Chapter 43
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"Die [Starfall]"

After I say that, the sky shines brightly. I look up and widen my eyes when I see a meteor appear above us. It flew so fast that I didn't have time to jump away before it hit the monster in front of me.

In the game, this skill is my most powerful attacking spell. Compared to the DPS class skill, this spell is only equivalent to their level 80 to 90 spell. Even when I'm equipping my best gear, it can only reach the level 100 spell, even though I learn this when I reach level 197.

I see the massive crater from the meteor's impact and the bug monster in the middle of the crater. I can see some of its armor start to crack from the impact, but she is still alive.


Upon my command, my companion flies toward the bug monster. Even Okami and Fenrir run at the bug monster. It looks like they are near me. Good. I need to focus on my role.

I fly to the sky and take out an item from my inventory. It is a monocle. This item let me see my allies from far away in the form of a panel. I look at the massive list of HP bars in front of me. It looks like all the people fighting alongside me are my allies.

My allies are green, and my enemies have red HP bars. There are too many of them. I discard the enemy's HP bar and focus on my allies. I look at the battlefield and nod. I take out a necklace from my inventory and equip it. I take a deep breath and begin to speak.


|3rd POV|

"Defender of Bluc city, this is me, Gwyndolin Alexander Cunningham. You can see me above you, but please focus on the enemy. I will be the one guiding you in this fight. Please follow my command."

As they look up, they see Gwyn floating in the air. The one in the back looks at each other before nodding their heads. So far, Gwyn has proven himself to them, and they decide to put their faith in him.

"Jullian, prepare for another wave of monsters in seven seconds. Focus on blocking this time. Too many bomber bunnies in front of the gate. Don't worry; I will give you some buff [Zodiac: Taurus]. Sonia's group prepares to cast shields. I will be the one taking care of the healing."

People do not know what is 'buff,' but they know it is something good for them when they see the frontline glow and armor made of light around them.

As Gwyn predicted, the bomber bunnies blast open the gate. Jullian looks at them and shouts.

"Protect the other! Shielder! To the front!"

The one holding the massive tower shield rushes forward and blocks all the incoming bomber bunnies. Even with Sonia and her group's help, they are still overwhelmed by the two hundred Bomber Bunnies exploding simultaneously.

Lucky for them, Gwyn quickly casts a spell when he sees their HP reach red.


A semi-transparent tree appears above them and heals them. Their wounds start to close, and their stamina recovers.

"Hilda, order the Golem on the East and West of the wall to get closer to the gate. Wild Hunt, prepare to attack from the wall. Your target is the big monster coming from the portal. Freyja, don't worry. I will be the one supporting you and your group. You don't need your talent, I will be the one doing it. Prepare and wait for my command."

Freyja nods and waits for his command,

In the sky, Gwyn looks at the portal and starts counting. When he counts to ten, he quickly says.

"Now! Go north and wait for my command to retreat! [Zodiac: Leo]! [Zodiac: Scorpio]! [Zodiac: Aries]! [Canis Minor: Procyon]!"

When Freyja and her companions land on the ground, their bodies shine in power. Freyja grins when she feels a rush of power inside her body again. He is familiar with this buff. She has experienced it before.


With a warcry, she and her group start to run at the incoming group of Cyclops and Ogre coming to the city. With their teamwork, they quickly kill them one by one. However, even when they have the number, the Cyclops and the Ogres have the quality.

They get quite a beating when they fight them. However, before they can get unconscious from all the blunt damage, Gwyn is there to heal them.

"[Nature's Blessing]!"

As a support player, Gwyn has a motto. His job is not to make sure his allies have perfect health. His job is to make sure his allies survive. Making them have perfect health will be the last thing he needs to do after the fight.

And that is what he is doing now.

While letting Freyja and her group care for the monster, Gwyn focuses on his summoned creatures. He sees them fighting the bug monster in the sky. Gwyn takes a deep breath and flies higher, getting near his summon.

When he gets near them, he quickly casts his spell.

"[Nature's Punishment]! [Power of Green]! [Andromeda]! [Malefic]! [Comet]! [Gravity]!"

Gwyn bombards the bug monster with a chain of spells at the bug monster. When his last spell hit her, she quickly fell to the ground, it creating a giant crater from the impact. Her armor started to crack, and a quarter of her body no longer had any armor.

"She is tough."

Even when she is surrounded, she can still survive this long. Gwyn knows that she needs to be gone so he can focus on the rest of the monster coming to the city. He will be fine, but the rest of the people have finite stamina, and each person who dies in battle reduces their overall power.

Time is not their friend.

Silently, he orders Ophiuchus to come closer. When the giant snake arrives near him, he touches its smooth scale and starts buffing.

"[Zodiac: Sagittarius] –"

He keeps casting spells for the next minute. The result is that Ophiuchus gets bigger, and its scale changes color into purple instead of white.

Gwyn orders it to attack the bug monster and take a deep breath. He has one last buff he can cast.

"[Nature's War Call]!"

After he says that, Gwyn takes a deep breath and shouts. All can hear his sound, and as his sound travels, all of the summoned creatures or constructs glow and change. The golems get bigger, and now they are wearing armor. The same with Gwyn's summon. They get bigger and stronger and get some kind of armor around their body.


At his command, all of his companions dash forward. Ophiuchus appears in front of the bug monster and holds her in place. The bug monster hisses angrily and releases toxic gas and liquid from her body.

"[Canis Major: Sirius]! [Yggdrasil]!"

Gwyn casts his spell and cleans all the debuff Ophiuchus gets from the bug monster. With Ophiuchus holding her back, the rest of the summon release their most powerful attack. Okami creates a massive fireball that releases intense heat. Fenrir, prepare a ray of frost that can freeze a lake. White tiger gathers a large wind element around its paw, ready to tear the bug monster apart. The Golden Dragon's body glows in power as an arch of lightning travels through its body and gathers around its mouth. The Red Phoenix gathers an intense flame around its wings and is ready to fire it. The Black Tortoise's shell shines in power and gathers water elements around its mouth.

All of this happens under Gwyn's command. He has the plan to kill the bug monster in a single attack.

Gwyn takes a deep breath, and the card around him spins. A second later, he activates two spells.

"[Nature Fortress]! [Starfall]!"

[Nature Forest] is an ultimate tanking skill. It makes the user invulnerable for five seconds. After the buff takes effect, Ophiuchus gets hit by all of the spells from Gwyn and his summons. The sky lit up as the people watched in awe.

When the light disappears, Gwyn can see a head, and a book falls from Ophiuchus' grip. Before it can fall to the ground, Okami and Fenrir catch them with their mouths.

"Good boy. Good girl"

Gwyn gives them a pat, and a scratch, then puts the book and the head inside his inventory. He then looks at the massive portal near the city and says.

"Let's end this! Attack!"

After he says that, his summons roar and fly at the enemy on the ground. Ophiuchus lets Gwyn use his head as a seat as it flies to the nearby enemy and blasts it with a ray of frost coming from its mouth.

While sitting on top of Ophiuchus, Gwyn looks at the massive list of HP bars in front of him and starts giving orders.

"Freyja, retreat! Take care of the monster near the gate. Sonia, cover the gate with your magic when Freyja and her Wild Hunt enter the city."

With Gwyn as their head, the defenders of Bluc city fight their hardest, and after fighting for another hour, the Void Crack finally closes, and the monster starts to run away from the city. When no more monster attacks the city, Gwyn looks at the people beneath him and raises his hand above.


After he says that, the people start the cheer.