CH2 Bonding Ritual
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Alex could only blink in surprise.  He was still wet from the shower and didn't have any clothes on.  Being in possibly the most girly place in existence didn't do much for his confidence as a man. He was glad to find that Fufi seemed to be able to handle this situation without issue. She walked over and sat down beside him on the floor and waited patiently for Luna to speak again.

Luna spoke in an official sounding tone, "Please state your names for the record."

Alex croaked out, "My name is Alex Parker but  . . . " he stopped, feeling a sudden pressure on his arm and he glanced down at Fufi who had her wings spread out on the floor in front of him as she kneeled before him. He thought, "Is this part of the ceremony? Am I supposed to be bowing or something? Oh no! I don't know how to bow to royalty!" Fufi gave him a little push with her beak which was enough to break through his internal monologue so that he was able to answer properly. "Alex Parker."

Luna spoke once more, "I have been given information that your previous life was spent mostly in the wilderness.  Maybe some kind of nature magic would be a good theme for your new magical girl persona."

Alex shook his head, "I'm sorry I don't know what that means but I promise I'm not a magic girl. I'm just a guy who works at a logging company." Luna looked over at Alex with a confused expression as she said, "Oh, I see.  Well we can fix that.  What kind of cute things do you like?  Roses? Bunnies?  Hummingbirds?  Frilly skirts? Hair ribbons?" Alex wasn't sure what any of these things meant or what he should be saying. Fufi nudged him with her head again and spoke once more, "I um... am not sure about this.  Could I at least get something to wear? Attending a ceremony naked in front of a beautiful woman is a bit awkward."

Luna smirks, "Creating cute clothing is easy for me as I am the goddess of cute, all things cute are within my domain."  She then waved her hand and a pair of pink panties with a cutesy bear head on the back appeared from thin air and floated down into his hands.  Next she waved with her other hand a pink skirt with hearts sewn into the trim appeared and floated down on his shoulder.  Lastly, a pink and white low cut blouse appeared and landed on the top of his head.

Alex could only open and close his mouth attempting to comment on her choice of clothing for him to wear but failing miserably. Fufi just nodded her head up and down at him, her wing's glowed softly in response and she seemed satisfied with the results. He had to admit, even though he still wasn't exactly sure what was going on, the strange bird seemed to have confidence in him.

Luna looked at Alex, "I think you will find this outfit to be more than suitable for your needs." The goddess of cuteness then spoke once more: "Please put it on and stand before me for our ceremony of bonding." Alex finally was able to clear the cobwebs in his mind enough to form a coherent response.  "Your godliness, thank you for the . . .um. . . gifts. They are very beautiful.  However, I am a man who prefers to wear practical men's wear."  Luna looks disappointed, "Only cute things are in my domain.  Any gifts from me must be cute to some extent.  You can grow into that later, perhaps something fitting for just finishing a bath."  Luna magically conjures a pink fleece bathrobe and matching pink pants.

Alex takes a deep breath and mentally tells himself.  "It is not pink, it is salmon.  There is nothing girly about wearing the color salmon, right?"  He wears the robe and pants concentrating on the mantra 'salmon' repeatedly. The goddess of cuteness was surprised as she said, "That is not what I was expecting at all. . . But I see your point. I guess it does have that certain appeal." Alex felt relieved to find he hadn't been left naked or made to dance around like a little girl wearing nothing but a bow on his head. "Now let us begin the ceremony!"

Fufi begins singing again in that sweet high pitched girl's voice, "You have been chosen by my fair lady!" Luna waves her hand and a huge bouquet of pink flowers appears beside her throne. She then reaches over to take a single flower in her hand, tucks it into his robe collar, and speaks once more, "Do you wish to accept this flower as a gift for your lady?"

Alex blinks his eyes once or twice and answers, "Um. . . I don't understand. Why are you asking me? I don't have any lady."

Luna speaks once more, "You have been chosen by my fair lady Fufi."

Alex gulps, "But I don't know her!"

Luna says, "This flower is given as a sign of love for Fufi.  You and Fufi's love for one another shall be your bond and your power."

Alex nods, "I see, that makes sense. Thank you." He was trying to be polite but he really didn't understand what he was getting into at all.

