Chapter 2: Paranoia
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"Billy let's go 'home'!" Billy merely grunted before walking beside the imposter... Sophia enjoyed the sites because she can finally see! Before all she could do was feel... 

She shivers remembering the feeling of being devoured... She kinda feels bad taking over the human life... But... "I kinda don't feel bad too! Hehe, humans can be confusing!" 

Sophia says while wiggling her eyebrows finding the action oddly fun!  After arriving at the farm Sophia felt odd... What was it again? Oh yes, tired! 

"Hmm, Billy! Wanna 'cuddle'?" Billy lazily lays down feeling tired too... "Oh, I guess you're tired too huh! Well, good night cutie boy!" 

Sophia went to her room before spotting a 'TV' Curious she turns it on... Ok, she may have been fooled at first watching a movie about the exact same situation as hers... 

Which may have caused paranoia to develop... Yawning Sophia goes to bed while muttering... "Being 'human' really is the best..."

A few days later...

'Being a farmer is a solitary lifestyle at least from Sophia's memory...' But Sophia quite likes it! She doesn't have to interact with humans and be interrogated, at least that happened in the movie she watched. 

Sophia patted Billy who has warmed up to her, which is a plus! "Billy wanna play fetch?" "Whoof!" 'Hmm, Billy likes playing fetch but can be oddly specific on what he wants to play with...' 

"Do you want the rubber ducky or-." "whoof!" Billy happily wagged his tail, his interest piqued. "Ok, doggo!" 

'Relaxing times like this really are the best! Who wouldn't wanna watch cute things do funny stuff?" 

Sophia and it has begun to merge in personality it becoming more and more human as the days pass... Sophia hasn't really noticed it but Billy has, the imposter is not as off as before and smells more like his human... But the poor doggo knows she's an imposter... 

He watched his owner be devoured... But he is just a dog, what can he do? Bite? Scratch? He tried that before and it didn't work! 

So all he can do is accept the imposter! At least she gives nice rubs... Grunting he goes to lie down after expanding his energy to appease the imposter. 

"Tired already Billy?" Billy 'cutely' snorted while opening 1 eye... Giving Sophia the look. "Aww wanna cuddle?!" But... Billy merely closed his eye ignoring the imposter. 

"Hehe ok, I'll leave you alone!" The poor doggo dreamed of running in the fields with his original owner... The good old times...

Sophia sighed while looking at the night sky thinking about her 'homeworld' she's worried about an invasion of the hive happening... 

The humans aren't prepared even with the dragon bomb... But... 'Is it my problem? It's a worry for the future! I'll enjoy the present instead of brooding over the future!" 

After having some unprocessed milk from her farm Sophia prepared for bed excited to dream again...