Chapter 46
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I look at the old man's sheepish expression and sigh.

"Sorry about that, lad. These hands are not as strong as they used to be."

"And stop doing that then."

The old woman next to him sighs and says.

"I"m sorry for this, healer. He is too stubborn for his own good. He keeps trying to move that massive log alone, just like when he is young."

The man in front of me is Daniel, the Woodcutter. I only stayed in this place for a week, and he has already come for the fifth time.

"What is the reason this time?"

I let Daniel sit next to me.

"He tried to show off to our soon-to-be son-in-law."

Oh right. Daniel has a daughter that is soon to be wed. They will hold quite a big wedding for a commoner of this era. They invited me, but I cannot attend it because I cannot do that as they will hold a wedding next month.

I can't do that.

I have been staying in the Luzia kingdom for three months, and it is time for me to go back home and continue my duty to my home.

"And done. Please don't do anything too reckless. This will be my last day in this city."

"Oh? I hear this will be your last stop; is that right?"

I nod at Daniel's question.

"Yes. I need to go back home and fulfill my noble duty."

"Ah, if only all young men like you."

I smile at the old woman's praise.

"I don't do much. I only use my talent to help the people in need."

Daniel and his wife smile at me. I can see him get up from his chair and say.

"Anyway! This will be your last day, right?! Then we need to celebrate! I will gather the group and make a party for you! Come on, Ruth! Ask your friend to help! We need to make a farewell party for our healer!"

Before I can stop them, they walk away from the building. I can only sigh at their behavior as people laugh around me. I blink for a second when I see a familiar face at the door.

"Hilda? What are you doing here?"

She walks up to me and says.

"I come here to follow you on your journey!"

"What? You can't do that. You are a princess. Not only do you have a duty to your country, but this journey will be dangerous."

She sits next to me and says,

"Don't worry. I have spoken to my father, who agreed to let me accompany you. Also, one of my brothers returned after he got the news, and now he will take care of the kingdom."

I look her right in the eyes for a few seconds and say.

"Are you sure? This will be dangerous. When you join our little group, you must train with us, which will be hard. Many members of this group puke when they start their training because of how hard it will be."

"Yes. I'm sure. I'm ready to take all the training you give me. I'm ready to die on this journey; even my parents are ready for it."

I sigh a little.

"Very well. We will not go that far. So far, no one has died, and I will make sure no one dies on my watch. You will be injured, and you may lose your limbs, but I will make sure you will never die. Limbs can be reattached, and wounds can be healed."

"Thank you. I will make you proud."

"Haaa… Just make sure you survive, and we are good. Also, read this."

I take out a book from my inventory and give it to her.

"This is a basic healing book. Read it and practice it a few hours before you sleep."

"A-Are you sure?"

"Pardon me?"

"A-Are you sure you're giving me this? A magical book is guarded by many people, you know? Especially a healing book. This thing is something people are willing to kill."

I shake my head and say.

"I don't mind. It is only a basic healing spell book. If you feel bad, don't spread it around. You can teach your brother and parents but don't teach it to strangers."

"En! I will do that! I will learn this quickly and make you proud."

"You do that. Anyway, is there anything else? I need to brew potions before we continue our journey."

"Right! Here."

She takes something from the pouch on her waist and gives it to me. It is the Golem Pendant.

"Thank you for letting me borrow this."

"Take it."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Take it. You will need it. I still have a lot of them."

That pendant is not that rare. While I only have a limited amount, losing one or two will not be a problem. I even have a stronger version inside the guild vault, three of them.

"It is a perfect item for you. Your talent is a support type. That pendant will be something to cover the weakness of your talent. Train it, and you will be a powerful person."

Hilda looks at the pendant in her hand, looks at me, and smiles brightly. It is beautiful.


|3rd POV|

Somewhere in the southern part of the South Continent, a man wearing an expensive robe sits atop a throne. He is wearing noble red clothes and white boots. He has pure white hair and green eyes that shine with power.

On the outside, he has a gentle expression, but behind that gentle expression is a cold, manipulative person.

"Yulia is dead, and my plan gets delayed once again. The poison, sabotage, and now the grand plan, all of them are gone because of a tiny annoyance. The Cunningham Family."

The man grits his teeth and releases a massive ball of darkness to the wall. When the ball touches the wall, it creates a giant hole. He sighs and snaps his finger. A second later, the wall gets repaired on its own.

"I have waited for thousands of years. Jumping from one body to another, trying to awaken and retain my throne, but they always get in my way. Alexander Anderson Cunningham, the first lord of the Cunnigham family and the so-called hero of the world. Hmph. The world thought that he had killed me! Hmph. I win. He died, and I lived, and I will retain my throne to ascend into godhood! I will not let them get in my way. I don't want to waste another minion, but I don't have any choices."

He gets off of his throne and walks out of the throne room.

"I need to eliminate the Cunnigham family and that blasted Shadowfall city of theirs. It is time for the Gokuya kingdom to invade once again. It has been three years since they moved their soldiers north."