83 : Ighor
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After staring at the four people lying on the floor, Beatrice turned her attention to the piece of paper lying in her hands.

'Irelia, a powerful Light-type mage from the Light's Hope Academy, because of her bad relationship with the headmaster of the academy, Saint Orianna, she was sent out on a mission to hunt down the Witch of Death.'

'Nicholas Tyger, a powerful Earth Type mage from the Wizard's Hand Academy, using his great talent in Earth Magic, Nicholas managed to become an Official Mage in a very short amount of time, sadly for him though, Nicholas then lost a bet against another Mage, causing him to begin hunting down the Witch of Death. Note: Nicholas is not very smart'

As she read the note attached to the end of the paragraph describing the second mage, Beatrice's lips slightly twitched.

'Ighor Ruinheart, a powerful Earth Type mage from the Sanctum of Knowledge, extremely devoted to his research, only decided to take on the mission of helping hunt down the Witch of Death for the hefty reward placed on her head.'

As Beatrice read the third paragraph, her eyes subtly lit up.

'This guy could probably help me in my research,' thought Beatrice, of course, only a moment later, Beatrice stopped having these useless thoughts and turned towards the last paragraph of text on the piece of paper.

'Daniel no last name given, a powerful Fire Type mage from the Dragon's Cave, an orphan, whose only known relative is his sister, Diana, which was kidnapped by the Witch of Death, causing Daniel to have a deep hatred for the latter.'

As Beatrice finished reading the piece of paper, she turned her eyes toward her teacher, with a questioning look in her gaze.

Feeling this gaze, Selena let out a chuckle before shaking her head.

"You don't have to worry, I have already restrained their mana, unless they want to die an early death, they won't be able to cast spells," said Selena, causing Beatrice to breathe a silent sigh of relief.

Of course, Beatrice still couldn't help but be somewhat worried.

Seeing this, Selena smiled.

"They will be confined alone in their cells, you have to check up on them twice a day, so as to make sure they haven't escaped, you only need to do this for around a week, when I will return, at the same time, I left you a method to controll them," said Selena, causing Beatrice to finally stop worrying.

"Should I be cautious of anyone?" asked Beatrice, causing Selena to slightly nod.

"You should be most careful around Ighor, you never know what kind of tricks guys like these have up their sleeves," said Selena, causing Beatrice to feel somewhat offended for some reason, as if those words were directed at her.

"Understood," said Beatrice in a serious tone, causing Selena to chuckle.


Staring at the white-haired woman who was staring at him through the bars to his cell, Ighor let out a soft sigh.

Suddenly, Ighor felt a slight shock in his arms, as Beatrice slightly frowned.

"Don't cause any trouble, otherwise I won't have any mercy for you," said Beatrice feeling the feeble attempt to invade her mind.

Seeing this Ighor shook his head, when suddenly, he felt another, and much more powerful shock as Beatrice suddenly noticed something

"As expected you are the most troublesome," mumbled Beatrice as she suddenly opened the door to the cell and confidently walked in.

The first thing Beatrice did once she entered the cell was close the door behind her, after that, Beatrice suddenly threw Ighor to the ground and restrained him.

"Little girl, I didn't expect your tastes to be so weird, but don't worry, I will cooperate with you," said Ighor, prompting Beatrice to shock him once again, this time, after the shock, Ighor lost all strength remaining in his body.

"It's quite a pity, you managed to hide this thing from my teacher, an Archmage, only to have it be discovered by little old me," mumbled Beatrice as a thin translucent needle exited Ighor's ear.

This time though, Ighor no longer responded, as a bitter expression could be seen on his face.

As soon as Beatrice smelled the scent of the needle, an extremely surprised expression appeared on her face.

"To hide a needle in your own brain, In all of the years I've been alive, I haven't seen anyone as gutsy as you, It's as teacher said, you really will be the most troublesome one," mumbled Beatrice, causing quite some surprise to appear on Ighor's face.

After that, Beatrice gently placed Ighor back down before walking out of the cell and locking it once again.

"Old man, don't worry, you will regain control of your body soon, hopefully, you didn't mind my little search," said Beatrice as she walked away.

"Not at all little girl, not at all," silently mumbled Ighor sometime after Beatrice left, a smile being present on his face.

After a while Ighor got back up from the ground and sat in a corner of his cell, falling into thought.

But suddenly, Ighor once again heard a pair of footsteps coming toward his general direction, causing him to raise his eyes.

Looking at the twenty-something-year-old man sitting in a corner of his cell, a small smile couldn't help but appear on Beatrice's face.

"Old man, you really a tricky guy, how about you teach me how you managed to create and hide this thing," said Beatrice, holding a tiny bug in her hands.

As soon as Ighor saw the metal bug in the hands of the white-haired woman, his expression suddenly froze for a moment, returning to normal a moment later.

"Little girl, don't bother me, I'm going to sleep," said Ighor, ignoring the pain he was feeling in his body at the moment as he sat down and closed his eyes.

Seeing this, Beatrice let out a chuckle before walking away, no longer wanting to disturb this old man.