Chapter 03 – Soul Library
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Another infodumping chapter.

Returning from the library, we went back to our room. Inside, Mami had waiting for our arrival with three bowls of soup and a loaf of bread. The bread was hard as a brick and must be dipped into the soup first before it can be eaten. Honestly, it was the worst kind of meal I had tasted compared to my previous life.

However, beggar can't be choosers.

Its already considered lucky I had born into a palace servant. At least, we got 3 meals per day guaranteed, clothing and bed provided. Meanwhile, I heard that the peasant got it hard. Well, considering they were born under a crap kingdom, I couldn't help but think they're out of luck.

"Shii, you must not waste food. Hurry up and eat before the soup becomes cold. Do you want Mami to fed you again?"

As if noticing my displeasure about the food, Mami reprimands me. Oh, my bad, I shouldn't let my displeasure to show up blatantly in my face. With pleading kitten eyes, I said to her.

"Un~ fed me..."

*chuckles* "You are so pampered, aren't you... Come here, my daughter."

I moved myself to her lap and let her fed me with not so delicious bread. As the bread enters my mouth, I gritted myself to chew on it while suppressing my urge to vomit with my entire strength. Patience, patience... At least it still edible, compared to a certain calcium supplement that doesn't seem to do anything to change my growth in my previous life.



After eating our dinner, I had nothing to do except sleep. And that's when I do my routine.

I lay down into the bed after washing my mouth and closed my eyes while strongly think about a certain place.

At that moment, my consciousness drifted away and as I opened my eyes, I found myself inside an enormous library. The center of the library shaped into hexagonal, and 6 pentagons with a tower in the center are arranged around that said hexagon.



Twenty-three floors could be observed even from below, with a bridge connecting it to each tower. It wasn't visible from here but the towers serve as a staircase leading to the upper floors.

Luxurious marble floor and decorative ceilings make the atmosphere in the library feel mystified. Countless shelves of books lined up as far as I could see.

Now, this is what I call a library. Not that pathetic place resembling a barn.

And why I am here in the first place?

That's because... this building, the marbles, chandelier, tower, everything... Is actually mine!
I designed this place by myself!

Ehen~... Am I amazing? Am I great?

Ever since my transmigration, I developed a better understanding of soul and consciousness. As a result, I could somehow retain my awareness inside my dream. And since it was my own dream, naturally, I can do whatever I want inside it, can't I?

I walked to one of the bookshelves and took a book. As I looked at its content, it was showing the same thing as the parchment I just read not long ago.

The book in this library actually based on the information in my memory. In other words, anything that I read will be preserved and manifested into books, so I can read it anytime I want. And by memory means it was not limited to this world, nor it was limited to books.

To summarize it, everything I read and watched in my previous life also included.

This library accessed the memories that are beneath my consciousness. Those memories are the purest of memories, impossible to falsify, unswayed by uncertainties, as if I freshly read or watch the source. Even if my brain had forgotten about it, my consciousness didn't. And that was the information that this library scoops.

I flew to another bookshelf on the upper floors and took a book with Naruto in its cover. Well, this is my dream, I could do anything here. So why not giving myself the ability to fly? If needed, I could make the book flew towards myself with just a thought.

In the end, the towers were never used. I created those staircases for nothing.

Sitting in the round table at the center, I opened the book and flipped the pages. Each of the pages shows Naruto anime, with the sound included. Its as if I had watched it from a recording device.

Unfortunately, not every information from my past life could be recorded.

On page 100 until 210, there are only blank pages. This is understandable since I skipped most of Naruto anime. There is nothing that could be scooped if I didn't have any memories of it in the first place. A pity but, these parts are lost forever.

Other than Naruto, there also a book for Shokugeki no Soma, Dr.Stone, Ascendance of Bookworm, and many more. Furthermore, it's not limited to anime or manga. My library also contains pdfs, epubs, youtube videos, pirated novels, research notes, thesis, etc...

The only downside is this library is unable to reproduce the game system, computer, smartphone, or other gadgets. If I don't understand the mechanism down to its core, I won't be able to recreate it. This is why this library only stores texts and videos.

But, that alone was enough.

Behold of my collection of valuable information from my previous world!

Heheh, what should I do with this arsenal of wisdom...?
Even I got terrified by myself when I thought how much extent I can do.

If I wanted to, I could have imitated Senku1MC from series Dr.Stone and causes a revolution in science. Perhaps also becoming a cooking master or a miracle doctor won't be just a pipe dream...

As if!

A mere maidservant girl performing heart surgery out of nowhere?
A mere maidservant girl invents electricity?
A mere maidservant girl creates gourmet dishes that can make even the emperor into foodgasm?

Hahaha, there is no way everything will be that convenient.

Possible conclusion:

  • Either the superior or even the King himself takes all the credit, while at the same time grasped my freedom.
  • Treated as a Witch, Monster, etc ➩ Got executed and dies horribly.
  • Treated as a Prophet ➩ Flourish Leyah Kingdom ➩ Other nations gununu-ed ➩ War ➩ Prisoned or Killed.

Either way, any of the cases was not the end that I want.

NAISEI route?

Ohohohohoho... NO, THANK YOU!

Besides, it's not like this library is Zhang Xuan's2MC from the Library of Heaven's Path. His library automatically compiles the truth in a myriad of information.. I couldn't verify the validity of the information at all. There is nothing I could do to distinguish between truthful info and hoax.

I'll use these information sparingly, not for others, but for myself!




As for the time difference, I still don't know yet. But, I absolutely positive, time is faster here than outside. Or to be more precise, time in this place doesn't connect with the real world.

I could spend time marathon-ing One Piece and not even 10 minutes have passed in the real world. Another instance is when sorting a few information about this world. It doesn't take a lot of time comparing with marathon-ing One Piece, but when I woke up from my dream, 6 hours have passed and the dawn has come. More observation is needed to draw a conclusion.

So, I spent time sorting incomplete data and putting everything into a section.

One of the incomplete types is Naruto and many other works that I skipped midway. And the other one is the ongoing works that got cut off from my reading list because of my death, such as Hiatus X Hiatus3Hunter X Hunter.

It's a pity I won't be able to watch its continuation from this world.