Chapter 1 – The Birth Of A New Ruler!
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The sun's grace shines through White's room. White could feel its warmth embracing him. His eyes slowly open as he gently rubs his eye. White finally got up from his bed; he folded the bed sheet and blanket he'd used, then arranged and laid them on the bed's side. After arranging the things he used, White went to his bathroom for a quick bath. White had been feeling alone since his adopted mom died from disease; he was left out with his aunt, with whom he doesn't get along well. Luckily for White, his aunt was not treating him that badly, but she avoided him as much as she could.

After a quick bath, White began cooking; his mind seemed to be wandering. White accidentally wound his fingertip because his mind was somewhere else. His face remained without emotion, as if he were like an empty shell. "*Sigh* What am I even doing." White mumbles as he sighs deeply. White went away from the kitchen after washing his hands to get some bandages to cover his wound. White opened the cabinet where, according to his memory, the bandage was kept. But no bandages were there; instead, he found a photo album, which he hadn't seen since their family trip. "Oh, this brings back memories, but seeing this photo album made me remember something unpleasant... But I can't remember much; after all, my memories were foggy during that incident. *Sigh* It's also the day my aunt stopped getting involved with me."

White had fun reminiscing about the past as he looked at the photo album. He was smiling; if someone who knew him saw him now, they would question if he was the White they knew. But that won't happen; White has no friends at all, and no one would approach or talk to him in his class. "Who would want to talk to an empty shell?" Surely this will be White's response if anybody asks him why he doesn't have a single friend. White suddenly feels hungry as he closes the photo album; he really did forget what he was supposed to do. "Ah, it feels refreshing; I almost forgot about my breakfast, hehe," White chuckled as he stretched his arms.

As White left the room, one picture fell swiftly like a leaf, but White seemed not to notice. Looking at the picture, White will surely be terrified. There was someone he knew; it had been with him since he was a child. Whatever he dreamed of, it was there: the black silhouette...

White was now washing the plates he had used, but something felt wrong for him; he was having chest pain. Its pain was getting painful the longer it lasted. He soon found it hard to breathe; he was gasping for air. He soon heard a step and tried to call for help, but the person standing in front of him was the person he recognized; he couldn't be mistaken; it was her aunt, and she was watching as he was slowly losing his life. White wanted to speak, but no voice came out of him. White looked again at his aunt, but White was not feeling angry; he felt scared and terrified. Did she finally show up? just to kill him? That was what White was thinking right now. "We will meet again... I promise to protect you again..." His aunt said, or rather the black silhouette said, to him as it caressed his head as he lost his life. White's vision was getting darker and darker... White's life had flashed before as he finally lost his last breath...

"Hey! Are you still alive? Are you ok?" White was alive, or rather, she is now she, laying inside an unfamiliar place. Aside from White, a girl with noble princess beauty is attempting to wake her up, while she also checks to see whether White is okay. White got annoyed a little after hearing what the girl said, "Of course not! How could I be all right?! Can't you see that I was having trouble grasping for air?! Well, I guess I should say thank you instead of... Eh? I'm alive?" White was confused; how could she be alive? White tried opening her eye, but they felt heavy and her vision was a little blurry. She felt she was going to pass out soon, but before White did, she saw the girl as her vision dimmed.


Lythalia Dasandral


Inside an old castle, a loud step could be heard bouncing all around the hallway. The night was silent, the moon was spreading its light, it was strong, unlike White's world. The moon's gaze follows the girl as she walks through; the girl has long silvery-grey hair, a scarlet eye, pointy elf ears, a slim body, smooth and a little pale skin, and she's dressed in an armored dress that appears to be ready for battle. She quickly walked into a dungeon, where the national treasure was kept. "Again? I expected them to retreat after their failed attempt... No, this one was dangerous and ought not to be underestimated. And they aren't so foolish to deploy a poor decoy that was easily driven away; perhaps this one took advantage of the situation." Despite the circumstances, Lythalia Dasandral speaks in a calm manner, and her voice is gentle.

Lythalia paused for a moment and saw something surprising. The moon was shining so brightly, a resembling jellyfish was giving light in the dark sky and was floating around above, and birds that glowed like moonlight were flying as if it was playing tag. Howling noises were everywhere. Anyone who would see this would be amazed by this scenario, but only ignorant people would be. People who are knowledgeable about this, like Lythalia, will react differently; most will be terrified, but Lythalia doesn't feel anything; she knew this; it was the same as her, the birth of a terrifying monster, its strength was close to a demon king or a hero, people call them "Ruler of unknown." What they rule is not totally unknown, but it is unknown to people what power they have; some are Ruler of Vision, Ruler of Desperation, and Ruler of Spectral...

"It appears that the world had given the hint—this powerful one in the dungeon was not an intruder, but a child of unknown..." Lythalia rushes to the dungeon with a powerful aura surrounding her. Lythalia was the Ruler of Crimson she is not that easy to defeat.