Chapter 37
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|3rd POV|


A woman is kneeling in front of a man sitting on a throne.


“Cunningham, you say?”

“Yes, your holiness. They are the ones taking away all the seeds that have been planted. They only stay for a week but they already undo a lot of our work.”


The woman is sweating bullets at the gaze of the man in front of her. She is afraid for her life because she has disappointed her lord, and she knows the fate of the one disappointing the lord.


Her sweat fell faster when she did not hear any answer from the man in front of her. She is afraid to disappoint her lord even more if she raises her head and looks at her lord.


However, her growing panic stops when he suddenly says.


“I see. It looks like we cannot let them live much longer. I have a new assignment for you, Yulia.”


The woman, Yulia, looks at her lord with newfound hope and determination.


“Yes, your holiness! Anything!”


The man nods and takes something from the pouch on his waist. It was a pitch-black crystal. He throws it at Yulia, who catches it and looks at it carefully.


“T-This is?!”

“Yes. While it is not your fault, it is still your fault. We will use Plan B. We did not need them any longer. We will use Necromancy. Your new assignment is to kill them all. You are lucky that there is a massive Void Crack that will soon be mature enough to summon the highest tier of monster. Use that crystal to open another Void Crack to ensure Cunningham dies in this battle. Also, take this.”


He takes one of the rings on his finger and tosses it.


“Take that ring. It will let you know when the Void Crack matures enough and release the monster. Use it so you can know when you need to use your ring.”

“Yes, your holiness! I will not disappoint you!”

“Make sure you do so.”


~Three days later~


A man in his sixties looks at the massive portal in front of him and sighs in sadness.


“Will this be our end?”

“No, your highness. It will not.”


The older man looks behind and sees a middle-aged woman walking toward him.


“Freyja, how are the soldiers?”

“They are in the top condition, your highness.”

“That is good. At least, we will die fighting instead of running.”

“Like I said, your highness. We will not fall.”


The man sighs and says.


“I hope you are right, Freyja.”

“King Ragnar, you need to have some faith in us and our guests.”

“Oh? Our guest? I heard about their exploit in cutting down the number of monsters in the southern Gipan kingdom in half, but this is different, Freyja. By the look of the Void Crack in front of us, this will be the biggest monster to break our kingdom ever face. More than ten thousand monsters will appear from that thing, and not only that, they will be strong monsters. Our soldiers are not in top condition, and the cracks appear near our city, so we cannot use the environment to our advantage.”


Freyja can only stay silent because she knows her king’s word is true. Void Crack's position is the worst position for them. If only it were a kilometer away from the city, they could prepare a stronger trap. However, considering how close the crack is, they cannot do that unless they want to mess with their wall.


King Ragnar releases a sigh and says.


“However, I know why you tell me to be optimistic. We need to keep the morale high.”

“T-That is not what I mean, your highness.”

“How is the evacuation doing?”

“We are lucky to have Heir Gwyndolin helping us. Without him, the plague will spread when we take the old and the women to the hidden bunker underneath the palace.”


King Ragnar nods his head.


“That’s good. Can you tell them to quickly return to Shadowfall? I don’t want to repay their kindness with their dead.”

“And you will give us the biggest insult, your highness.”


King Ragnar and Freyja look to the stairs and see Gwyn, Julian, and Sonia walking toward them. Gwyn gives King Ragnar a small smile and says.


“If you decide to send us back home even after we give you our word to help you against the monster break, then you insult our honor, King Ragnar.”


King Ragnar looks at Gwyn and gives him a sad smile.


“Then you guys will die here. You will fight side by side with a stranger and die among the strangers in the foreign land.”


Gwyn looks at the Void Crack for a few seconds and says.


“What about fighting alongside a friend? And do you know what friends do? They will help each other get out of this mess. So you don’t need to worry, King Ragnar. I have a plan.”


Gwyn smiles at them.


“What kind of plan?”


Freyja looks at Gwyn in interest and says.


“Can I ask what kind of plan you have?”


Gwyn nods his head and takes out a pendant. After he puts it around his neck, he summons three golems.


King Ragnar and Freyja look at the three meters tall Golem in front of them in awe as they can feel how durable and powerful these golems are even without seeing them in action beforehand.


“As you can see, using this pendant, I can summon three golems that can be used to fight the monster. Before you guys say something, this pendant can summon up to two hundred golems.”

“Two hundred golems?”


Freyja asks in awe. Unlike humans, two hundred golems are a great addition to the army. They never get tired, do not feel any pain, and are more durable than humans wearing good armor.


“Yes. We can use them as our first line of defense. However, to control these golems, someone needs to concentrate, and I cannot do that while I’m on the frontline. We need someone who needs to watch over the golems and also be able to see the battlefield. We need someone in the tower to watch over the battlefield and help the place that needs help.”


Freyja walks forward, but someone beats her to it before she can say something.


“I will do it.”


The people look behind and see Hilda walking toward them with determination in her eyes.


“I will do it. I will be the one controlling the golems and be your eye in the sky.”

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