36: Persia Castella
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I was born as a beastman. Unlike other Mazoku, I wasn't created. I had a mother and a father. But my life wasn't very easy. I was always a laid back person. But being laid back in the beastman race was a luxury. The beastmen were driven off from the main continent and sought a new home on the demon continent. The founder was kind and no matter what anyone said, he allowed us to live here. Of course this all happened before I was born.


My mother and father loved me ever since I said my first -nya. I was a happy child and would always love to take naps and play all day long. But once I reached the age of 50, they wanted me to work.


But I didn't want to work. Even if my parents told me that if we don't work, we can't raise money to pay our taxes, I still didn't want to work. Every time they weren't looking I would sneak around and take a nap. They tried beating me up in hope that I will learn my lesson, but after a while I got used to the pain to the point I felt nothing.


Maybe something was wrong with me. I mean, why do people need to work? For a roof under their heads? Sleeping on soft grass in the sunlight is better and at night any average cave would work. Food? For beastman, hunting a monster is child's play. It can keep you fed. So why can't people accept a simple life?


Regardless, one day my parents did something I never would have expected. They sold me. Like you would sell a slave, they sold me off. Since they couldn't get any benefit from me, they didn't want to keep a leech around. So they sold me.


If I was a slave, I couldn't spend my time peacefully. If I was a slave, I would have to work because the slave seal would force me into submission. I didn't want that. So before they could enslave me, I ran away. All that time living alone was harsh. Too harsh. Then, it came to me.


A Demon King is a being that can do whatever it wants. Nobody would dare tell it what to do. If I were to become a Demon King, I can do anything I want. So that's the goal I set in my mind. I didn't have much mana. So I relied on pure strength. A kind old man took me in for a few years and taught me various martial arts. Techniques to be able to beat people stronger than me. What little mana I had, he taught me how to channel it and make my body stronger than steel. He called it chi.


I trained, I took on monsters, I did everything I could to achieve my goal. I didn't like putting in effort, but I had to. I wanted to get rid of the beastman label. After the old man passed away, I did some research on the Demon Kings. Judging by names alone, the Demon King of Sloth would be the best fit for a carefree person like me.


When I first saw the Sloth king, I was disgusted. An orc with a huge belly, eating and drinking like a glutton. He thought he could easily deal with me, but I was too fast for him. Avoiding his magic attacks was a piece of cake. I got close and smashed his skull. And thus I became the new Demon King of Sloth.


Even if I gained the class and life span that comes with the power, my hopes of cutting ties with the beastmen were shattered. Instead of receiving the High Mazoku race, I became a High Beastman. Even today, I don't know what this means. Years passed.


I had achieved my goal. I could do everything I wanted. But my story doesn't end here. One day, my parents came back to visit me. They said they were sorry, they said they were forced to sell me etc.


I couldn't stand the look of them. They just wanted to butter up to me and take advantage of my status. Never again will I allow anyone to tell me what to do. I killed them both on the spot. I felt nothing. Love, sorrow, no emotion at all. I thought that I was finally free.


But it turned out that being a Demon King also involves responsibilities. I mostly found myself some trustworthy demons and I would let them handle all the affairs.


One day, Ornis summons all the Demon Kings for a War Council. I didn't want to go, but Ornis is scary. I didn't want to get on his bad side. While waiting for all the kings to gather, I couldn't help overhearing a conversation. My ears were very sensitive so they could hear from quite a distance. I heard Lady Miraluka talking to a vampire. Although I didn't hear the whole story, I understand that they wanted to kill the Demon King of Insanity. At first I thought that it has nothing to do with me.


And at the meeting I saw her. Milla Walpurgis. I didn't know what to think of this girl. She didn't look special. But she really did live up to her title. She suggested what nobody would dare. For all the kings to take to the battlefield. Although I didn't want to personally deal with it, handling a lengthy war is too troublesome. So if it means ending things sooner and return to my slow life, I was all in for it. But more importantly, her attitude. She really acted high and mighty in front of Ornis. She's like me. She wanted to act alone. She wanted to do things her way. I can relate to that very well.


Before she left I gave her a big hug and decided to tell her about the assassination plot. That way I also got the chance to sniff her. Yes. She's very unique. My instincts are sharp. This girl is worthy of my trust. If I go with her, I am sure we can end this war quick. If I follow her I am sure that she will handle all the hard thinking. We could take naps together and play and just live a fun life.


I've made up my mind. For the sake of living a slow and happy life, I just need to become her subordinate. If she achieves what she wants, then I will also achieve what I want.

◇ ◇ ◇

I was getting bored and impatient. I wanted to start my training as soon as possible so I can step onto the battlefield myself. But I had to wait for Odin. Since Grace and Cleo were in charge of all the paperwork and internal affairs I didn't have much to do.


It's almost been a full month. Seriously, how long do those shitty kings need to come to a conclusion. I'm afraid that the longer I wait, the longer it will take to save Shiori. And the humans will have more time to consolidate their defenses.


My units were prepared just in case. Tengu and Felicia handled the troops, Lorina made great progress with Himeko and Irina brought prez to a usable level. Everyone made progress. Everyone besides me. I wanted to blow up something.


But as I was having those thoughts, Cleo entered my room and announced that Odin has returned. Finally! We can get to work. But she soon stopped my excitement, as she wasn't alone. Persia was with her. Why did Odin bring her along? Could she really be another ally? Well no use thinking about it. I better go and find out. After all, she did warn me about that attempt on my life.




"Milla-nyan, I really missed your scent!"


I know I am a loli, but come on! Why does everyone want to hug me? And really? She misses my scent? Is she a pervert? Well I shouldn't be surprised. After all, I have my fair share of weirdos too. I tried looking at Odin, but her gaze was saying "it's no use, just let her do as she wishes". After she let me go, Odin finally spoke.


"Onee-chan, the meeting is over now. It seems that the conclusion they arrived was to make a small joint operation, between Arnos, Miraluka and Ymir. These 3 are somewhat in good terms with one another so they agreed to merge some of their troops together. Since they didn't particularly need me, I rushed back over here. And… Persia kinda followed me."


"Lady Persia…"


"Nya, don't be so formal. Just Persia is fine!"


"Okay. Then Persia, first I want to thank you for warning me. You have my gratitude. Is there something you wish in return?"


"Umu! I want to stay by your side! My instincts are never wrong. Besides, I heard from Odin that you wanted some special training-nya! I want to help!"


"Odin, you went that far and told her?"


"Onee-chan, please don't be mad. Persia is a simpleton. She's not scheming anything. I assure you she is our ally."


I'm still rather reluctant to trust her that easily. Hmm…


"Persia, is there a reason you are doing this?"


"So I can be lazy! If I come with you and help you with your training, I don't have to deal with the war. And a little cat fight can be fun-nya!"


I guess I will ask Odin later more details. But I can relate to her lazy side. After all, my goal in the end is to live a carefree life myself. Oh well, for now, welcome aboard miss.