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The atmosphere was tense. The three groups looked at each other. The three leaders were at the center revising their plan. After hearing the question posed by Natalie, Sol took a pondering expression while Emilio simply snorted without answering.

After seeing their answers, Natalie grinned. Smart people didn't need to speak too much. Since they didn't refuse, it's meant that they had nothing to add. She puffed her well proportioned as she thought 

(fufufu, my intellect is truly without equal, I even scare myself sometimes).

She then turned her attention to Sol and Emilio. When comparing them, purely based on appearance... Well, there no comparison to be made. Even she was somewhat jealous of Sol's good look. She posed her cheek on her right hand as she thought. 

(How frustrating, how could a man be so beautiful? I wonder what kind of skin products he uses. Maybe I could pester him to give his secret? )

Sol who was busy thinking about the plan felt a chill on his back as he turned warily to face Natalie. He asked with a twitching smile.

"Is there anything on my face? "

"Nothing... Sol... May I ask you something?" she said with fidgeting hands and asked with a serious tone.

"Are you sure that you aren't a woman?"

The tense atmosphere was immediately destroyed. Some had incredulous look on their face, others were barely able to hold back their laughter. The worst was that it's was clear that Natalie didn't ask this question with any nefarious purpose. She was truly curious.

Sol had the urge to face-palm. He didn't dignify her of an answer or rather he didn't dare to open his mouth. He remembered what his aunt once said to him.


Eleven years ago

"Little Sol there all kinds of people in this world. You can butt heads with those stronger than you. Power comes with responsibility so they will hold back because of your identity. But there two kinds of people you should always avoid." 

"What kind?" 

"Crazy people and stupid people," said Anastasia with a kind smile

"How can I know if I face one? " asked the young and innocent Sol. 

"Oh!!! My dear little Sol. Trust me when you'll see one you'll understand"


Sol hid a shudder. (Crazy people are really hard to understand). He then frowned as he turned his attention to the guy next to him. The crazy girl, he could accept. As long as he didn't bother her, she wouldn't mess with him too much. But this guy thought. You didn't need to have enhanced sensitivity to know that he meant ill.

Hell! He didn't even try to hide it. The same went for two guys around Emilio. The way they looked at him practically screamed murder. 

(Why? I don't remember ever meeting him or even offending him) was the first thought that comes in mind, but he then shook his head with a bitter smile for having such a naive thought. 

It's only in an ideal dream, that people wouldn't bother someone who didn't bother them. Humans were complex creatures. They could fall in love with just a look but they could also hate you to death with just a look. Justification only matters to the weak. People didn't need a reason for good or evil. 

Sol let out a heavy sigh. His headache was truly getting worse. What kind of situation did he put himself into? He convinced his teammates to fight with him, but he was starting to regret it. Why did Sol decide to not fight for the right to kill the nightmare, but only wanted the points despite the value of a core? simply speaking, for others a core may be a treasure but for him, it was just trash. Sol absolutely didn't need the core. 

From a concept perspective, using a core of another one would give birth to a cracked and weak concept with basically no room for growth. Only those with no hope to ever reach the legend or beyond would resort to using a core.

From a monetary perspective, Sol would never lack money even if all he did was eating and sleeping every day without working for the rest of his life. The same would hold true children and his grandchildren would only have to do some effort. That how rich he was. His sister made sure that his bank account was extremely full and constantly growing. The same went for his father and his aunt. 

So, if he didn't need it, why bother? Simple, what he wanted to do by forming this alliance was to see how legends rank being fought. Since he stopped training, he never really put attention to the legend rank being in his clan. Now though, he needed to know what road to follow. His father followed the concept of [STRENGTH] before making it evolve into a law. His sister followed the concept of [SLAUGHTER] before evolving it into the law of [LIFE AND DEATH].

He could easily follow one of those two paths. But he didn't know why he didn't think that those two suited him. As such he wanted to see legends fight. Perhaps it would give him an inspiration.

Once a concept was added, the way of fighting becomes extremely less reliant on Ars and more of the understanding of each concept. For example, someone with the concept of [FIRE] didn't need to learn fire-related Ars. Just a little bit of imagination would be enough to create a myriad of techniques. You could say that the Ars was more of a crutch used to teach how to manipulate Aether depending on the kind of contract you formed. 

So after thinking all that, he turned his eyes right in front of him. He didn't need to think too strongly. Natalie was an enigma. Last time in the ship, he didn't pay attention, but her rank seemed to be at the trainee rank. Which should be impossible. Since she obviously not a trainee and had no need to hide being a hero, that could only mean that she is a legend. 

Emilio on the other was the kind of batard he really wanted to sucker punch to become happier. If he had to describe him, Sol saw this guy as a barking and rabid dog. If you showed fear he would destroy you. Only by thoroughly beating it could you gain respect.

"OK guys, since this plan is seen as good, we will go with it." 

