CH 6 Part 3
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Sol had to concentrate and give his all to not scream out of frustration. How? How could it be? This shouldn't possible. He shouldn't have been able to awaken any constellations for the time being. Those two even more so. They were the constellations with the heaviest restrictions. His father was the one to assure him that even if all his constellations were to awaken, those two would be the last to do so.

This thought immediately brought him to a halt. ( father... You didn't dare did you?) This was followed by a deep sense of exhaustion and a little disappointment both in himself and his father. Of course, he dared. There nothing his father didn't dare to do. Even though he always says that he trusted no one, there no way he would be totally without trust in his father.

He began to connect the dot. (I was set up by him ) Why did his father want him to take the test? Why did he make his sister convince him to not hold back in this test? Now, everything was clear. He knew what would happen. From the start, everything was working as he planned.

After this realization, uneasiness bloomed in his heart. Logically, after understanding this, there no way Sol would continue training. His father should know how he will react. If he truly planned everything until now, there no way he would stop at this, something else will happen. Something big will happen, something that will weaken the seal even more or outright destroy it.

Sol was presently on his first crossroads. Nothing stopped him from simply giving up. Alex and Feng were strong enough. Even if they didn't participate in this operation they would still have enough points to not fail.

But so what? Even if he fled now, his father had a myriad of ways to put him in situations where the seal would be destroyed. He gritted his teeth as he thought of how powerless he was right now. Once again his destiny was in the hands of his father and this time he had no say in this. He should have been more careful, he should have paid more attention. But it's too late and there is no medicine for regrets.

Sol took a deep breath to calm himself. Acting based on emotion right now will serve no purpose. He should see the situation as objectively as possible.

As of right now, he had no way to remake the seal. The only one who could were his father, sister and the grand-elder. Of course, neither of those three were present. So the seal will have to be let as it is. He also knew how to seal it but one needs to be at least at the legend rank to do it.

Could he stop the destruction? No, impossible
This seal was like the ice melting because of global warming. Nothing could it.

Could he slow it down? Yes, he could if he stopped fighting the rate of destruction of the seal would slow down considerably. With the few days remaining he could easily rejoin his sister and ask her to protect her from all attempts from his father.

This thought made him once again grind his teeth in frustration. A mocking laugh escaped his lip. He was truly pathetic. The reason he snapped at Emilio was that he managed to it his sore spot.

Sol knew he was right in a sense. Without their families, they were nothing. Still, Emilio wasn't wrong either. Even though they were nothing without the support of their backing, they should still strive to be able to defend against most slight by themselves.

If right now he had the same rank as his father, would he need to fear him and his schemes so much? The answer is no. In front of absolute strength, everything else is meaningless.

Two viewpoints were fighting inside him once again. From a rational viewpoint. Given up on the test and fleeing to hid behind his sister was the most optimal solution to this problem.

But from an emotional viewpoint, doing such a thing was shameful, pitiful and pathetic. He couldn't bear it. As a man and as a brother, how could he let this happen? His sister was already fighting every day for him. His position as the heir would have been stripped if not for her. Most of his current lifestyle and everything he had could only thank her.

He knew that for her this wasn't a burden. She loved protecting him. Nothing would make her happier than him absolutely relying on her.

But now he couldn't. Reason and logic be damned. It may be his useless pride talking. His choice will without a doubt create more trouble for him. It's the most stupid decision he ever made and he may be simply playing in the hands of his father. But he will fight! He will not give up.

(I won't run, I will stand and look ahead to what I must do, I must face the fear, I won't let it control me anymore, I will use my heart that holds my courage and my bravery to move me forward to what I must do.)

With this thought, he opened his eyes and looked at his teammates who seemed worried. He let a smile. For the first time in ten years, he felt freer than ever. Even though the situation was still bleak, even though courage would never be enough. He will stand up. He will not give up and when he meets his father... he will give him a kick in the balls with all his strength.


Ten minutes later, he was once again standing with his team and the other two teams. This time he was stronger, way stronger than when he first came here. It's incredible how having two minds could help you think faster. Right now his second mind was totally focused on trying to understand a concept and understand his new abilities. His first mind could now simply concentrate on what was happening in front of him.

He looked to his right and saw Emilio with a dark and brooding look, with his scar, he looked truly vicious. Sol definitely had to keep his guard around this one.

Natalie shouted with an overjoyed voice.

"Let's go, guy, it's time to kill those beasts"

She truly didn't fit here. Sol began to walk as he stopped paying attention to that crazy girl. He turned his attention on the other two teammates of Natalie. They were both rather tall and had blond hair. The two wore light armor on their bodies. The boy had a sleck athletic form, while the girls had rather large breasts and well-rounded butt. The way they walked, their expression and the aura around them showed that they came from a military background. They clearly looked like sisters and brothers.

Sol narrowed his eyes a little and began to think of how powerful they should be. It was clear that everyone here was at the hero rank, but those two should be like Feng and Alex and be on the upper hand of the hero rank.

