” (Henry)

No.” (Bara)

Having decided on their rather simple plan, they started to advance once again. When entering the porch they changed their formation, from a triangular one, to a linear with Charles at the front followed by Henry and Bara as the last. They followed the simple path made of stone leading toward the entrance door of the Inn. Having reached the Door, Bara and Henry moved to the walls next to the door, both on a different side. Charles put himself in front of the door and prepared himself to open the door. Before he did so he inspectetd the to to confirm that it would open up inwards.

Uh? That is Strange…” (Charles)

What is? Is there magic?” (Henry)

No, no. The door itself is strange. It is to tall. I am roughly 2 meters tall and yet I have enough room to spare above my head.” (Charles)

Right! Thanks for telling the door is indeed taller. I think the whole house is this way.” (Bara)

Lets move on.” (Henry)

Having finished this quick exchange Charles put up his shield and started to push the door inwards slowly entering the Red Oni Inn. With his sword and Shield raised he entered the Inn.

What awaited him was the interior of a normal Inn, nothing out of the normal, besides its strange size. The hall he entered was filled with desk and chairs neatly arranged. On the backside of the hall was cozy looking counter. Next to the counter was a door and a staircase leading upwards. The entirety of the room was dimly lit by a chandelier and kiln made of stone.

Slowly he moved past the tables and chairs towards the counter. Henry and Bara were about to follow, when suddenly the door next to the counter slowly opened with a creak.

ONI!!!” (Charles)

Charles shouted raising his sword and shield to a battle ready stance. The moment his companions heard his shout they stormed into the Inn ready to fight at any moment.

The Oni slowly closed the door from which she had emerged from and stared at her three guests.

She appeared to be of the same height as Charles. From her forehead a pair of two thin large horns protruded, which were almost as long as her head. She had long black hair, steel gray eyes and fair light skin, devoid of any wrinkles or impurities. She was clothed in a plain dark red Kimono, free of any motifs or ornaments. She was surrounded by a feeling of superiority and nobility.

Their stare off continued and nobody said a single word or made a movement. On the one side there were three heavy armed warriors, weapons raised ready for battle, and on the other side the owner of the Inn, an Oni who didn’t seem to be scared of the sight before her.

After a few moments Bara broke the awkward silence by lowering her weapon and asking.

Is that you Erin?” (Bara)

The Oni’s expressionless face changed and she tilted her head and stared at Bara before answering.

Yes. Yes I am.” (Erin)

Don’t you remember me. It’s me Bara. (Bara)

After hearing this name, the face of the Oni lit up in joy, finally remembering an old friend.

Bara!? I thought would never see you again! How have you been.”

With this the tension in the mood disappeared and the two knights finally lowered their weapons. However they still didn’t store them away.

Don’t worry she’s an old friend. She’s from the same place like me.” (Bara)

This finally led the two knights to store their weapons away and completely lower their guards. However only upon hearing Baras second sentence.

You’ve got yourself some overly cautious friends Bara.” (Erin)

It cant be helped, your an Oni after all. The likes of you are not perceived as the good guys around here.” (Erin)

I apologize for intruding in your Inn with my weapon drawn and almost attacking you. We could not help, but to be suspicious of the Inn in the middle of nowhere.” (Charles)

I too, apologize.” (Henry)

Me too.” (Bara)

Nothing big. I anticipated that my first guests would be suspicious of me and my Inn.” (Erin)

The Oni answered showing no signs of being bothered by what has happened.

Would you like to stay for the night, or do you prefer to move on?” (Erin)

We would like stay for a night, if it’s no problem. And I would love to catch up with you, if you like.” (Bara)

Sure no problem. The stay for one night is free for you, because you are my first guests and an old friend.” (Erin)

Are we allowed to use the stables on the backside for our horses?” (Charles)

You may. I am going to make you a late dinner. In the meantime you can make yourself comfortable.” (Erin)

Thank you very much” (Charles)

Thank you” (Henry)

Thanks.” (Bara)

With this Erin turned around and left through the door, which she used to enter the hall. Going to the kitchen to prepare their Dinner.

The three too left the dinning hall and went outside to tend to their horses. Whilst going to the stables they started talking about the Oni Erin.

Can we really trust her completely?” (Henri)

Yes, I can assure you. She won’t do us any harm. If she truly wanted to she would have attacked the moment we sighted her Inn.” (Bara)

I trust you, but do you know why she is out here?” (Charles)

I don’t know, but I haven’t seen her since I have come here. We can ask her during dinner I am sure she is willing to answer our question.” (Bara)

Then lets hurry up! I’m starving for some good food that isn’t our rations!” (Henry)

With that they walked back to the Inn, after taking care of the horses and taking off their luggage. Caring it all the way in the Inn in one go without breaking a sweat.

Upon entering the Inn for the second time they were greeted by the faint smell of meat being cooked.

I have yet to check this chapter for any errors in grammar and writing.

I hope it is interesting thus far and not to boring or slow.

Have Fun