"Good! Now stand here where I can see you both," Luna points to a spot on the floor in front of her throne. As Alex moves in front of her she asks him, "Are you ready?"

Alex thinks for a moment and responds, "Um. . . yes?"

"Very well!" Luna speaks with finality and gestures with her hand for the pair to begin their bonding ceremony. "Alex Parker and Fufi the Flamingo are now one!"

Alex felt something warm run down his cheek as a single tear drops down his cheek. Fufi is singing once again in her sweet little girl's voice and he can feel her presence next to him as she begins to glow bright white as she sings out loud: "Alex Parker is my mistress and Lady!" He had enough to to think ‘didn’t you get the gender wrong there Fufi’ when a strange thing happened.

Alex feels something warm flow through his body as he realizes he is now bonded with Fufi. He smiles at Luna as she waves her hands above their heads and a soft glowing light envelops them both for a moment before fading away. The room lights up in rainbow colors as a burst of energy flows through the room causing the stuffed animals and dolls to come alive once more.  They cheer with joy and throw glitter on the pair. Fufi takes Alex's hand and the two smile at each other as the celebration goes on around them.

Luna stands up from her throne and begins speaking once again, "Thank you all for being here for this ceremony and congratulations on your new bond!"

Luna leads the pair out through some ornate double doors where a carriage decorated in hearts, stars, and bubbles sits waiting for them.  It has two Pegasus in front with harnesses strapped to them to pull it.  The winged horses are pure white.  The back window of the carriage says 'Just Bonded' on it.

Fufi and Luna walk over and sit on either side of him on the bench seat and take their place beside him as the carriage takes off down the street with the Pegasus running ahead picking up enough speed to fly into the air. Alex watches out the window as the city fades into the background and is replaced by open fields and farmlands where giant flamingos are busy working in the fields.

He feels himself being pulled against Fufi's chest and hears her voice speaking softly, "I am so proud of you Alex! You are now one with me." Fufi nuzzles her beak on Alex's cheek as he blushes bright red from embarrassment. They continue to ride on the carriage as they pass by farm after farm of flamingos working the fields.  Wait what?  Alex blinked in disbelief at this sight just as they lifted off the ground and started flying through the air. The Pegasus began pulling the carriage higher up into the sky and away from the farmland below as Alex's jaw dropped open.

Luna says, "Now before we send you two down to the mortal realm to defeat the demon queen there is one last matter."

Alex couldn't compose himself, "Um What?" he said, sounding dazed. Luna smiles and says, "You are both newly bonded and have not had time to adjust to this new status. However, Alex, you need to be a cute girl to fully realize this power.  So you need to be transformed."

Alex was so confused that he could barely think straight, "Transformed into what?"

"Into a cute girl! You need to have some more clothes made for yourself as well." Alex could only gulp at this sudden revelation, but Fufi spoke up saying, "Oh yes! When I saw you in the wood Alex it reminded me of a magical girl named Emerald Dryad.  She could sing and a whole field would blossom into flowers. Would you like to be like her Alex?"

Alex wasn't sure how making flowers bloom could even be used to fight the demon queen.  However, he was a man.  He had worked hard to get his muscled bulk.  He was proud of his thick black beard.  His calloused hands showed that he worked hard for a living. He wasn't going to give it up without a fight! He thought for a moment, and said, "Fufi I'm not giving up being me.  You can't just tell someone to be a different person."

Luna looks at him for a moment before she says, "I don't think that is a good idea.  You see, the demon queen used to be a magical girl as well.  Some unpleasant things happened and now she is the succubus matron for her demonic empire.  She can charm any man you see.  She can charm some women too that are susceptible."

"What can I do?" Alex asked in desperation. Luna responds, "If you are not willing to give up being a man I can not help you. If you will allow me to transform you then I can help you."

Alex considers his options, "I'm not willing to give up without even trying.  There has to be another way." He then looks over at Fufi, "What do you think?" Fufi puffs her feathers up and says, "You are my master and my friend and I would never ask you to be anything less. We are bonded now and as long as you serve love and justice I will help you in any way I can." Fufi nuzzles him on the neck as she squeezes him tight around his waist with her wings. He has to admit, she has become one of his best friends and he is glad that he made this decision to stay with her no matter what happens.