Sol decided to not tarry longer than necessary with those guys and concluded. After they killed the monster, they would most likely backstab each other. Why would he form any form of friendship with them? So he spoke fast. 

"Yeah.!!!! I'm the best.!! ", Said Natalie with a proud smile. 

"Wait", Added a cold voice

A young but powerful aura emanated from Emilio. After getting their attention, he continued with a cold look as he looked at Sol. 

"You cripple, who gave you the right to decide by yourself? The influence of your sister doesn't extend to us in this island "

The atmosphere that had eased a little become tense again. Feng had to stop Alex from intervening. The only exception was Natalie. While the two teams were tense, Natalie one was calm. She was just a little surprised, then she  looked at Emilio with a smile and stars in her eyes as she thought that a good show was coming. Her two teammates, still stoic and calm didn't pay attention to anyone but her. Their only mission was to protect her. 

Natalie thought that it was really interesting. This big cat acted faster than she thought he would. But she was once again surprised  when she turned her attention to Sol. He didn't had an offended our angry expression like she thought he would, he simply had a calm smile on his face as he asked while tilting his head to the right. 

"Hum... Should I feel humiliated by your words?"

"You...", Emilio was extremely surprised.

"Me what? I don't really understand why you need to state facts know by everyone. I'm indeed a cripple, and the influence of my sister indeed doesn't reach you here. So? Your point is?"

"Bastard... ", 

The expression on Emilio was a sight to behold. His repressed fury made his face twitch so much Natalie had to put a hand on her mouth to keep herself from laughing. Her opinion of Sol went up by many points. Sol on the other hand, had a disappointed expression on his face as he shook his head left and right and sighed. 

"Another insult. Sadly this time you didn't state the truth. I am not a bastard."

 His expression suddenly went from disappointed to extremely domineering, 

"I am Sol Heracles. Son of Minos Heracles leader of the Heracles family and Pareia Virgo, may the gods of the underworld bless her soul. I'm also the brother of Helen Heracles and nephew of Anastasia Virgo who is also the leader of the Virgo family. Finally I'm the heir of the Heracles family. Tell me, what about you? " 

Sol released his inner noble character. He looked down at Emilio in such a way that it's was like he was looking at something rotten. The switch in personality was so swift that even Natalie had a hard time to catch it. Emilio, on the other hand, was a little breathless. He opened his mouth and tried to speak but he was cut off by Sol. 

"You're nothing. Your identity as a member of the regulus might be incredible in the eyes of commoners. But in my eyes, it's just trash. I just need a call to completely destroy all possible future for you" 

The red eyes of Sol were giving a threatening glow. Emilio fury reached heaven. He screamed.

"You weak coward!!! You can only rely on the power of others to throw your weight around"

"...", sol become expressionless 

"What? Cat got your tongue?"

Sol simply sighed and looked at the sky. He then looked at Emilio and continued.

"You're right that I rely on my family power. But so what?"


" Tell me. Without your identity, what are you worth?", Sol was eyeing him with pity. "Naive people like you make me want laugh so much. What can you do without your family? Your constellation comes from it. Your money comes from it. Your resources come from it. The respect others have for you come from it. Your privilege comes from it."

He took a step as he advanced and stopped right in front of Emilio. Sol was taller than him so he was simply looking down on Emilio.

" In this world, reaching Hero rank at our age made us genius. But so what? There hundreds if not thousands of people like us. Just in this test, how many heroes did you meet? They all reached this level without even having a tenth of the resources you must have used. As such tell me, what is your worth without the Regulus family backing you?"  

He let a kind smile as he looked at him and answered his own, " Nothing, you're not worth a dim". He then turned back and went towards his teammates followed by a stunned silence. 

He simply added as without turning, "Never say again something as naive as being weak or coward because of using one family influence or resource. Only by reaching the transcend realm would you have the right to utter such a line.", He didn't pay attention to Emilio any longer and just said to Alex and Feng, " OK guys, let go and finish some preparation."

After their departure everyone else was silent. Emilio was furious. Never did he suffer such a humiliation. The worst was that he truly could say nothing against him. This feeling only made the fury inside of him grow greater and larger.

When presented with the cold and harsh truth of the world, people would react in different ways. Some would seriously reflect on themselves and try to become better, some would simply refuse to look at reality and decide to hide their head in the sand. The worst would neither hide or reflect. They would simply transfer all their frustration on the back of someone else. Emilio was part of the third group. 

(Bastard!!! Bastard, bastard, bastard. How dare you? I will fucking murder you. I will make you scream as you beg for forgiveness. )

He didn't even look at Natalie as he turned back and went with his teammates who had gone extremely pale.

Natalie watched all this with a broad smile. She was a little surprised at the way Sol reacted. But that what made it even more interesting, still, it was far from perfect. She let a regretful sigh as she thought about what was lacking

(if only I had some popcorn and soda while watching, that would have been even better. )

She just shook her head as she thought of this missed opportunity and took her mirror out of nowhere before looking once again at her reflection while humming a song.