The Villa of Ajax Jullii
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The joint burns bright at the business end of it. Smoke floods my lungs as I pull on it hard. My head swims with the relaxing chemicals as I close my eyes 

The last of the embers are smothered as I grind it into the dirt.

It's time to look upon my work.

I open the wooden door into the villa to be treated with the sounds of anarchy and chaos.

My steps echo off the stone floor as I make my way unhurriedly through the hilltop villa. The dark red stain of blood marks the path I take. The thuddy sound of meat against meat resound throughout the breezeways. In an open doorway to my right a huddle of orc flesh is thrusting and pulling on some slender serving girl. Her brunette hair is in a disheveled ball as it's tugged on by the great grey troll that is using her mouth. Her cheeks are stained with half dry tears.

Her eyes are empty. She's dead inside.

Her pale ass has the dirty smear of blood. It's tight between the fingers of the two orcs making use of her lower holes. 

A crowd of monsters are watching, waiting for their own turn. Other's are for finding their fun elsewhere.

Another doorway is infested with grubby little goblins. They run in swarms and prefer to breed with their ponds. The wet little slap of their balls is the only proof that someone human is in their.

Are they dead? Alive? Who knows. Goblins don't think of such things. Their spawn only need a warm tunnel to survive in as they incubate over the next week.

Scene after scene of these one captured monsters now running amok among their former master's servants and guests. 

Earlier this evening, the master of the house had hosted a dinner for some of his powerful friends. There were food, wine, and women to go around as they feasted on their own depravity.

Now I take my taste of such indulgence.

I wonder if it is as amusing to me as it was for Praetor Gaius over there with the Minotaur slamming his fists into the bloody mush that is the remains of his skull. The Minotaur is savagely ripping apart the man's rib cage as if searching for some answer in the bits and pieces of the corpse beneath him. Whatever grudge was between them clearly ran deep.

My time for such thoughts ends as I reach my destination.

Just as instructed the door is barred. Human voices can be heard arguing behind the frame. I remove the bar and walk in to greet my owner's.

"Good evening, Dominus." I nod my head in obedience to the salt and pepper beard of my Master, Legate Ajax Jullii. He stares at me in a strange mixture or shock, anger, and anxious apprehension. He is joined by his wife Aurelia, her twin daughters Hera and Valeria, and his powerful friend Senator Prius Grimmus.

Ajax overcomes his shock first and gives me a command with the full weight of his authority. His ring glows as the command becomes infused with the magical seal between his ring and the tattooed collar around my neck. "Kneel, Daemon. Serve me."

The tattoo burns like fires of hell itself. It shrieks down my nervous system. The command pushing down on my will to live as the magic works to force me to concede control of my own body.

Then it's over. That magically overbearing presence simply evaporates as the magic within myself pushes back against the command spell. The glowing ring on Legate Ajax Jullii crumbles into dust. Along with his much of his relevance tonight.

As the tattoo around my neck begins to be consumed by my power, the eyes of my former master widen. His jaw grows tight with all of his impotent rage. To his credit, his pride does not crumble. "You're the perpetrator behind this revolt aren't you Daemon.."

I walk over to the only table in the room and drag the wooden chair over to my bound prizes. All 5 of them leaning against the far stone wall beside the window.

"Yes. As the only person to walk through that door since you've been overtaken, I would say I am the leader of these former slaves. Now that the obvious is out of the way we can move on to the important shit." A small smile plays across my face as I cross my arms over the back of the chair and peer at every one of my captives.

Ajax straightens his back and leads his negotiation. "You've left us alive and away from the.. animals for a reason. I have considerable resources. Name your price and I will bend the heavens to get it to you. Daemon.. you were always the smartest of my servants. You know we are more valuable to you living then we are dead. You can raid this house for the hundred gold around here or you can get thousands of coin through trade of us."

My eyes wander over to the women in the room as Ajax pretends he has some kind of leverage in this situation. Promises of money and favors fly over my head as I take in the mature sight of the blonde head of the household. She is a very selfish woman, often making catty jealous remarks at her own daughters to try and keep them in line. The clear favoritism of the blonde twin Hera over the dark haired Valeria. Her physique is kept in prime shape. She was born with ample breasts and she spends many hours keeping her waist line small for her husband.. and sometimes his friends. Her haughty look is aimed at me. But the messages are clear in her body language. Her cleavage on display as she leans towards me. She bites her lower lips as I look at her.