He then turned toward the two teammates of Emilio aside from the fact that they were twin. There was nothing of note to them. The aura around them was a little unstable and weak, they may have only recently reached the hero rank. Still, anyone who could reach it at their ages without resources of the families was worth respect. He truly wondered what kind of constellations the four of them could have.

"Lady Karkinos, Mister Regulus don't you think we should at least give our constellations name in order to have better cooperation?"

As if reading his thoughts, Feng asked the question that was burning his lip. Natalie paused a little before softly laughing with a hand covering her mouth.

" You are right. We were so concerned by the fight ahead that we didn't even follow the most basic form of courtesy. I will go first then"

She slowly took the end of her long skirt with her hands and with a slight bow said with a smile full expectation toward a great show.

"I'm Natalie Karkinos. You can simply call me Natalie. The two behind me are Skuld and Knud Lodbrok. Their constellations are respectively [CYGNUS] and [LYRA]".

Sol who was walking nonchalantly as he listened immediately stopped on his tracks. The others did too in surprise. Even Emilio wore a shocked expression. [CYGNUS] AND [LYRA] were two constellations related to three myths.

The first one was about the myth of Orpheus. A man who with his lyre was even able to charm Cerberus when he tried to enter the underworld and who, after his death became a swan.

The second one only concerned [CYGNUS] and was related to [GEMINI] , as it was said that Zeus took the form of a sawn in order to seduce Leda(a married woman) who, from their rapports, gave birth to Castor and Polux(after their death they became the [GEMINI] ). She was also the mother of Helen of Troy.

The last myth only concerned [LYRA] where they represent the Stumphalídes órnithes, vicious beast raised by the god of war Ares and killed by Heracles during his six labor.

Those two constellations were truly in a class above the normal. But the problem didn't lay there. It played on the fact that those two constellations belonged to the Heracles family.

Sol looked at them with a deep look. The two of them did the same. The tension was growing, when a little laugh escaped Natalie.

"Sol, my friend, you don't have to worry, they aren't [LOST BLOOD]. Their ancestors, a woman, after great service was given permission to marry outside of the family. She even discarded her constellations."

The girl, Skuld continued with a calm appearance, "My brother and I from a family of Vikings. We are the first one since our ancestors to have awakened to the constellations rather than becoming apostles. As long as we marry people from our clan, we will most likely also be the last one"

Sol let out a breath of relief. The fact that despite being from the Heracles family they only managed to awaken one constellation means that they shouldn't be lying. Despite that, He didn't trust them and would make the necessary research once back at home. After all, who knows if they truly only had one constellation? Lying about your constellations was basically a tradition in the Perseus and Heracles family.

At least, if they didn't lie to him, they were [KNOW BLOOD] and didn't warrant the death penalty. As such he stopped having hostile thoughts toward them for the time being. After the pressure calmed itself. Sol opened his mouth and stretched his hand toward Skuld and Knud.

"Even though you two are suspicious, I will not make things difficult for you. If you truly aren't [LOST BLOOD], this means we are kin. I hope we will work well together"

The two of them smiled a little and clasped their hand with his. Afterward, he continued

"As you already know, I am Sol Heracles. I use the [HERCULES] [LUPUS] [CRUX] AND [HYDRA]."

He only gave his four previous constellations. It wasn't impossible to know that he had those four since he didn't try to hide in the first place. It wasn't his fault if everyone simply thought that he became a total cripple. He hid the two new ones because he still wanted to keep some Ace in his sleeve. He continued by presenting the other two

" My two teammates are Feng Huan with the [PHOENIX] and Alexandra with the [DRAGON]"

After that Sol and the others, five turned their attention to Emilio. Emilio simply grunted and didn't bother speaking. One of his teammates, a relatively buff looking guy with a tan spoke in order to not make things more awkward

" I am Juan Pablo Rodriguez, and this my brother, Juan Diego Rodriguez. We awakened the [CANES VENATICI]"

The fact that twin awakened the same constellation was nothing new. What more the [CANES VENATICI] was an extremely weak constellation. The myth behind it was basically useless.

After each of them made their presentation, the silence came back and they began to walk toward their destination. As they walked, Feng thought with suspicion of how weird the situation was. Normally speaking, the formation of teams should have been random. But how could such a situation exist? There simply too many coincidences in the formation of those three teams.

He had participated in many conspiracies and could feel one was forming right now. The common link between all the coincidence was... Sol. Even if he wasn't the focus, there simply no way he wasn't somehow involved in it.

He began to calculate the way ahead of him. Great rewards came with great risks. There simply no way to be so close with someone like Sol in normal case. He couldn't let go of such opportunities. Just as he was about to formulate a concrete plan.



An incredible spiritual pressure hit them. This was followed by an explosion and a roar. Feng felt a great feeling of dread. This feeling was somewhat close to what he felt earlier with Sol but it also felt different and more diluted. The explosion came from the direction where the beast pack was supposed to be.

They began to look at each other and without a word, went at full speed toward it.