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Chapter One


Theo was curious how he ended up with an Omega pinned between himself and a wall with two of his fingers shoved up his ass. Three seconds later the Omega came for the 3rd time that hour. The situation made Theo contemplate a lot of things, like why he was here, and the existence of it all, but there was nothing he could do about it because this Omega was fucking crazy. 



Their meeting was purely an accident. Theo had been doing his due diligence of decapitating zombies on rooftops when he noticed a racket a few buildings away. 


Like a nosey granny Theo weaseled his way there until he was in the building across from the scene of the incident. It was the smell that hit him first. Soft, sweet, but boiling to the point it stung his nose. 


An Omega in heat. 


The next thing Theo noticed was the Omega himself. A short, scrungly looking guy with messy black hair and toxic green eyes. 


The guy was dancing around the zombies that poured out of the open door all the while stabbing them in the eye left and right, dropping them like flies.


His scent was also moving in tune, each wave coming in like a lure on a fishing line. 


The crazy fucker is using his heat as bait. 


Maybe at first it was sympathy, or worry, but whatever the reason was, Theo’s body moved on its own. In the end it was all for nothing. 


By the time Theo made it to the building the Omega was already sitting on the hot tan floor, leaning back on his hands, and laughing at the sky while looking like a madman. 


Coughing awkwardly Theo took notice that it was the midst of summer, yet this guy was wearing a jacket. 


“Hey..You good?”


The Omega turned his head sluggishly and smiled so twisted that Theo felt his stomach drop. 


That chill we all get, the one that tells us something is wrong, well Theo had been ignoring it since the moment he noticed the commotion, and just like before he ignored the feelings once again. 


“You know, it’s hot, why don’t we move you to the shade?”


When the Omega just stared Theo jumped a bit in place to shake off the anxiety and assess the situation clinically. He was, after all, a Omega specialist, and denying and controlling his very being was in the description. He had to be, not only as an Alpha, but as a Dominate one to boot. The Omega’s eyes blurred as they lost focus for a bit. 


“Actually, let me secure the area first.”


And secure is exactly what he did. First he dealt with the door. After examining the staircare it seemed like the break in zombie waves spaced out sometime between the stair and right now was the only opening they would get. 


Quickly he locked the door and pulled them shut before using one of the spare bars he carried in his bag to secure a lock. 


With a bit of effort he bent the bar, locking the door closed permanently. Unless there were turned Alphas that door was staying shut. 


Next he pulled out his machete from his waist  before going over every kill the Omega made by cleaving off their heads for more permanent security. 


The entire time he could feel heavy eyes following him accompanied by sounds of heavy, painful panting. It wasn’t long before the pheromones in the air doubled.


Saying that Theo wasn't affected by the aroma would be a lie. He was very affected, so much so that he was sweating bullets as he bit off a chunk of his cheek. 


Chocolate. This bastard smells like milk chocolate. 


But before the thoughts could go further, like all good things, Theo cut off the emotion, severing it from the root. 


“The place is secure, now why don’t we move you to the shade?”


Luca was perplexed. 


It had been exactly ten minutes since the Alpha had arrived and the man had yet to make a single move towards him. 


This Alpha…is he impotent?


Luca doubled up on his pheromones and waited. 


And waited.


And waited again, yet nothing happened. No scent, nor smell, nor sound indicated to Luca that this Alpha was responding to him.


The situation was very confusing to the young dominant omega. He had grown up used and abused by the system, and has never once ran into an alpha that could resist him. 


From his teachers at school, to the three uncles he ended up with before everyone began to turn, not a single alpha has ever left him alone. 


Should I try harder?


Luca paused from where he sat watching the alpha fiddle with some wire and gave a loud, heat filled moan. The man didn’t even look his way. Luca grew frustrated and decided to watch the man for a little bit more.


He had originally came here to hunt down and kill some heavy handed alphas, and zombies, but then his heat started in the middle of it. 


Though dominant omegas can control their pheromones outside of heats, as well as stay sane during said heats, there are still situations even Luca can’t avoid. 


Hot, sweaty, heavy, lethargic, and hungry. 


Luca was growing more irritated as the alpha continued to ignore him. He was like a saint who mossied on about helping the sick and it pissed Luca off. 


He was sure that the alpha would cave, if not now, maybe after he got a taste of him. A touch. Something to spark the start of an alphas rut. 


“The place is secure, now why don’t we move you to the shade?”


Luca startled a bit when he looked up to see the alpha towering over him.


I knew it. It’s now, isn’t it?


Luca side eyed the small tarp area the alpha had set up. It was a quick set up, fast, and effective. There was even a small sleeping bag laying in the shaded part.


“I’m going to touch you now, is that okay?”


Luca looked back at the man. He just stood there with an awkward smile on his face. He didn’t make a move to touch him.


“It’s pretty hot today. I’m sure the heat is making it worse too..”


Luca squinted his eyes. 


“I’ll be putting an arm underneath your legs and another hand behind your back, okay?”


Luca did not make a sound as the man reached for him, nor when the man finally touched him. 


Luca had been waiting for this. 


Like a viber he rushed forward and wrapped his arms around the alpha’s neck and his legs around his waist, officially clinging to him like a squirrel on bark. 


This is it.


Luca could feel his excitement curl sharply inside him as he waited for the man to begin to touch him only for him to put a hand under his ass and another on his back and… nothing else. 


“Let’s get you to the shade, okay?”


Luca found himself nodding before he could refuse. Mortified with himself Luca pushed his face into the alpha’s neck and took a whiff. He immediately regretted it when it felt a flush of slick slide out his ass from just the smell of this guy. 


“Where’s your group?”


“I don’t have one. I travel alone.”


Hearing his own voice startled Luca. His heat was really starting to pick up now. Though Luca can stay completely sober mentally, he still had to deal with the physical conditions of a heat.


It was basically like a big, sexually motivated cold he could do nothing about. 


“Nothing wrong with traveling alone.”


Too soon Luca was then placed gently on the sleeping bag in the makeshift shaded area. The alpha smiled down at him before giving him a thumbs up. 


There was no way, no fucking way this alpha was going to just leave him here without touching him. 


Luca watched as the alpha nodded  to himself before moving towards his bag across the way. He made it 5 steps before Luca reacted.


Luca grabbed onto the alphas ankles, sliding on the sandpaper like flooring along the way.




“Is it my scent?”




“It’s my scent isn't it? I smell disgusting to you, don’t I?”


The feeling of dread had hit Luca like a bus. He didn’t even realize when it had started, but Luca felt like he was going to die. 


“I can’t really change that, but- but! I can give amazing head-”


“H-hey, settle down.”


Pulling himself up, ignoring the blood on his hands from his dive, Luca made a lunge for the alpha’s leg. 


“I can do anything you want! Sucking dick, playing dead, you name it.”


Luca aggressively grabbed onto the alpha’s pants and pulled. The alpha struggled to keep them up. 


“I’ll do anything so please, please don’t leave me. I promise I’ll be good, I’ll do what you want so please, please, please touch me, help me. Don’t leave me-”