Hera is just confused and scared. The pretty bird that obediently follows the instructions of her mother simply repeating the empty things that wealthy girls do to be easily sold into marriage. Her breasts have grown to a similar size of her mother's. She's a birth or two away from having the same heavy sacks. Her lips are trembling as she squirms in the ropes.

Valeria's eyes are have hidden by her hair. But her empty eyes stare at the floor between us. Dispute being twins, this woman is a bit shorter dark haired and more modest of breast. Her slim figure is limp against the wall. I doubt she hears anything right now.

The Senator Prius is quiet. Leaving much of the talking here to the former Master and his Slave.

His eyes are full of clever curiousity and for whatever reason, he is the most relaxed man in the room.

My eyes find the show of courage that is in my former master. "Ajax. You will die here. I will humiliate you before you end screaming in shame and pain. This is your fate. Spend the last of your time coming to terms with it." My eyes hold the Praetors untill the dawn of understanding comes to them. 

He is quiet for a moment as the acceptance claims his soul. He grows pale. Then the red flushes his face as he raises his voice in anger.

"You're FILTH. YOU come from NOTHING and will ALWAYS BE NOTHING. My line has held the power of our empire since it's founding and I will NOT BE.."

I casually rise from my seat at the beginning of his tirade. The wave of his panicked outrage washes over me like the ocean over the rock. I lean over my left leg and open my hips as I drive my laces through the bridge of his nose like the mvp of a world cup soccor match.

His head smacks against the stone wall and  first blood is spread across it's surface. The lengthy form of the Praetor spasms as he coughs and snorts out the blood from his broken nose. I lazly put my boot over his skull as he clings to his life, his entire body straining against his bondage.

"Senator Prius Grimmus, this would be a great opportunity to make a new friend. My name is Daemon Blackfyre and as you can see I am about to make a little name for myself." I smirk at the quiet Senator in the room.

"Yes, you have put on quite a little display here. You put animals on a rampage. What a rare surprise. I was expecting another dull affair with my friend here. But you have brought the only real entertainment I've seen from this house." The man is eerily self assured for someone in his position. He doesn't smell like fear like the others. He truly is amised to see his colleague in this position. He truly believes he will leave this room.

He may be right..

"Senator Grimmus. My master here was just trying to buy his life. Maybe you can do better." I reach out to him in a language these types usually understand.

"So it's gold after all? How disappointing." The Senator sags a bit against his bonds.

"Gold lubricates every moving piece of this world, Senator. It's always part of a discussion between friends. If you want to be emperor you will have to pay for it." 

This message seems to reach him as he looks at me with renewed interest. "We move from murder to gold to treason. I'm not sure I like the tone of this conversation." He eyes me with apprehension and curiosity. A small smile on his lips.

"You'll like it more in the morning after you deliver 500 gold to the bandits that raid along the road to the North of here. Then you will deliver another 5000 gold to the same thieves in a fortnight. As a symbol of our new friendship." I watch as the wheels turn on the man's head. He's waiting for me to get to the point.

"So me and my friends can raid to the South. Maybe I can have a similar conversation in a similar room with the people living there." I watch as the understanding and greed light up the Senator's eyes.

He laughs at the idea I'm raising. "So this whole show has been for me all along. You truly are a magnificent host, Daemon Blackfyre. I look forward to your next party. Now I'm glad I stayed to see things to the end."

"No Senator. This show was for Valeria." I turn my head to face her as her eyes finally move from the floor to my face at the sound of her name.

"The only people that know what's behind that door is you and me." I move over to her tied up body and begin to untie the knots. "You know what is going to happen to your mother, you know what's going to happen to your sister."

My fingers brush against her warm cheek before I grab her chin and hold her to face me. Our mouths just a breathe apart as I search for her in her eyes. "You know what will happen to your Father."

There she is. There is ember of her fury. Her jaw firms as she stares into the abyss that's in my eyes. "You will join me or you will join them. Is that clear?"

She looks for the dishonesty in my eyes. She looks for the manipulation in me. She is looking for the lie that will hurt her. My smile is cold as it falls across my face. My eyes hold a little desire for her. But I turn to look at her father. "I find creatures like him disgusting.." 

I look at Valeria one last time "..and I'm hoping to find something beautiful in you." The last of her bonds sag to the floor. "Will you serve me?"

Valeria fills with resolve as she runs the blood flow back into her wrists and takes a knee before me. "Yes, Dominus."

