102: Genesis
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"What do you mean you lost all your powers? Even your Phoenix Resurrection!?"

The one in shock was Tenebria. This is a serious matter so I gathered everyone close to me for a meeting. Tenebria, Odin, Persia and Claire and Aria via teleport crystals. These 2 deserve to know about this league of shadows too. It could impact their countries too. But right now, Tenebria was spinning around me and poking my body as if giving me a check-up. 

"I can't believe this, but they actually cut the tunnel between your origin and the source!"

"O… kay… I have no idea what that means."

"First let's handle your current situation. Do you know what magic is?"

"Umm… it's the spells I shoot out of my hands?"

Odin and Aria started laughing all of a sudden and Tenebria's jaw dropped big time. Did I say something weird?

"... I don't even know what to say to that. That's so wrong on so many levels. Guess I better start from the top."

Apparently the story goes like this. Mana is the source of all life. It exists in every living being. However, spells are a different story. Magic comes from the Gods. You know that each time you cast a spell, a magic circle is formed. The symbols in the circle, basically is a summon. You summon the power from the gods. Elemental magic is granted freely by the gods. Origin magic is a different story, but we won't get into that now. So basically the magic flows from the source to the summoner, and the mana is the fuel for it. It all happens in seconds and most don't actually realize this process. 

But… my access to the source was cut. Even after beating that old fart, I didn't regain my powers. Without access to the source, I can't draw out any magic at all.

"Tenebria-nya, isn't there a way to restore that tunnel?"

"I don't know. This is actually my first time seeing this. But I'm sure if Milla can kill this new threat, the tunnel will restore itself."

"Speaking of threats, who the hell are these guys?"

Aria tilted her head and raised her hand like a child wanting to speak in class.

"I think I heard of them before. It's said they are a secret organization that has spies in every country and make grand political schemes."

But once again Tenebria was the one that enlightened us. Although she did whisper to me that this is a story from even before she became the Demon God. Tenebria became the Demon God roughly 5000-6000 years ago. And this story took place 10000 years ago. She told it like an old legend. After all, I'm the only one who knows that Tenebria was the Demon God. Odin did pout a bit. I guess the Demon King of Wisdom is a bit jelous of Tenebria knowing more.

Anyway, this legend is somewhat interesting. It's also related to a way for me to use magic again. Long ago, there was nothing but darkness. In that vast ocean of darkness was a being of pure destruction. The Nightmare King. Nobody knows how, but one day, the Almighty One appeared. A being specialized in creation. A polar opposite. Naturally when the Almighty One wanted to create the universe and life, the Nightmare King was against it. It's said that an epic battle started between the 2. How long did it last? Nobody knows.

But eventually, the Almighty One used a trick. During their clash, he used the shockwave to create the universe. You can say this is similar to the Big Bang theory. A huge explosion. When he saw the beauty of the stars, the Nightmare King backed down and simply continued to watch over the world. 

Eons later, after creating various life forms, the Almighty one did make a few mistakes. So he created someone to keep him company and erase those mistakes. The so called destroyer. Nobody knows how it looks like but, he was granted destruction power at the level of Deus EX. However, things didn't go according to plan. The destroyer had his own twisted judgement regarding balance. He devoured and devoured. Even the innocent. He considered that many of the life forms that God created were a mistake.

Sheer evil that would do nothing other than hate and corrupt the land. Eventually the Almighty One had to stop his creation. However it became too powerful for him to destroy. The only one who could destroy the destroyer, was the Nightmare King. However he refused to interfere. He stated something like 'you wanted creation, yet you created something that destroys; live with your choices'. The Almighty One was unable to kill his creation. But, drawing all his power, he did manage to seal it. He forced the beast into depths of an ocean, sealing it for all eternity.

And just my luck. That planet he picked just happens to be this one. Tenebria herself thought it was just a myth, but with the events that happened, she thinks this league of shadows is trying to awaken this destroyer. The dome of Oroboros is it's power, capable of stealing souls. That means Teri's soul was also taken.

Odin examined Teri. She says, physically, she's okay. She is in a cryogenic state. I mean, she isn't breathing, but unlike a dead man, her body and organs aren't deteriorating at all. It's like time was frozen.

"I need to start setting up patrols too. Even in my Empire there were cases of people facing rather weird deaths."

As always, Claire was judging the situation like a ruler would. 

"Tenebria, there's something I don't get. How is this story going to help me use magic again?"

"Didn't you figure it out yet? Those guys cut your origin from the source. In this state, if you want to use magic all you have to do is use another source."

"Huh? What other source is there to tap into?"

"I can't tell you. You have to figure it out yourself. And the best place to do that is the Spirit Pit."

Spirit Pit? What the hell is that?

"The Spirit Pit is the place on the Demon Continent with the highest concentration of mana. The spirits in that foggy valley will guide you and show you the way. I'm sure you'll figure it out."

Ugh. Fine. Looks like I got another Tenebria riddle to solve. I thought now that she was mortal she can tell me more stuff directly, but she's evasive as ever. Guess it's off to the Spirit Pit with me. But before anything else…

"Well… I guess this concludes the meeting. But Aria, Claire, before I send you off, there's something else I need to discuss with you 2? Come with me in my bedroom."

"What sort of private talk can this be?"

A pillow talk, obviously. More specific… I'm horny and in the mood for a ruler sandwich, fufufu!