Chapter 36
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|Hildegard Brinan Luzia - Third Princess of Luzia Kingdom|

"Take them to the right! Make sure not a single animal gets inside the city! Cats, dogs, especially rats! Take the dogs and cats outside the city! Make sure to kill all the rats!"

I see Gwyn and his men work so efficiently. We had only arrived an hour ago, and they had already made a massive tent to cure the people in Bluc city, the capital city of the Luzia kingdom. I look in fascination as he and his men care for the people of Bluc city.

"Hilda, can you tell me the center of the city?"

I snap from my thoughts when I hear Gwyn talk to me.

"The center of the city? It is that statue over there."

I point at the statue of a man holding a twin-ax. This statue is the statue of our ancestor, who built this city from the ground up. Legend has it that he and his three friends are the only people who built this city.

"Got it."

"Can I ask why?"

"I need to create a barrier to notify me if there is a hidden carrier of the plague inside the city."

After saying that, he quickly runs to the statue in the middle of the city. After a few seconds, I can see him standing on top of the statue. I can see seven cards coming from his body and floating around him.

I can see the cards spinning around him and shooting out to the sky. A second later, a semi-transparent barrier starts covering the entire city, and I can see the people glow, including me.

Many glow red, while my uncle and I glow soft green.

I have a bad feeling about these red lights.

Not only that, but I can also see a lot of red light moving in the distance. However, they are not human. The light is too small for a human. I run to the light, and as I get closer, I notice it is a group of rats.

The rats run around for a few seconds before it trashes around and dies a few seconds later. My eyes widen when I remember something.

I look around and notice the people who glow in red did not fall to the ground, dead. They are still alive, unlike the rats. I release a sigh of relief and get back to the makeshift hospital.

"What are you doing running in that direction, Hilda?"

I look at my uncle and say.

"I notice a lot of red light coming from the distance, uncle. However, it was not human but rats. They are dying after a few seconds."


"Don't worry, I don't think it will affect humans. Look around you; the one who glowed red did not lie on the ground, dead."

He nods and continues helping the Okami and Fenrir, the name of Gwyn's company. I help him, and the others move the patient while Okami and Fenrir prepare some potions.

While moving the patient, Gwyn is back from creating the barrier.

"Thank you for letting me create the barrier, Hilda."

I shake my head and say.

"We already said we would do everything you asked us to do as long as it was reasonable. Creating a barrier that can protect anyone who is still healthy is something reasonable and we are willing to do it."

He nods and walks to his table, opening up a massive book. I follow him and look at the book curiously. I frown a little because I don't know what is written in the books. Gentamicin? Fluoroquinolones? What is that? Also, is that a circle of Alchemy?

"Is this alchemy?"

Gwyn looks at me and nods his head.

"Yes. I need to make antibiotics, and I need to make it fast."

"Antibiotic? What is that?"

"Hmmm, how can I explain this?"

Gwyn thinks for a few seconds and says.

"Antibiotics are medicines that make a tiny soldier inside your body. The plague that is happening right now is because of a small creature that is attacking our bodies. Our bodies usually have their own soldiers that combat these creatures. However, these creatures are too strong and need a little help."

"And these antibiotics will be the one helping them."

"Yes. There are a lot of detailed explanations but it will take too long."

I nod in understanding. I want to know more because I want to be an alchemist but now is not the right moment.

After reading the book for half an hour, I can see Gwyn nodding and taking a massive cauldron out of nowhere. I blink for a few seconds as he takes out a lot of plants, animal parts, and mushrooms and puts them inside the cauldron.

He creates an alchemy circle, and I can feel a large amount of mana coming from him. Alchemy is divided into two, the first is Alchemist, and the second is Potioneer. Alchemist is a person who uses an alchemy circle, like what Gwyn is doing right now, while Potioneer is the one creating a potion using ingredients that have been crushed and processed.

I want to be an Alchemist, and I'm doing a mana exercise to increase my mana control.

I snap from my thoughts when I see the cauldron shine brightly, and I can see a hundred pills floating above the cauldron. He takes the pills and gives them to one of his men.

"Jullian, take these pills and give the patient one each. Also, make sure to keep feeding them the potions."

"Yes, young master!"

I can only watch in awe as I see him order his men and take care of people simultaneously. What kind of teaching did Lord Cunnigham give to his heir? I guess we are lucky to have an ally as reliable as them. If not for the other part of the Gipan Kingdom, we will make an alliance with them.

It is a shame.


I'm really lucky that my guild is a collector guild. We collect all things in the Second Life, and a book on how to make modern medicine is among those collections. Sadly, I cannot make it. I need to use a passive skill of [Druid] called [Sage of the Forest] that lets me know how to make those antibiotics from the ingredient I have in my inventory.

It takes me half an hour to know which ingredient to make the antibiotic. However, because I'm not an Alchemist, I waste a lot of ingredients to make a hundred and seventy pills. Not only that, but I also need to use a high-level cauldron that lets me use low-level alchemist skills once every 24 hours.

The antibiotic is good enough to take care of the patient for now, but something inside their body worries me. It looks like some magical parasite that feeds them poison that will slowly take over the victim's body.

Not only that, but the necrosis phase is also weird. The cause is not because of bacteria or something that causes cell death. The cell is dead but also alive at the same time. It is weird. Lucky for me, a low-level cleansing spell is enough to take care of it.

However, the late-stage patient needs a medium to high-level spell to take care of the necrosis.

I shake my head and look around for a few seconds. Seeing that I'm alone, I open the portal to my guild base and get inside. I quickly go to the storage room and check the inventory. After a minute of counting, I frown a little.

"We might have a problem."

While the ingredient is only a low-level ingredient, I have a limited amount. If my calculation is correct, we need more than four thousand of a plant called [Red-Dotted Grass] for the patient in this city, and I only have three thousand and seven hundred of them.

The other ingredient is not a problem because I only use a small amount for each batch. This is the main ingredient that I need a lot of.

I frown a little and use [Sage of the Forest] and see if there is a substitute for this ingredient. I feel a slight headache appear in my head as my mind works overdrive sorting a LOT of plant and animal parts to match the [Red-Dotted Grass].

After five minutes, I got my answer.

"[Vurlit Flower], huh?"

It is neither the hardest plant to get nor is it expensive, but getting a lot of it still costs a lot of money. I know the Luzia kingdom is not rich and buying that many ingredients will drain their vault.

However, I want to save those ingredients in case the plague spreads.

I think for a minute before sighing.

"I'm sorry."

I will only use a thousand of them while you guys order the large batch of that flower. I want to help you, but there is a chance that the plague will spread and get my family in danger if I don't have all the ingredients I have.

However, I will plant more [Red-Dotted Grass] inside this guild base. I don't know how long it will be ready to harvest, but I will use all of it to help your people.

For now, I need to think about my family first before anyone else. It is selfish of me, but I will not regret this decision.

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