Alex looked out the window.  They had left the ground far behind and were now flying above the clouds.  Alex says, "I want to try.  If you can't cut down a tree with an ax then you can use a chainsaw.  If a chainsaw doesn't work then the tree isn't made of wood.  If it isn't made of wood then it isn't a tree.  Why would you try to cut down something that isn't a tree with a chainsaw?"  He shakes his head, "Can you give me any advice before we arrive?"

"I do have some ideas." Luna replies. "You may have to try them all until you find one that works." Luna's eyes sparkle with anticipation as she looks at Alex. "This is going to be fun!" She waves her hand again and the carriage flies higher into the sky as they pass by clouds and over fields and forests below. She looks back at Alex and asks, "Which first? How about some jewelry?"

Alex looks puzzled, "Jewelry? I don't see how that could help." Luna smiles and says, "You are my Herald and I my domain is cuteness.  Anything cute enough can channel my blessings." She points out of the carriage window they have gotten high enough that they can see the curvature of the planet they left.  Maybe a planet isn't the right word.  By the looks of things it seems like they were on a small moon and the mortal realm where they were headed is the main planet. They are floating about a mile above it with large pieces of land and other bodies floating around them as well.

Luna points out a nearby moon which has a ring around it. As Alex squints to look he sees the moon has two tiny rings around it. One ring is yellowish brown and the other is a pinkish white color with what looks like diamonds and sapphires in them. The rings look almost like a necklace on the moon but Alex can't tell if it is just an ornament or if it has some sort of special function. Luna says, "Even moons look cuter with jewelry."

"Okay, I get it now." Alex says as he nods his head in agreement. Luna smiles and says, "Then first you must choose your favorite gemstones."

Alex thinks for a moment and says, "I don't know anything about gems or stones. I've never seen a diamond before except on pictures from the internet."

"I think that is the most perfect thing ever." Luna says as she leans back on the bench seat smiling at Alex.  She says some arcane words and a pair of diamond studded earrings appear in her palm.  They were clear and sparkled brilliantly.  Alex gulped and said, "Those are certainly quite noticeable.  I don't know if I can use them without pierced ears though." Luna points at the earring again and they begin glowing faintly as a light shines from them as if they had been freshly polished. The sparkling diamonds start moving as they pulse with light in a slow steady rhythm until they fall into two heart shapes hanging from her hand.  "Piercing ears is quick and easy.  Fufi, will you help me out?" Fufi nods her head and says, "Of course, my lady!"

Fufi gently nudges Alex's head back with her beak and then brings her beak to his ear where she carefully uses the sharp tip to make a tiny hole.  Luna inserts the earring into the hole and secures it with the attachment bit on the other side of the ear.  Alex stood very still afraid to move at all. Fufi chirps quietly as she nuzzles against his neck while Luna speaks again, "Your ears have been pierced so your magic will work better now."

Alex could feel a gentle tingling sensation in his ears where he could hear a faint ringing in his ears as if he was wearing a set of earphones. He looked at Luna and asked, "Is this how it works? How does this help?"

Luna says,"Magic comes from your inner power. However, if you channel it through a cute object it will amplify the effect." Luna's eyes light up as she speaks again, "It makes for much more powerful spells." Luna points out at the ring around the moon that they can see again as it begins to grow larger. As it gets larger more and more details can be seen until finally they are looking at a massive ring of shiny metal with an iridescent gleam to it as well as tiny sparkling flecks of pink, blue, and white that look like diamonds and rubies.

Luna says, "There is the moon ring.  It is cute so it represents my power." Alex looks out the window as the carriage continues to float higher into the sky as they head toward the large planet in the distance. The moon with the sparkling ring gets smaller while the planet they are going to gets bigger.  He found himself becoming concerned because the carriage didn't seem air tight.  Looking down they might be many miles up.  Would the vacuum of space be a problem for them? He looks over at Luna for her answer but she is just smiling at him with her eyes full of mischief and a twinkle in her eye.

Luna says, "Don't worry. The power of cuteness and love will keep you safe."