I feel a strange sense of pride as I watch her pledge herself to me. I don't think she'll disappoint me. 

"Your mother. Open up her clothes." I drop a knife at my feet.

Valeria grabs the knife without another world and moves over to her mother. Aurelia begins to squirm against her bounds as her daughter stalks her down. A viscous slap forces the blonde woman to the ground. "You Bitch. You bitchyoubitchyoubitch. You're not my Fucking Mother. You Whore!" Valencia begins at ailing into her mother's once pretty face. Her small angry hands ripping at her bodice. The knife slashing at the skirt of her long dress to expose her long pale legs.  Her feet are tied together as her legs thrash. Her mother helplessly struggles against her brutal treatment. Her daughter Hera stares in open mouth horror at the outburst of emotion from her usually quiet and cynical sister. "Valencia, Wh-what are you.." The young blonde starts in confusion.

The Senator is also watching with an amused curiosity. Ajax is staring at the ground in shame. 

Valencia ignore her as she finishes turning her mother's clothes to something closer resembling string and occasionally beating on the older woman. I take a moment to explain to the lost parties. "Hera, you're mother and father like to put on private shows for their friends some times. These shows often involve your mother pleasuring their guests and your sister made to whore herself out to any who would take her or sometimes to be used by the slaves out there." Hera gapes at me then at her mother then at me again. 

The Senator nods his head slowly. "They did mention something special for the later evenings." 

I glance at the man from the corner of my eye. "Yes, I think he intended to put on some show of incest to appeal your appetites." The Senator looks on shamelessly.

Valencia has nearly spent herself out on her mother at this point. All of that anger and no direction. That's why I'm here.

"Get her face between Hera's legs. I need her wet." I walk over to Hera and lean against the wall. I tower over the young blonde as she trembles.

"Uh-..uhm." Hera begins, her face reddening.

"Open your mouth." I order her with restraint in my voice.


Hera jumps a little at the sound of me. Then opens her rose pink mouth a little to obey me. 

I pull down my pants and let the length of me free.  It lands floppily on her forehead.

Ajax looks up again and starts to roar at me. 

"GET YOUR DIRT-" My power reaches out to clasp around his neck. His red face begins to turn purple nearly immediately.

 "None of that." I say.

I turn my attention to Hera. Valencia has dragged the larger woman over to the pair of us now. Her mother's face is shoved up the dress of young Hera. Valencia is holding the woman by her hair as she forces her face up and down the small hairy slit of her daughter. "Eat it bitch. Eat your perfect little princess. Show her how much you love her, you Bitch. Show her how much she matters and I Don't." Valencia is so aggressive with her victim while rubbing her mother's nose in her hypocrisy.

Hera is looking down at her the shape of her mother's head beneath her dress. Her face is wide with shock and the sudden sensations flooding her. Along with the shame and wrongness of it all. "Sister stop. Ah-"

My hand pulls her hair I to my fist as I pull it hard. I slap the young blonde across the face. Her pale skin reddens. "Open your fucking mouth and suck my dick."

I jam the meat of my cock through her lips. The soft rose buds peel my foreskin as I ram myself into the back of her mouth. She gags around me trying to force me out. 

I lift a leg over them all and mount Hera's face. My thick dick thrusts deep into her warm wet mouth as it violates her long neck, stretching itself around me. 

Hera's legs thrash as I choke her on my dick and her mother laps at her lower lips.

"Ahhh fuck. Your Hera has a tight throat. Isn't this the one you wanted to fuck Ajax? But you kept her a clean little virgin so you could sell her to a man like Prius so you could climb up the ladder. Awww fuck." I pull my dick out of the spasming young Hera. Drools and dribble fall from her mouth as she gulps down air. My dick rubs all over her cheeks as she focused on breathing.

Her body begins to tremble again.

"Mmmm, it's starting to smell like pussy isn't it? Valencia. Why don't you check Aurelia. Is she wet like a little whore from all this family fun?" 

Valencia peels back Aurelia's underwear to expose her pink pussy to her husband and the Senator.

A clear sticky liquid clings to the panties as they are pulled from her petals.

"Mother you're so fucking disgusting.. were you.. were you watching me?" Valencia asks the blonde woman with her head buried in her daughter.

Valencia pulls her mother's labia apart before stuffing her with three of her fingers. She moves them with rough vigor as she tries to ruin her mother's vagina more than get her off. Loud muted sounds begin emitting from beneath the dress.

