38: Playtime and secret weapon
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When we arrived, Odin first took us to her large bathroom. I wanted to take a bath after Fenrir covered me in drool. I was surprised that Persia wanted to join us. After all, most cats hate water. Well, I guess she isn't a true cat at the end of the day.




"What… What am I looking at-nya!?"


After dipping myself in Odin's giant pool size bathtub I started playing around with her. My left hand was groping her left breast and my right was teasing her butt hole. Odin and Grace are probably the bodies I know best. If Grace likes to take it slow, Odin is the complete opposite. She likes it rough and it seems she  is greatly stimulated by anal play.


Since we were in the water, my fingers were able to slide inside with ease. I kept pounding her and squeezed her breast. After a few more moments I removed my fingers from her ass hole and starting spanking her butt. Odin, who is often called a battle maniac rarely got injured, and rarely felt pain. It seems that making her ass red with my slaps makes her really horny. It must be a new sensation for her. Shortly after that, she couldn’t take it anymore.


"I… I'm cumming!!!"


Persia was shacking. She probably wasn't sexual aware yet. But that works to my advantage. I separated from Odin and made my way to Persia. She waved her hands as if begging me not to come closer.


"What's the matter Persia. This is what people that love each other do. Do you perhaps hate me?"


"I don't… hate you…"


I made a big smile.


"Then if you don't hate me, that means you love me. Don't worry. Leave everything to me. I'll be gentle."


"O...okay-nya. I'll be in your care then."


Bingo. Now let's make this kitty go in heat a bit. I started by giving her a tongue kiss. Her face immediately went red, but didn't resist me. I also started to fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples. She squirmed a lot, but I could tell that she was enjoying it. The softness of her lips felt like it would melt my heart. It was almost like her tongue didn’t want to let go off mine. I made sure to fully explore the inside of her mouth. Besides wrapping our tongues together, I also wiggled mine around to lick her cheeks and her gums. Her face only became more red.


I moved my hand to her crotch.


"No… that place is… NYAAA!!!"


I didn't wait. I inserted my hand inside her pussy. It was quite tight. I couldn't help not think that if I still had a penis, this pussy would wrap around it perfectly.


"NYAAA… my head is going crazy… if you keep doing that I'll…"


I started sucking on her breast like a baby would suck for milk. She had a nice fragrance. I also made sure to keep moving my hand. I was massaging her breast, sucking the nipple, fingering her G-Spot and rubbing her clitoris with my thumb at the same time. The sound of water was mixed with an indecent sound.


"No… I'm… cumming-nya!!!"




"That was amazing…"


"We're not done yet. It's not fair for only you two to feel good. Persia, I want you to lick my pussy. And Odin, you do the same with my butt hole."


"Yes, onee-chan!"

"Yes, Milla-nyan!"


Having my ass and pussy stimulated at the same time was the best. Having such cute fucktoys… life can't get any better than this.




After we finished our playtime, Persia got even more attached to me. I barely managed to convince her to stop hugging me. Odin then guided us to an underground place in her castle. It was an empty room with a huge magic formation circle on it. It was so big and had so many elements engraved in it that even with my photographic memory I couldn't learn or decipher it.


"Onee-chan, once I activate this circle we can begin our training. Time will start to freeze. I’ve made all the necessary preparations. A bed for us to rest and access to clean water to refresh ourselves."


"Got it. Let's do this."

◇ ◇ ◇

"Your Excellency! It is a great honor for us that you have come!"


On the demon continent shores, another ship has landed. From that ship, the Pope himself descended. The man who ruled all the church has also come to the demon continent.


"Our moral will surely increase now that you are here!"


"Thank you for your kind words. It's only natural to come and see how the demons are crushed. The Goddess is on our side after all. Where are the heroes?"


"The heroes are in a village our men occupied. It's roughly a 3 day journey."


The Pope signaled for another figure to come down from the ship.


"Your Excellency this is…"


"This is our true miracle! The apostle of our Goddess!"


It was a woman. A woman with the look of a young, attractive female with blue eyes, and short, silvery-white hair arranged in a bob cut with three hair-clips in the right part of her hair. Her skin was silky smooth. The clothes she was wearing resemble a wedding dress. As if to match her dress, she had a golden crown with a white veil attached to it. She has a white bow with a gem attached to her neck. Additionally, there are gold extensions attached to both her hips and forearms. The edges of her skirt fold together like flower petals, while the tips of her skirt are also gold in color. Her breasts were on the smaller size, around the C cup range. Another thing you could notice were the long pointy ears, the trademark of elves. But most importantly her eyes were that of a doll. No light could be seen in them. No traces of humanity.


It was true that she had an aura around her that one could call it divine.


"Step forward."


As the Pope said those words, the gem on her neck faintly glowed and as instructed she stepped forward. Everyone present could only bow their heads when they saw such a beauty.


"Now then, demonstrate the power of the Goddess!"


She turned around and looked at the ship they descended from. The girl raised her hand and chanted:


"[Holy Ray]!"


It was a basic light spell, yet the ship was engulfed by a beam of light and completely obliterated.


"You see? Before the power of the Goddess, even a simple spell can do damage. There is no need to fear. We shall finally show these demons our power. By the will of the Goddess, we shall crush them all!"




Everyone started to cheer, bang their swords on the shields and made all sorts of noises.


In that commotion, the girl tried to move her lips but couldn't speak. Her free will was taken from her. No matter how much she struggled, no matter how much she wanted to express her feelings, no sound came from her mouth. Yet, it was written all over her face and lips:


"Someone… please kill me…"