Alex just barely nods his head in understanding and then closes his eyes for a moment in fear as he begins to realize what he has gotten himself into. He looks back over at Luna as he says, "Thanks, I was not considering one of my tasks for today to be space travel.  We don't even have a space ship."

Luna says, "Don't worry this will work. I've taken lots of magical girls to the starter villages back before the demon queen razed them." She waves her hand again and the carriage seems to speed up to an unimaginable speed.  The two Pegasus break into a gallop seemingly running on nothing and flap their wings more wildly. The carriage is moving so fast it seems like they are pushed back into their seats.  The big planet takes up more of the view and moves into their vision.  Alex asks, "Wait you said the demon queen razed the villages?  What does that mean for Fuji and I?" Luna shakes her head and says, "Well you shouldn't go to one of the higher leveled areas yet.  Considering you are a woodsman though you should be able to manage in a ruin of a hamlet until you get your bearings.  Just think of it like camping."

The carriage continues to fly ever faster as they approach the planet with increasing speed. Alex can now see there is land all around the planet and even a few islands off in the distance. The land itself has a sort of amber color and looks like it is made of some type of rock. The land seems to be dotted with trees and grasslands that have patches of tall dark green forest and short brownish grassland mixed in with them.

Luna says, "The land is called 'Terre' by the people." Luna's eyes begin to glow again as she says, "This world is filled with life!" Luna points at the planet they are heading for as it becomes larger in the sky and says, "We're heading for the starting settlement of Terre.  There should still be the ruins of a temple and some other useful stuff.  Just because the demon queen burned the temple doesn't mean the land is not consecrated anymore.  If you want to pray and ask for my help I can still transform you later. "

The carriage flies ever closer to the planet as they pass by more of the small rocky islands off in the distance. They seem to be mostly rock except for some small patches of green and brownish yellow on some of them. The island that Alex's carriage passes by is actually a floating island of sorts by itself with trees growing from it as well as grass and other plants growing from the trees. It looks like they could land on it but as they pass by it it disappears from sight in less than an instant.  There are floating islands on this planet too?  Neat. Alex wonders what else he could see here as they fly ever closer to the planet which is now much larger than any of the others they had seen thus far.

Luna says, "If you wanted to be a magical girl that was a warrior type that could be arranged as well. There once was a magical girl name La Pucelle.  She has a dragon's tale and black horns.  She wears heeled armored boots and armored bracers.  La Pucelle wielded a really big sword instead of a wand.  She was trapped in this terrible game where many magical girls had to put their lives on the line made by a corrupt senior magical girl.  However she protected her friend even though she was full of thorns."

"That sounds like a pretty bad deal." Alex says as he looks at Luna in disbelief at the stories she has told him about this world. "Are you saying you were there in this game?" Luna smiles at Alex and shakes her head no, "No. I was just reading about it from the library. My library has everything created about magical girls.  I'm very proud of it."

"That is so cool." Alex says.

"You can see the ruined village below us.  You and Fifi will be dropped off there." Luna says as she points out at it as they continue to fly below the clouds. There are tiny specks of color below them but they aren't sure if they are houses or something else. It seems like there were several different colored specks but they are all too small to make out which house belongs to which color.  As they get close and slow down enough to land, the specks of color become houses and they see a large open area with stone walls surrounding it and a large round building in the middle of the open area. The buildings are all stone and look like they are made from local rock or stone that was quarried out of this mountain range or another nearby.  At leas they look like buildings from afar.  The reason it looks like the town only had stone buildings was because anything made from wood had long vanished from this ruin of a town.

Luna says, "Here this is the starting point for your quest."  The carriage lands with a thump and the stop next to what must have been the main fountain in the center of town.  It is mostly a crumbled pile of stone and water no longer flows through it.

The carriage door opens as Alex and Fufi hop out followed by Luna who steps down gracefully from the carriage. Luna says with a smile, "Unless you want to change your mind about the transformation there is one last thing we need to do.  We have to initialize the system.  You see, this world is different from yours.  People and monsters have levels stats like in those RPGs from your world.  People can level up their stats and skills by practice or other means.  Are you ready?"

Alex nods and says, "As ready as I'll ever be."

