116: Bang! Milla’s victory!
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We all took cover into the air. The island was shaking and rumbling. Cracks appeared all over it's surface and it was sinking. No. It would be more accurate to say that it was sucked into the ocean. When the island was submerged a giant maelstrom was formed. And when I say giant, I mean humongous. It even sunk the ship we came on.

And from the dark watery eye, I saw it. A giant 2 headed golden dragon, with no arms, only wings, muscular legs and sharp claws. 


"No way! That's… that's the destroyer!"

What the…!? For starters this thing was twice as big as mom. And mom is around the size of a modern aircraft carrier. Secondly, that shouldn't be possible. 

"I thought that guy said he needed one more soul for this thing to break free."

"Probably before you killed him, the destroyer absorbed Kyron's soul as its last catalyst."

Shit. This thing is covered in thousands of chains but they are starting to break one by one.

"Nya… Milla, can you stop it?"

"It's too fucking big. Even if I can damage it, I probably can't kill him fast enough… unless…"

Come on, brain. Think… think… think…!!!

Wait. There is a way. The one spell that my future self told me not to use. The only spell that actually needs a chant to activate. It's the only thing that can nail him, regardless of his size. But can I really take that chance? Using that… is like falling into an ocean of chaos… your very soul drowns in the darkness. 

And the worst part… if I lose focus and don't keep the spell under control, it will devour the whole planet. Can I really risk everyone's lives? 

"Onee-chan! Whatever you are thinking, don't worry about us! Do what you have to do!"

"That's right, Milla. We're all behind you. If anyone can stop this thing, it's you. After all, there's nothing you can't do!"


They're right. Screw this. If the world will be purged regardless, I'd rather it go down on my terms!

I raised my hands in the air and started gathering energy. This attack was similar to the Spirit Bomb. The sky immediately went dark. Clouds covered the sun. Not a single ray of light could penetrate. Here goes nothing.

"Lord of primordial darkness

Hear my cry

Grant me all the power you possess

So I can conquer the mighty foe before me…"

Electric sparks were generated from my hands. They danced in the air and soon they started to merge into a sphere above my head.

"Darkness beyond night

More vast than the ocean

Colder than the coldest ice,

I beseech thee

Free yourself from thy heavenly bonds,

King of Darkness who rules over all

I call upon thee and swear myself to thee,

I am ready to bare the strength you give me..."

The pitch black energy sphere was getting bigger and bigger. Come on! This isn't enough. Just a little more… I need more power!!

What an interesting mortal you are to call upon me. Since the beginning of time I refused to act against the destroyer. But since you are the very first one to try using the ultimate ability, I will show you some sympathy. Just this once… I will grant your request.

I could feel the Nightmare King in my body. My eyes started to shine gold and once again my voice was distorted. Both our voices overlapped. But unlike the last time I shared this body with a God, this time we both had the same goal!

"May everything return to darkness

Before the gift placed in my unworthy hands

And let the fools who stand in our way

Be destroyed by the power you and I possess!!"


That thing finally broke through all the chains. But I was ready too.


My attack had a tremendous speed, and it hit the destroyer straight into his abdomen. The black hole expand and assaulted him with a terrible impact.


He was being disintegrated. The blast made quite a powerful shockwave. Eventually, it swallowed the beast home.

"It's… over…"

I was beat. And with those final words… I lost my conscious.


When I woke up, I found myself back in my bed? I was home alright. I still had a huge migraine.


"Milla-nee. I'm glad that you finally awakened."

"Grace? What happened?"

"Although I don't know the full details, lady Tenebria said that you managed to destroy the destroyer and fainted shortly after. The girls caught you and eventually brought you back."

Oh! That's right. I did do that. Using that spell was scary. I really hope I never have to use that thing again. Wait… let's see. I looked at my hands and made small flames in my palms.

Grace tilted her head as if confused by my action.


"My powers are back. I was just checking. I'm my old self again."

Finally, the whole ordeal was over. 

"I need to thank everyone properly. Grace, can you please gather everyone? Call Claire and Aria too."

"As you wish."

In the meantime I took a bottle of my good old trusty Phoenix Tears. From what what I could figure out they won't cure memory loss effect that my future self was talking about. But they can at least make my headache go away.

Not long after, Grace managed to gather everyone. And I mean everyone. Mom, Himeko, Lorina, Cleo, Sue, Irina, Felicia, Shiori, Momoyo, Tenebria, Persia, Odin. And most importantly, Teri too.

Yup. You heard that right. Apparently killing the destroyer freed all the souls it stole. Teri was back to normal and was in tears, thanking me for saving her.

"Listen up girls. The crisis is over. I wanted to thank you all for the support you gave me. You are true friends that followed me no matter what. No. You're more than friends. You are all my family. Each and every single one of you… I would even give up my life to save you guys if needed."

For the 2nd time since coming to this world, I got on my knees and bowed deeply in a dogeza manner.

"Thank you for being my family."

"Milla-nee, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we feel the same."

"That's right, onee-chan. You don't need to bow. Ever since you came into our lives, the world itself seems like a brighter place."

When I lifted my head I once again looked at everyone. I was actually surprised to see tears in Tenebria's eyes. But once she saw that I was looking at her she blushed and abruptly looked away with a "hmph" sound. Hehe. This tsundere loli never changes.

"Is that why you brought all of us here? Only to give us your thanks?"

Claire was still a little confused. But of course that wasn't the only reason.

"All of you, strip!"

Everyone's jaw dropped when I said that. The warm and cozy feeling was gone.

"I don't think I get what…"

"We need to celebrate this moment! That's the main reason I brought you all. We need a big party. And what better way to party than doing lewd stuff. I'm talking about sex, of course."

"A… AAA.. all of us?"

"Yup. But as you can guess even I can't do all of you. We're going to have mixed partners. If all of us do lewd stuff at the same time it will only increase our libido. We're going to have one big group sex, trading partners until we drop!!"

Irina's eyes immediately sparkled and looked at Momoyo as if stalking pray. Mom licked her lips and had her eyes on Himeko. I guess this is a good moment for her to bond with her grandchild. Some where shaking, others had lustful gazes. 

"B… But… Milla…"

"No buts! I'm at my limit too. Start striping if you don't want me to tear your clothes! I declare this party officially opened!!"

Yup. What can I say. There's no better ending than a nice orgy, fufu!