Chapter 39
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After I say that, the golems in front of the wall raise their massive shield and hold the incoming horde of monsters. Most of the monsters coming from the portal are animal-type monsters—a three-meter wolf, two-meter tall chicken that breathes fire, and a lizard that releases acid.

I shake my head and slam my staff on the ground.

"[Summon Guardian of Forest: Okami] [Summon Guardian of Forest: Fenrir]"

Okami and Fenrir appear next to me, and they can already see the situation.

"You know what to do."

After I say that, they quickly jump into battle and tear up the monster. I look at the dragon flying in the sky, looking down on us but not attacking. However, I can feel it gathering a large amount of energy.

I need to fight it before that flying lizard does whatever it tries to do. I take a deep breath and quickly activate my spells.

"[Ultimate Magic: Star of the Beginning]!"

[Ultimate Magic: Star of the Beginning] is a level two hundred spell of Astrologian. As the name suggests, this is the most powerful spell I have. It is a support spell, but the effect is fantastic. It gives all of my support spells an unlimited range, removes the limit of how many people can get the effect of my spell, removes the limit of the buff stack to myself and my allies, and doubles all Healing per Second effects. This spell lasts for twenty seconds.

The first two effects are what make this spell very powerful. In a Boss raid, I can safely cast my spell on all of my allies without them needing to be near me, and with the second effect, I can stack many effects.

Depending on the boss, I usually stack attack boost buff and invulnerability if we take too long to beat a boss and it enters something called 'Enraged' mode, where it hits like a pissed GM at a cheater and decides to bonk them with a GM's Stick.

I shake my head and quickly cast spells. I take a deep breath, and the cards around me spin at high speed.

"[Zodiac: Aries]! [Zodiac: Taurus]! [Zodiac: Gemini]! [Zodiac: Cancer]! [Zodiac: Leo]! [Zodiac: Libra]! [Zodiac: Virgo]! [Zodiac: Scorpio]! [Zodiac: Sagittarius]! [Zodiac: Capricorn]! [Zodiac: Aquarius]! [Zodiac: Pisces]!"

After I activate all twelve Zodiacs, a wheel appears above me. This is the [Wheel of the Zodiac]. This passive skill will appear when I activate all Zodiac spells at once. This passive skill did not do much. It only let me use one spell that did not appear on my skill list.

"[Forbidden Spell - Zodiac: Ophiuchus]"

A massive magic circle appears in the sky. A second later, a gigantic white snake emerges from the magic circle.


At my command, the snake roars and flies toward the dragon above us. I let it attack the dragon on its own and cast a few more spells before the effect of my Ultimate Spell disappeared. I let the cards stop and slam my staff to the ground.

"[Yggdrasil]! [Aurora]! [Andromeda]!"

I manage to cast three spells before my ultimate spell effect runs out. Zodiac Series is not the best spell against a raid boss, but it is excellent to fight against many mobs. It offers many buffs that range in all directions; HP, Attack, Defence, and Speed.

This should be enough for me to focus on that flying lizard.


|3rd POV|

The defender of Bluc city looks at the sky in awe. The sky is now shrouded in rainbow light that dances in the sky. Not only that, but they can also see a massive ethereal tree above their city, protecting and healing all the people inside the city.

Among the people is Hilda, who looks at the sky in awe and curiosity.

"Who are you, Gwyndolin?"

She sees him fly to the sky and land on the White Snake.


Hilda snaps from her thoughts when she hears an explosion outside the wall. She looks down and sees a giant bunny holding what looks like a pulsating blob of flesh. When they are near the golems, the blob of flesh explodes.

"This is bad."

Hilda quickly focuses on the five golems near the incoming wave of exploding bunnies. At first, it is weird to see five directions simultaneously. But with enough training and concentration, she manages to control the golems with ease.

Five golems dash forward, raise their shields and start banging them.

The [Pendant of Golemancy] lets the golem have different jobs depending on their equipment. When they hold a shield, they will get a skill called [Taunt] that will aggro all the mobs in a thirty-meter radius.

It takes a long time to make the shield that fits in the hand of the golems, but it is working. All the Bomber Bunny change direction and are now running at the group of golems.

Hilda quickly takes action and makes the golems create a circle formation. They create a circle and slam their tower shield to the ground. One by one, the Bomber Bunny explodes and attacks the golems.

Hilda decides to take over another golem. This time she takes over the group of golems that hold a massive sword. Like the golem that holds the shield, when a golem from [Pendant of Golemancy] holds a sword, they get one skill called [Whirlwind Swing].

Hilda orders the golems to activate their skill and immediately regrets it. Her vision is bombarded by five golems spinning so fast it creates a small whirlwind. She quickly cut the connection between her and the golems.

She shakes her head and looks at the golems destroying many monsters near the shield golem.

Hilda decides to leave the five sword golems in a general order; attack the monster. She then focuses on the fight near the wall. She can see the golems doing great on taking out the monster coming to the wall. However, she notices something.

"Why are a lot of them running toward the gate? Usually, the monster will try to climb on the wall instead of trying to destroy the gate. It is as if they know attacking on one point is more effective than spreading too thin across all walls. Something is not right."

And her word is proven true when another wave of monsters appears from the portal, but what makes her paler is that another two portals appear next to the giant portal. It was not as big as the first Void Crack, but it is still considered big.

Hilda quickly calls back the shield and sword golems and moves them near the gate. They arrive just in time as a group of massive cyclops, as big as the golems, arrive near the gate. She quickly takes over the shield golems and activates their skills.

She does the same with the Sword Golems, and after doing that, she quickly takes over another seven golems to move them near the gate. She gathers as many golems as she can to the gate without forgetting the wall defense.

However, even with the buff and quality of the golems, they cannot hold all the monsters at once. There are just too many of them. The cyclops smash their club at the gate, and the Bomber Bunny explodes at the gate.

No matter how powerful the gate is, it cannot hold against a continuous attack from the monster. It only lasted five minutes, and after another dozen Bomber Bunny, the gate breached.