Luna bends forward and touches Alex's nose.  She cutely says, "Boop"  A second later there is a buzzing noise coming from the pocket of his girly robe.  He reaches in and pulls out what looks to be his cell phone that he left back in his cabin. It has a pinkish glow to it now. It still has the same number on it though which makes Alex smile a bit. He looks at Luna who smiles back at him and says, "That's my phone. I thought I would never see it again."

Alex says, "It's really nice to see you again." Luna puts her hand over his and says, "You can call me anytime you like. Just don't expect me to answer it though.  Well unless you have ideas about what kind of magical girl you'd like to be transformed into." Luna smiles sweetly at him as she says this.

Alex laughs nervously as he says, "Well, I think I'm going to go with my original plan and just be a woodcutter until I can get a handle on this new system."  The cell phone has a new icon that wasn't there before.  It says 'Character Sheet.'  Clicking the sheet brings up a screen with his data on it.

Name:   Alex Parker

Class: Magical Girl

Sex: Male

Strength: 15

Constitution: 15

Dexterity:  12

Intelligence: 7

Cuteness: 1 (naturally 0, +1 from equipped items)

There was also a quests tab on the app.  He had one quest assigned to him.

[Defeat the Demon Queen]  Difficulty S

The demon queen is bent on a world conquest.  She will not stop until she as obtained everyone in the world's love willingly or not.

He also had three achievements listed:

-1st level- defeated 20 monsters

-2nd level- defeated 50 monsters

-3rd level- defeated 100 monsters

"So I need to level up more and kill more monsters to get more stuff?" Alex says.

Luna says, "That's one way to look at it." Luna laughs at him and says, "You don't actually have to kill to defeat someone.  Take the demon queen for example.  None of her enemies died.  They just fell for her completely."  Luna shakes her head sadly then smiles brightly as she says, "She is so charming and lovely and everything a man could wish for." She winks at him and says, "You better avoid her and her succubi for now.  You have no defense against their charm."

Alex nods his head but his mind is thinking about what he will need to do in order to get some levels up.  With a class like 'Magical Girl' something told him acting like a murder hobo wouldn't advance his class much. He looks over at Luna who is smiling at him again and he says, "How do I get my cuteness skill higher?" Luna smiles at Alex and says, "You can ask Fifi questions like that she will be your guide for now on.  Hmm, let me check something."  Luna pauses and closes her eyes, "Yes this town does have a rift stone.  It looks like when the kingdom fell to ruin they stopped recharging it though.  I charged it for you just now.  It will generate a dungeon that is appropriate for you.  Take some time to get settled here first and when you are ready for a challenge it is in the ruins of the adventurer's guild."

"Wow." Alex says. "Thanks for all your help." Alex gives Luna another big smile and bows to the goddess. Fufi stands next to Alex and gives a Flamingo bow as well. Luna blushes and smiles at them as she nods appreciatively.

Luna says, "Now go get settled and make sure you get some good rest tonight."

"We will." Alex says, "Fufi and I should be able to restore one of these ruined buildings and we can use that as our new home." Luna boards the carriage and it heads off into the sky after building up enough speed to take off.  Now that things have quieted down some Alex takes some time to think about recent events. Alex knows that he and his flamingo companion have been through quite a few things but he is still curious how this new system works in practice. The weird space part of the adventure was over but now he had to start thinking about what he was going to do next.

Alex walks through the town and sees several of the buildings that were still mostly intact. It is hard to believe that this once thriving town had been destroyed by the demon queen only a few years before. It doesn't look like the town was destroyed or burned, it just looks rotten and abandoned. It's almost like all the life and energy left the town and it was just waiting for another chance to grow again.

Alex wonders what he could do here in this town as he looks around. He really wants to rebuild a new place for him and Fufi but he is not sure where to start. Alex sees the entrance to an old ruined building and decides to start there. He looks inside the doorway and sees that it has collapsed so he uses his hands to clear out a path for himself to enter. Once inside he looks around and sees a bunch of old metal crates stacked upon one another with several stone tables that are covered in dust and cobwebs in between them. There are several candles in sconces in the room that may or may not work. There is an old dusty hearth in the corner of the building that has a pile of ash in it. Alex walks over to the fire pit and sighs.  "Please don't tell me this is a world where they haven't invented the chimney yet." Alex grumbles as he inspects the masonry hearth.

