Chapter 41
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Necrotic Dragon is a formidable opponent to fight. It is the worst nightmare for all Tankers in the game in Second Life. It deals a percentage of damage (of your Max HP) instead of regular damage. That means no matter how big your HP is; you can die if you do not watch your HP and dodge the attack.

I quickly cancel the [Iron Thorn] spell and think of the next spell. I have a few spells that can damage it, but most are low-level ones. I am a support player, after all. Lucky for me, I have my summon.

With Ophiuchus in the front, I can summon other creatures to help me.

"Come! [Guardian of Nature]!"

The four guardians of nature appear above me: White Tiger, Red Phoenix, Golden Eastern Dragon, and Black Tortoise. I quickly give them a mental order to attack the dragon before me. A second later, the four of them start to fly at the dragon and attack it.

While they are fighting, I quickly prepare a spell. The cards around me spin and slowly merge. A second later, a star globe appears in my right hand.

Each class, when they reach a certain level, can do something called Awakening. This can happen to the primary class but not the secondary class. An awakening state will boost the user's stats and skill effect for three minutes. Not only that, but it also resets all skill cooldowns (except Ultimate Spell and some high-level spells).

Sadly, just like an Ultimate Spell, this has a very long cooldown and cannot be used continuously.

I decide to get close to the city so my spell range reaches the people defending the city. When I get closer, I activate the Zodiac spell.

"[Zodiac: Aries]! [Zodiac: Taurus]! [Zodiac: Gemini]! [Zodiac: Cancer]! [Zodiac: Leo]! [Zodiac: Libra]! [Zodiac: Virgo]! [Zodiac: Scorpio]! [Zodiac: Sagittarius]! [Zodiac: Capricorn]! [Zodiac: Aquarius]! [Zodiac: Pisces]!"

Like before, a Zodiac Wheel appears above me, but I sigh in disappointment because I cannot use the forbidden spell. I thought it would be different, and I could exploit having two Ophiuchus fighting for me.

Oh well.

I raise my staff and cast more support buffs.

"[Yggdrasil]! [Aurora]! [Andromeda]!"

These are the three combo support spells that I use. [Yggdrasil] boosts physical defense, [Aurora] boosts magical defense, and [Andromeda] provides a good Heal per second to all allies.

However, I am not done yet.

"[Hydrus]! [Aquila]! [Cetus]! [Garden of the Hesperides]!"

After casting those four stats booster buffs, I fly high into the sky to join the fight. I can see the dragon struggling to fight all my summoned creatures, but each time my companions injure it, the black dragon regenerates quickly.

"As expected."

Necrotic Dragons have a massive regeneration passive skill and stats. That is another reason why they are a very troublesome opponent. They can regenerate and prevent our tanks from regenerating.

I shake my head and point my staff at my summoned creatures.

"[Nature's Punishment]! [Power of Green]!"

"These skills are buff/debuff spells. The first spell lets all of my allies and my attack release a regeneration reduction effect that reduces it by fifty percent for forty seconds. The second one increases any healing effect for two minutes.

When that is done, I fly above the black dragon and take a deep breath. I toss the star globe into the air and let it spin.

"Let's get this started. [Malefic]!"

Ten balls of light appear above me and fly at the dragon. An explosion happens with each ball of light that hits the black dragon. [Malefic] is the primary attack spell of [Astrologian]. This is not a particularly strong attack spell by any means. It even falls short against an attacking spell of a tank.

However, this spell has a very short cooldown. It only has a cooldown of two seconds.

"ABC! Bitch! Always be casting! [Malefic]! [Comet]!"

Ten balls of light, followed by a massive red beam, fly at the black dragon and hit it. I hear the dragon roaring in defiance and even releasing a necrotic breath. However, before it can hit me, the Black Tortoise flies and blocks it with its shell.

In return, I heal it to perfect health and continue to attack the black dragon. My summoned creatures work effortlessly, and I ensure that their HP does not fall below a certain level. I continue to use all the short-cooldown spells and chip away at the black dragon's HP.

I also ensure that they remain buffed with the regeneration reduction buff. I have two other spells with the same effect.


I frown slightly when I see the black dragon try to run away. I take a deep breath, let the cards spin around me (the effect of Awakening has ended), and cast a debuff and damaging spell at the dragon.


After I say that, the dragon falls to the ground, creating a massive crater. Seeing the dragon still alive but barely, I quickly follow it and take out my sword. I infuse a lot of my mana into my sword and create a beam around it. I can even see it crack under the weight of my mana.

I thrust my sword and see it pierce the dragon's scales. I hear it roar as I push my sword deeper into its skull before its head falls. I release a deep breath and take my sword out of its corpse. However, as I withdraw the sword, it breaks.

I look at the handle of my sword and say, "Thank you for your service, boy. You have done well."

Sorry for the long update and short chapter. I'm currently busy with job and the like.