112: What if Milla got sick?
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"Yes. It's pretty obvious now. Milla-nee, you have a fever. You caught a cold."

After I came back from the Spirit Pit, I felt kinda tired and weak. I crashed on my bed, but I wasn't getting any better. Grace was here by my side, checking my temperature. Of course, there aren't medical devices like a thermostat in this world. It was done by hand.

"Grace…. *Sniff* … how is it even possible for me… to get a cold?"

"Normally because of your phoenix powers you would be immune to any illness. They would detect any abnormalities in your body and cure you. But since you can't access your powers anymore, I assume that the cold managed to stick to you this time."

Ugh… this is the worst. I can't go into battle like this. I can barely stand.

"Millaaaa!! Don't die!"

"What the… Shiori… give me some space! You're squeezing me too hard. I'm not gonna die!"

"Ara Ara!? Is squeezing a form of medicine? If so, I can help. And also I never got the chance to… with my lady… fufu!"

"No! Irina, calm down. *Cough… cough*!"

"Nya! Milla-nyan is getting worse. What should we do?"

It doesn't help that all you girls are around my bed! I'm glad that all my girls rushed to me the moment they heard I'm ill, but… Shiori, Momoyo, Irina, Cleo, Persia, Odin, Felicia, Sue and Grace… this is overkill. I'm just glad that Tenebria is busy with my paperwork and dragon mom, Lorina and Himeko are at the forge.


Grace made a loud clap. 

"That's enough girls. Lets let Milla rest for now. I'm going to go into town for some ingredients to help her. In the meantime if she needs anything, please tend to her."

Way to go Grace! As expected of my number 1 maid. She managed to get everyone out of my room. Oof. Finally I can try getting some rest.


"Lady Milla?"

"Ugh… what is it Cleo?"

"You have been sweating for quite some time. I couldn't leave you alone like that. Mind if I wipe you off?"

"That… actually sounds reasonable. Okay."

"Then please turn on your belly so I can see your back."

I did what Cleo told me. She gently untied my pajama. But… I sure didn't feel a towel on my back. Instead I felt a pair of plump balloons and also I could hear... Cleo moaning.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm wiping your back?"

"But why are you using your boobs?"

Yup. Cleo literally went back and forth, stroking her breasts along my back.

"This is the most efficient way. Skin contact will also keep you warm!"

This is bad. I don't wanna get horny in my condition.

"That's enough."

Odin came from behind and pulled Cleo off of me. Thank God.

"That is not a proper cure! Watch and learn! Onee-chan, I will show you a cure that has been passed down in my home town. You need to soak into a bathtub."

Again, it sounds reasonable. Odin picked me up and took me to the bathroom. She placed me in the tub. But when she poured water… 


I wasn't screaming cause it was too hot. I was screaming because it was too freaking cold! It was freezing!


"Are you trying to kill me!?"

"What do you mean. This always works for my people. A freezing bath will freeze the virus to death."

It will also freeze me to death.

"And… how long do I have to stay in here?"

"Around 4 hours."

"I'll seriously become an ice cube if I stay that long!"

Lucky for me, Shiori and Momoyo came around.

"What are you guys doing? That's no way to treat a sick person."

They fished me out of the tub and placed me back on the bed. I wrapped myself in the sheets as soon as I could. I was shaking like crazy.

"Milla, we prepared a nice warm porridge for you."

I'm saved! Shiori and Momoyo are from the same world as me. At least they have a normal logic. I really could use some delicious food right now.

"Say 'AAA'!"

Hey. Wait a second… since when is porridge orange, with purple steam coming out of it?

I opened my mouth and let Shiori feed me. But as soon as I took the first bite. A lightning struck me. I almost choked myself.

*Cough… cough*

I forgot… Shiori sucks at cooking. Even back at school, if her mom didn't prepare lunch for her, she would always eat my food. I mean, if she doesn't eat her own cooking, does she really think it's okay to feed it to others? And, prez, I thought you had more common sense than that. Why did you let her cook this monstrosity? This isn't working. I slapped the bowl out of my way.

"I've had enough! You girls are only making it worse. Please, just leave me alone…"

"Nya!? But I didn't even get the chance to try my cure!"

Right when I shouted, Persia came in.

"And just what exactly is your cure?"

"It's a secret art called acupuncture! We're going to skewer the cold and…"



Hell no. I wasn't going to become a porcupine. What's with all of them? They totally act like idiots. They're heart is in the right place but… they really are hopeless. Should I start some sort of common sense school when I get the chance?

"What are you guys doing?"

Grace was back.

"I thought I told you to let Milla-nee rest. And here you are making her worse. I won't tolerate that! Everyone, get out now!"

Yikes. Grace is in mother mode right now. If it's one thing I learned, is never to mess with Grace in this mode. Even Odin and Persia who are stronger than Grace are still scared of her when she gives off that look. Everyone left the room as instructed.

"I'm sorry for leaving you alone, Milla-nee. But I'm here now. First, let's get your fever down."

She pulled out of her bag a potato and started peeling and slicing it? Am I supposed to eat a raw potato? 

However that wasn't the case. She tied potato slices to the bottom of my feet. I really didn't get it. But apparently, after 20 minutes, my fever did settle down. I dunno how, but it seems the potato slices absorbed part of the heat. 

Grace then pulled out some sort of plants and herbs and mixed them together in a paste. Then she added water and made me drink the mix. It didn't smell right, and the taste was terrible, but it was drinkable. I then immediately fell asleep. 

When I woke up the next day I felt refreshed. I was 100% as good as new.

"It seems your back to your old self!"

"Yeah! Thanks Grace. It's all thanks to you. I said it many times already, but I would be lost without you. I know the others just wanted to look after me… but they suck at it. Nevertheless, I need to thank them at least for the thought. Really, Grace. Thank you too. I mean it."

"My purpose is to serve you however I can. Would you like to rest a while longer?"

"I can't. I wasted enough time as is. Gather everyone for me Grace. I need to have a meeting with them."

"As you wish."

This is another reason I need to get my original powers back. I really don't want to go through something like this again. My servants are more dangerous than the cold itself.