Alex says, "This town seems to have a lot of stone buildings so I'm guessing I could try rebuilding one of them?  If I can get some wood and some tools I could make a roof and a door.  That would give us shelter.  Water and food would be a priority.  I wonder if I can get the town fountain working again." Alex looks around and says, "I'm not sure I have enough tools or materials to do anything though." Alex walks over to a stack of crates and says, "Hmm, looks like there are some metal tools in here."  Alex took out a rusty screwdriver, axe head, and hammer.  There was also a pile of rusty nails in one of the crates.  It was not ideal but he could use them if he had to. Alex walks outside to see if there are any other crates nearby. He finds a crate that looks like it was dropped off by a passing merchant years ago and inspects it. Inside he finds two large glass bottles filled with fetid water. The smell is so bad that even Alex can tell the water is no good for drinking. There is also some bread in a small wooden box that has mold on it. There was also a rusted iron nail sticking out of it so Alex could use it if he needed to.

Alex returns to the building with the crates and drops them to the ground then places the tools on top of one of them. He looks around and decides that the crates and tables would make for good makeshift beds so he places one of the crates next to another table that was standing.  He didn't have any bedding or footwear for that matter.  He did have the girly clothes that Luna gifted him so he could use that as bedding of a sort.

Alex looked to Fufi and asked, "Can you fly around and see if there is anything we can use for food and water in the surrounding area?  I want to look around a bit and see if there is anything else we can scavenge."

Fufi says, "Ok" and flies off into the distance as Alex steps out of the door-less doorway. Alex starts walking around the town and eventually comes across what used to be a guard tower. It is basically a square platform with an observation deck on top with stairs leading up to it. Alex climbs up and looks around.  The surrounding terrain is mostly rocky with some gnarled trees growing here and there. Alex wonders if there are any creatures in the area but the lack of footprints or other signs of life tells him that no one is here now but him. There are several rusted barrels around and Alex wonders if they were once filled with something to drink. There are also several rusted shovel heads scattered around which he can use if he needs them.

Alex walks back down from the tower and continues his walk around the town. As he approaches another ruined building Alex says, "This place looks like a graveyard or something." Alex looks around at headstones and reads a few of the ones that are still legible.

 Here lies a dead adventurer who went out bravely into battle

 And lost their life for their village and family

 May they rest in peace forever

 A loving son and husband

Alex goes to read another gravestone. As he turns the headstone around he is surprised to see that it is carved from marble and has a picture of a cat on it with an arrow through its head. The picture of the cat has a smiley face over it. Alex says, "Okay that's just weird."

He walks to the next legible gravestone. It says:

 A good man who never forgot his family

Alex looks up at the sky as he says, "I feel like I should be doing something but what?" He looks at another crumbled gravestone then goes to the next. It says:

 A noble soul who gave her life for her village

Alex stops and thinks about how many people had died in this town from the demon queen's invasion and he feels a tear run down his cheek.  He stops and thinks, "Didn't Luna say the demon queen didn't kill her victims?  I wonder what happened to the people she defeated in the war." Alex shakes his head sadly then says, "It's just so sad." Alex continues walking around until he gets to the ruined gate that leads into the center of town. He looks inside the gate house and sees that there is nothing inside other than a single dusty rug that has been sitting in front of the doorway for years.  Alex says, "This rug might be useful for something if I can clean it up.  I'm surprised it hasn't just disintegrated like so many things left behind in this town."  He picks up the rug and takes it back to the house with the crates he found earlier. He drops the rug down in front of the door where he saw it first then sits on one of the crates. He'll have to clean it but that can wait for later.  While there is still sun he is going to continue to scavenge.

Alex says, "I know I said I would try to build something but I don't think I could do that now." Alex ponders his options for a moment then says, "Maybe I can gather some wood with that rusted axe head if I can get a branch or something to attach to it." Alex walks over to an area where there are some old trees growing around and finds a branch he can break off and attach the axe head to it.  He takes a loose brick and slowly scrapes some of the rust off and grinds down the edge enough for it to be usable to cut down a tree.