I force my dick back into Hera's mouth. "Suck on it and move your tongue against my dick. Lick me like it's ice cream as I fuck your pretty face."

Hera begins doing as she's told when she sees I'm not gonna fill her throat at the moment. Valencia is quickly getting tired at the sound of her mom getting used to her fingers. She works in her pinkie before curling her hand into a fist and shoving her knuckles into her mother's screaming cunt. "You like that shit you fucking whore." Valencia is quickly getting into her Dom mindset. The feeling of complete power over someone beneath you. 

Taking that power.

Meanwhile her sister is learning the pleasures of being a woman. Her body heating up from her mother's tongue. It felt weird and good at first and now Aurelia was using her skill with her tongue to really please the young woman. That was.. untill she started getting fisted.

I let Hera's hair go and pull my dick slowly from her mouth. Hera's lips hold my dick as long as they can, rolling her tongue against the tip as I pull away. Spit falls from her lips as my dick comes away. Her face is hot and she is panting in a seductive way. She doesn't know what she's doing but her body is reacting to everything going on. The smell of me, the sensation of helplessness as she's molested.. 

.. that tongue.

I drag the wooden table into the center of the room and peer at Ajax Jullii over the edge of the table.

"Believe it or not, Ajax. This prison is of your own making." I don't spare him another thought as I grab his daughter Hera by the hair and drag her to the table. A heave is all it takes to toss the blonde against the table. Her thighs same into the edge as she doubles over the top of it.

I grab the globes of her ass and spread them apart to see all of her holes. Her puckered asshole. Her enflamed pussy lips.. her fuck hole winks at me in anticipation.

"Look at your Father, Hera. Look at him as I make you a woman. As I ruin you for marriage and any honest man. As I make you a whore."

I pull a gold coin from my pocket as I drop my pants and kick them off. I make a point of showing Hera the gold before tossing it at her father. "For your troubles."

I take my place behind Hera and pull her hair into my fist again. Making sure her face is pointed to her Father. Her submissive nature will ensure she looks at him.

My dick pushes into her tight tunnel. The slightest resistance of a maidenhead gives easily as I rip into her, stretching her tight cunny apart untill the end of me jabs hard against her cervix. Hera's entire body tenses up as she struggles to take her first dick so painfully. She screams as if every inch of my dick forced every bit of air from her lungs. My cock fully buried in this perfect trophy wife..

I pull my dick almost completely out of a dirty whore. Long, brutal stokes slap against the girls ass. She cries out and twists with every heavy thrust. I push myself into the entrance of her womb hard. This is a punishment fuck. This is a hate fuck. For everytime this perfect little princess looked down on me in the cells and covered her nose. For everytime she looked to her Father to protect her or pull her way from the brutal violence that me and the slaves committed for their entertainment.

This is my reward to a life born to be my better and inferior in every other way. My dick scrapes against her walls. The top, the bottom. The left, the right. I stretch her open in every way to loosen her up. She should be thanking me really.. she will have a rougher time later..

Valencia pulled her fist from her mother a little while ago. She cleaned her hand from the remains of her dress before stepping on her mother's face. "You dirty bitch. I'm fucking down with you." She ground her dirty bare heel into her mother's flushed face covered in her daughters juices. 

Valencia reaches down and pulls at her mother's bonds and hair to drag her over the the Senator. She drops the woman in his lap. "Get his dick out and suck it you fucking whore. If he hasn't finished in your mouth before I come back, I will fist your ass."

Valencia turns around satisfied as she see's Aurelia sobbing as she tries to pull the man's robes up using her teeth.

She turns her attention to the center of her ire.

Valencia moves across the room like a panther after her prey. This darkness, this vicious loathing is what I saw in her. In bits and pieces at first.. a glance every once in a while. I saw the pain and hurt in her. 

I saw a woman who would take from others 

Valencia grabs the knife she held before and the rope that was her bondage before lurking over to her Father. She places a foot on the small of his back as she grabs his hair and tugs his head back to her ear. "You know what I've always thought of you. You're a Pig. A fat disgusting creature not even fit to be human. You just roll around in your shit and your waste and try to just.. use everyone around you without giving them anything but Fucking Shit."

