37: Final preparations before the war
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"By the way, Milla-nyan, this is for you!"


I managed to talk privately with Odin for a few minutes. She told me that for some reason Persia is a High Beastman instead of a High Mazoku. She's really sensitive to the subject and I shouldn't mention it. Also I should avoid mentioning that originally she came from this place. Other than her distortion personality, she's fine. It feels like I picked up a stray cat that randomly rubbed itself on my legs. Persia got a bit impatient so I guess she wanted to offer me something as proof of her loyalty.


"What is this?"


It was a weird object. It was a rectangular purple crystal.


"Ah, onee-chan, you’re still young so you don't know about it. That's a teleport crystal. It's a very rare item."




"That's right-nya. You just need to think of the place you want to go and it will take you there. Needless to say, it can't take you somewhere you haven't been before-nya."


This is amazing. This could be an impressive resource.


"Onee-chan, I know what you want to say, but like I said, it's really rare. These crystals can only be made by the elves, with their elven mana spring. And even for them, it takes 50 years to produce 1 crystal."


"Yup. I got that piece by chance when I ran across a traveling caravan-nya. It's rare for elves to even let go of them."


I see. If I think about it, it's a good thing. I mean if everyone where to have something like this, what's to stop them from popping up in say my castle and try to take my head. Well, in my case I'll just come back to life, but that’s not the point.


"Very well, Persia. I accept your gift and since Odin recommends you I will welcome you by my side."




I tossed the crystal over my shoulder and into my shadow. I feel that my shadow is the same as your inventory in typical games. But now on to more important matters."


"Odin, I know I can't move troops into someone else's land, but is there a way to at least move a few people? I need eyes on this war."


Odin pondered for a moment. She was well aware that there were humans that I personally wanted to deal with. And I didn't want for someone to kill Shiori while I am away training.


"Well, since it's a war situation, under the pretext of just observation you would be allowed to send what someone would consider a diplomatic scout. Although some might grumble, they have no valid reason to harm or refuse passage for such a group."


"And in such a case, how many can I move?"


"Normally it would be 5, but since it's you we are talking, you could push it to 10 at most. After all, you have the title of Insanity, so most kings won't be that surprised, especially after the meeting."


"I see. Grace, gather everyone outside. I have an announcement to make!"




After everyone gathered, I gave out a few orders. I was going with Odin and Persia to train. The ones that I wanted to go and be my eyes for this war were Grace, Sue, Irina, Felicia, Momoyo, Himeko and Lorina. In the end I kept the number just above the normal limit. You might be thinking why did I pick prez and Himeko. Well, since it was a simple observation mission I thought this was a good chance for them to actually observe a war and proper fights.


I'm leaving behind Cleo to manage my land. And Teri and Tengu will still do their jobs that they had up till now. And speaking of Tengu…


"Let go of me already!"


Fenrir was chewing on Tengu. Half of Tengu's body was in Fenrir's mouth. His feet were wiggling all over. Odin could only laugh. And to be honest, I could barely contain my laughs too. It was really funny. Tengu is a skeleton so I guess Fenrir sees him as a big bone.


"Fenrir, that's enough! Let him go!"


When Fenrir heard my voice and saw me, he immediately spit Tengu and started running towards me. He had his tongue out and was ready to lick, but all he encountered was thin air. He looked puzzled. He turned around to try and lick me again, but he missed. He kept trying that for 4 or 5 times more, until his eyes started to look like a puppy that was about to cry.


"Onee-chan, when did you develop such agility?"


"I didn't. I just kinda learned his licking pattern."


Fenrir kept looking at me with teary eyes. Ugh! Why can I be a villain around everyone else, but have to be a softie with this guy? Well guess I have no choice but to take another drool bath.


"Okay, okay, boy. Come at me!"


He wiggled his tail, pushed me on the ground and licked me all over. I guess I'll just take a bath at Odin's place before training.


"Odin, can Fenrir carry all 3 of us?"


"Of course. He's a sturdy pup. Even if it's us 3, he will have no issues. Onee-chan, are you implying that we are heavy?"


Crap! If rule number 1 is never to bring up a girls' age then rule number 2 is to never ask about her weight. Both of them were smiling but there eyes were very aggressive and a small vein could be seen on their heads. I shook my head and arms like crazy and managed to defuse the situation. That was close. All 3 of us got on Fenrir's back.


"Grace, I'm counting on you. As for the rest of you make sure to obey anything Grace says."




And with that, the Fenrir Express started it's engine and with a huge speed was headed for the frozen castle.


"My lord, welcome back!”


Ornis Balmund has just returned from the War Council and was welcomed by his trusted shadow.


"How did the council go? Will the humans be crushed soon? "


"We managed to reach an agreement , but it’s too soon to say how the war will go. But the Demon Kings are joining forces, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”


"If only you yourself could enter the battlefield, this war would be over in a second. After all, you alone are enough to wage war against all humanity! "


"Enough with the flattering. Although you aren’t wrong, it’s better for things to develop this way.”


"What do you mean, my lord?”


"Sometimes you need to let the small fish go so you can catch the big one. "


The black robe man was confused at his words. He didn’t understand the meaning of it. Ornis didn’t want to continue this discussion so he signaled him to leave. When Ornis was finally alone he gathered his thoughts.


"I really wish I could handle things myself. It would be much easier. But this is the only way to flush out the culprit on our side. I just have to wait and see how things go. All the pieces on the chessboard have been set. The match is about to start. The pawns shall play their role.”

Ornis picked up 3 chess pieces and set them on a map of the terrain that will soon be the battlefield. The rook, knight and bishop.


"Miraluka, Arnos and Ymir. Will you at least be able to display an entertaining show for me? I doubt it, but give it your best effort.”


Ornis then picked up another chess piece. The queen. Among the various pieces in chess, you could say in a way that the queen is the most unpredictable as she is able to move any number of spaces vertically, horizontally and diagonally. And Ornis was wiggling that piece in his hand.


"My instincts are telling me that you will be the most amusing piece in this game. You are someone that defies logic and you’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind either. You are a variable I can’t predict. Well then, let’s see what move you decide to make, Milla Walpurgis."