Alex places the ax head on the end of the branch then ties it to his pink robe belt.  He located a small tree that doesn't look healthy and after some time chopped it down.   After that he drags the whole thing back and breaks off the smaller branches to build a little teepee of sticks to start after the sun goes down. Once that is done Alex walks back towards the center of town where there is an open area where a statue used to be but was destroyed by the demon queen's army. Alex kept searching and found some rusted hinges from the decayed remains of a door.  With the nails and hinges he could build a very basic door. He places the hinges on one side of the door frame then lays some of the bricks in front of it and tries to force them into place as he uses the hammer and nails. After some time and several failed attempts Alex says, "Why does all the metal have to be one hammer blow from breaking apart?" Alex stands back and inspects the door frame as he says, "This could work." He pulls a hammer and tries once more as he mutters, "It better work this time."  After sacrificing many nails and several hinges he was able to create a poor excuse for a door in the stone frame for the building. It's not going to keep out much of anything but at least it keeps out the wind and rain.

Alex sighs with relief as he looks at the door then walks over to where he cut down the tree. He looks around for more wood and finds a large rusty metal plate nearby. He drags the log over to his stone ruin of building and the rest of the tree he cut down to create a makeshift roof.  He uses a few more nails from the pile of rusty nails to secure the metal plate to the logs that he is using as cross beams for the roof. He then takes from a nearby house to create a chimney on the roof so smoke will be able to escape out of the top of the building.

Once that is done he walks back over to his makeshift door and tests it a few times.  The creaking noise it makes grates at his nerves.  It is doubtful that the town has any oil or lubricant he could use to fix up the hinges even a little bit. He just needs something to work with right now and is glad that at least his door is secured to the door frame.  Even if the door fell off the hinges he put some brackets to bar the door from the inside so it should still hold.  In the worst case scenario where the door didn't have anything that could be used for replacement hinges he could always just take it out of the doorway and set it up against a wall.  It would be a pain but something is better than nothing.

Alex says, "I think this is about as good as I can do for now." Alex spent some more time creating a pile of firewood that he set outside the hovel.  When the sun was hanging low in the sky Fufi came flying back.  She had a fish in her mouth and several odd fruits in her claws. She lands in front of Alex and drops them on the ground. Alex asks, "What did you get?" Fufi says, "A fish, a fruit, and some berries." Fufi drops her catch onto the ground in front of Alex.  She added in her girly voice, "There is a stream to the north of this place."  Alex still couldn't get over that she was a talking Flamingo with a magical gem on her head.  He half-expected her to go back to making goose-like noises like when they first met. Fufi says, "I will fly out again and try to find more food." Fufi flies off into the distance but soon comes flying back with another fish in her mouth. She also has two more fruits and a bunch of berries in her claws.

Alex gathered up the food and set it on the table.  He didn't have anything to create fire with so when Fufi brought back fish he was both surprised and discouraged.  "Fufi," Alex said forlornly, "I wasn't able to find anything to start a fire with easily.  So I'm not sure how to cook the fish you caught."

Fufi replies, "That is okay. There are much more important things to take care of.  Besides, even in your world raw fish is a delicacy in some cultures."  

Alex tilts his head and asks, "Like what?"

Fufi says sternly, "Like your priorities.  It looks like you spent most of your day chopping, hammering, and hauling.  If you were trying to get those skills you were wasting your time."

Being even more confused Alex says, "I don't know what you mean.  Skills?"

Fufi nods her beaked head, "Yes, you can only get skills related to your class.  And since your class is Magical Girl. The skills have to be skills related to being a magical girl."

Alex says, "Which skills would those be?"

Fufi explains, "Cute things, magical things, girly things."

Alex grumbles, "Is there any way I can change my class?  I think lumberjack would be more fitting don't you think?"

Sounding exasperated, Fufi states coldly, "Classes are gifted to mortals by the gods.  Unless someone wants divine punishment they don't shun a deity's gift.  People in this world normally have to go to the temple and pray to get their class.  If they are greedy and ask for a class they are not worthy of they will get denied any class at all.  The whole pantheon makes them wait for a year to reflect before they can come back to the temple and ask again."