"Valencia.. I've always loved yo-" She jumps as she slams her her father's face into the floor. Blood spreads across the marble as she pulls him back. "Love? You fucking Pig. You wanted to fuck me right? You wanted to fuck me In front of your friends. You wanted my fucking body didn't you. Everytime you made me a whore you watched. I could fucking feel your disgusting eyes on me." She drops his head. The rope coils through her fingers as she wraps a heavy loop around her father's neck.  She pulls both ends and her father chokes. His body whipping from side to side like a snake twisting in a trap. Then his struggles grow smaller and smaller..

"You never loved me. You loved her. Now watch as some slave rapes the only person you love." She lossens the rope just as the man's eyes roll to the back of his head. His breathing hard and painful as he looks to see Hera.. being used.

I moved the young woman's thigh up to the table, my dick punching her insides at a different angle. I think I'm hitting her G-spot now because she's begun working her hips back into my dick. Her mouth is open as she pants like a bitch in heat. I spit on her face. "There you go. Give into it while you show your father what a good girl you can be." I slap her hard but lazily across her face. Then jam my fingers into her cheeks to spread her mouth open wide. Her sounds are coming out more like some kind of beast then a woman.

Right on time her body begins to convulse on me. Her entrance clamping around my uncaring cock as it rams into her deepest point. "Stupid whore."

I drop the woman's head and pull my dick from her pussy. I peel open her cheeks again before pressing my dick against her unused hole. 

"Wha- ahhhhhhh!!" Without missing a beat, I drive my cock Into her ass. The dirty hole bleeds a little as I reshape it around my thick dick. I pump my hips hard and fast into this forbidden hole. The young woman has no idea what is going on, the pain washing out the pleasure of her recent orgasm. Her eyes are spilling tears as she cries for it to stop.

I don't stop untill I'm finished.

The room is dominated with the slaps of my waist on her ass as I rush into my climax. Her ring clenches so tight around me as if trying to push me out. 

It's heavenly. The wave of my pleasure rises up in me. Without holding back, I explode. Hand on the back of her head, my foot up on the table as I bury myself in her bowels and paint her tunnels with my seed. "Ahhh haaahhh hahhh.. that's a good whore. Milk my cum out with your ass."

She lays there, confused, sniffling. All of the fight gone from her, little as there was.

Valencia has just finished carving the word pig into her Father's forehead and looks around for some other way to hurt these people. I look over to Aurelia who is slowly working her face up and down on the Senator. 

"Valencia untie the Senator. I'm gonna open the door." I look down at Hera and her freshly fucked body. I'm starting to see some white spilling from her ass. "Do you want this one. She's your sister."

Valencia looks around the room, much of her anger spent. She looks disgusted at her mother then looks over at her sister. Hera looks at her with a plea in her eyes.

"She is her mother's daughter. Best leave them together." Valencia looks away from her twin with a coldness in her eyes as she moves to cut the Senator's bonds.

I walk towards the door and open it wide. Many of the monsters that were once slaves have gathered around the entrance. A tall orc with skin as black as night and white tribal tattoos is front and center. "The Senator and Valencia have agreed. Dominus has his pride broken but not his ass. Domina is always willing." I turn to find the Senator on his feet. Aurelia is pleading with him to save her. She's offering herself to the man as his slave and this and that.

Valencia kicks her mother in the face. The woman is left to sob against the cold floor.

"Keep them alive untill morning then spit their throats." I command as I walk through the door. Valencia and the Senator follow close behind.

Ajax stares at the doorway as it darkens. The monstrosities he once kept in their place with pain and fear have broken free of their bonds..

.. and they have come for him.

"Pl-.. Please.." He stutters.

'PLEASE KILL ME!" Blood from his new name burns into his eyes as the creatures take a hold of him and rip apart the ropes. One of them is holding down his arm and beginning to eat his flesh. Another is ripping the hair out of his head. Many of the others are turning him on his belly so they can take a turn.

His wife is on her knees, her mouth open to her assailants. She wants to avoid pain by being obedient. If only she was facing sensible creatures..

The trip of us walk out of the same door I walked into. The Senator starts walking away before turning to address me. 

"If you make it South of here.. I hope to have another conversation with you." The Senator implies coyly.

"Go home. Get me my gold. You have untill sunrise Senator." I respond.

I grab Valencia by the hand and lead her to the horses. She seems a little hesitant. "What now.. what.. what are we?" 

I offer her a hand to help climb the horse. After a moment she takes it and mounts the animal. I climb up behind the woman and take the reins. "You are Mine."

The horse works himself up to a trot then a sprint as the pair get lost in the dark of the night.

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