Chapter 02 – Shii
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Four years have passed since my birth. That's also the time it took to completely understand the new language in my new life.

However, understanding is different from speaking. As I thought, my mouth couldn't replicate the intonation perfectly. There were so many parts where you have to pay attention as every syllable have different meaning depends on how you pronouncing it.

It's like how in Chinese, è is different than é.

Some things are also can't be helped as many parts of the language is not suitable for my mouth. Once, I mistakenly spoke a [flower] as a [butthole]. Since then, I prefer silence to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

"Mother, here is a flower for you." -> "Mother, here is a butthole for you."

No way I would repeat that kind of mistake ever again. Ever.



After some careful information gathering, I could summarize it into a few things.

Firstly, my name is S... Sheila? Sheyla? Syeilla? Shilla? Sylla? Oh well, let's go into Sylla. Though, I always speak as a third person and every time I use Shii as my name, so everyone seems to forgot my real name and just called me Shii.

The place I was born is in the Kingdom of Leyah. It was a small kingdom located inside of a ravine, making it essentially surrounded by mountains. Because of this, it was hard to invade this kingdom, since there is only one entrance to enter this place.

However, that's basically it. The location itself is not quite a strategic one. While it's true this kingdom is hard to invade, but in the first place, no one wanted to invade.

Its remote location is not really good for trading and the climate is not friendly to live. The summer is scorching hot and the winter is chilling cold. I experience those times myself. But, compared to the hot days in my previous life, the summer in this place is still better.

The soil wasn't particularly rich, it was dry and hard, making it difficult to grow crops. To farm here requires extra effort to watering and even with that, it doesn't yield much results. Well, at least little is better than none.

Other than farming that doesn't yield very much grain, the citizen of this kingdom become stone miners. Not gold miners but stone miners. That was the one this kingdom doesn't lack.

This land is the undesired land.



My father was the current King of this Kingdom, King Seyes III.

Well, by the blood relationship, does it make me a princess of this kingdom?
Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO!

The reason is, because of my mother, Reyala was one of the palace maids, not his legal wife or consort. And my status obviously becomes a maid's daughter. It seems my existence is caused because he got drunk and assaulted my mami that was coincidentally nearby.

In the end, the man I see the day I was born was not him. It was mami's husband, Yoareg. He serves as one of the palace guards. He always looked at me with a complicated expression all this time.

I can comprehend it though. As her husband, raising a kid that was not his definitely makes him not feeling good. At the same time, he can't just kill me off because that also means killing the King's offspring. His head will fly if he did that.

Poor papi, he got NTRed but didn't have any power to retaliate.

But don't worry, my papi is always been you, not that man who I haven't see his face even once. Despite what you think about my existence, I'm very grateful you still raised me with care.

My biological father, the king, has thirteen consorts in his harem. From them, he got 7 princes and 6 princesses.

Damn, you lecherous king. You already have 13 wives and 11 monkeys but still snusnu other's wife?
He must be the type of typical immoral yarichin1Yari-chinko = A man who uses his 🐘 too much.. Let's avoid any involvement with him in the future.



Change of subject... Let's talk about this kingdom a little bit.

Despite I was reincarnated, there was no template reincarnation like in the most novel. The kingdom of Leyah was not like a middle-age Europe type, nor it was Chinese dynasties. From the attire of things, it would be similar to India in the old days. But of course, it was not India since it doesn't seem they deified cows2Cattles are sacred in India and is forbidden to kill: <Link>.


Image Source: <link>

Image Source: <link>

Disclaimer: I only copied their attires to this story.
As for culture, religions, and other stuff, I know nothing about it at all, so no.


Man in this kingdom uses lungi3Lungi: <link> to cover their bottoms and rarely wore upper clothes except in the winter, while women mostly wore sarees4<link> at the workplace.

But honestly, I dislike this kind of clothing. I couldn't get used to wearing saree since it's just a long fabric and we wore it by wrapping it all over to cover our bodies. Only wrapping. That means, one wrong move and... aha~ porori5"Porori" means an incident of hidden something(mostly in case of breast or mind, tears) is exposed unexpectedly. may occur!

To solve that, I secretly stole sewing equipment from the sewing room and sew a few sarees to make a kimono out of them. The result is quite satisfactory, but I wonder why...

The moment I went out wearing that kimono, instantly everyone looked at me with a weird expression.

It must be just my imagination.



Another thing that I could point out is, it seems this body of mine is very high-spec. Completely incomparable to my previous life indoor type body. Ever since my transmigration, I have forgotten what tiredness is. No matter how much I ran around, I won't run out of breath.

My energy seems endless, unable to see it's limit.

Though, I was scolded by mami afterward.

Since I'm unable to test my body spec further, I decided to hole myself in the palace library... Or rather than a library, it was more appropriate to call it a parchment room. Paper does exist, plant-based one. However, because of our kingdom harsh weather, those things easily spoil in just a few years, making it unfit to be used as a long-term recording medium. Besides, paper is not cheap. Hence, they still use parchment.

And why I've holed up myself here, of course that's because... Cryptology time!

Since I have to live in this new world from now on, naturally I need to understand it's language. Communication is one of the basic needs to live in society, right?

True, I was terrible at vocalizing this country's language, making me a terrible speaker. However, with writing perhaps I could compensate for that weakness. I could just write the words to convey my intention.

And thus, once again, I was amazed at my own spec. It only took about one month to decode the writing system, all that left is just memorizing words.

The Leyah language uses 33 sets of alphabets with different meanings on how you pronounce it.
And as I thought, [à á â ã ä å ā] shares the same symbols except they have a distinct mark in the letter.

Thank goodness, this means a mistake where [flower] = [butthole] won't be repeated!

Numbers... same as the previous world, being in range 1-10. Probably, because we humans have 10 fingers, so the number system also follows it regardless of the time and place.

This is also good news, I don't know what should I do if the number system follows the octal or hexadecimal6Octal: 0-7
There is no 8 & 9.
Hexadecimal: 0-9, a-f
number system. If that were to happen, I won't be able to do basic calculations.


Oh, it seems someone entering the library. When I looked, it was someone I know.

"As I thought, you were here, Shii..."


I quickly tidying myself and put the parchment I have read to its shelf. In any case, that was the last. I have finished reading every parchment in this library. With a thud, I jumped and hugged papi with all of my strength.

SFX: *pushi*

"Ouh... Hahaha, my baby... Do you miss your papi that much? Here, here..."

So papi says as he pats my head. I accepted his pat and quietly let him messes up my hair. After these 4 years of currying favor to him, Papi was able to accept me as his child, even if we have no blood relationship.

Well, just as planned, though!

Apparently, people in my surrounding understood what [Papi] and [Mami] means, despite it was not a part of their language. That's because I use that word all this time.

This is also valuable information.

This means Leyah language can be influenced.

"Let's go back now, mami already cook dinner for us."


With that said, papi carried me to his shoulder and left the library.