Chapter 4 – New Name For A Lost Person
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The sky was a beautiful pure blue sky sprinkled with fluffy white cotton scattered around it, with trees swaying in the gentle wind, and the sun's touch was as warm as a mother's hug. White was walking ahead, excited about what they were going to do today with his three childhood friends. "Will we be playing? Maybe we'll share funny stories. Are we going to talk about our dreams?" The young White pondered what they should do next. Even though they meet and play every day, White was happy to see them again.


Walking around made White feel anxious. Today, everyone was behaving strangely. They don't greet White with their usual smile. "Did something happen?" White whispered to himself. White could hear them whispering about something. But he couldn't hear them. Everyone stared at White strangely. They appear to be angry over something. Everyone he passed went inside and shut their doors and windows on him. "What is wrong with them..."


I saw my older sister. She was holding a bag of veggies, fruits, and meat that she had bought for our meal. She is one of White's childhood friend's older sister. Since she told him to call her Big Sister, White also refers to her as a big sister. White approached her immediately for an answer because he was quite concerned about what was going on. She noticed White approaching her. She froze and trembled as she looked at him. She collapsed and was sitting on the floor. White hurried over to help her stand. But she threw the bag at him and pushed him to the ground just as White was about to touch her. "Kyaa!! Don't touch me, you monster!" she screamed as she rushed to her house and shut the door and window.


White was on the ground, horrified after being pushed down. White was stunned in surprise after what happened, and it took a few minutes for her to realize. "I'm a monster?" White asks himself. But what exactly does she mean? Did White do something inhuman for her to call him a monster? Or maybe this is some sort of prank? White asks himself these questions, but only they have the answers. White stared at his trembling hand; a drop of clear liquid fell into his palm repeatedly. "Eh? Why, why, why am I crying?" White asks himself. He doesn't like what they are doing; he's afraid of being hated; he's afraid of being left alone...


Everything suddenly went silent. It frightened White; the situation was familiar. Has this ever happened before? Why does it seem to have happened before? White's body was reacting to its familiarity, while White's mind didn't know the situation. White was looking around and saw that everything was in ruins, hinting that there had been an attack.


White could feel someone staring behind him. As he looked, he saw a girl behind him who has a similar appearance to him but is not close because their genders are different; her eyes are crimson, and she exudes a dark aura. White feels he knows this, but he can't just remember for some reason. "Whatever happens, they will always despise you, and you will always be alone; no one would accept a monster like you." The girl said with a smile. White was speechless, unable to respond to anything. "Probably she was right," is what White was thinking. "Accept your fate, and this shall be yours," the girl said as she showed an image of White with his family. They were happy, and White could feel something filling the void inside him. White wanted to respond, but his eyesight clouded and faded quickly.


Inside a room, you could see Lythalia hugging White, and you could see White hugging Lythalia as well. White was slowly waking up. She rubbed her sleepy eye gently. She was surprised to see a person she didn't know hugging her. White can't recall anything after that dream, as if her memories were known to her, but something is stopping her from recalling her memories.


White can't do anything but stare at the woman who is cuddling her, waiting for her to open her eyes. "She's beautiful, and she gives me the aura of a caring person, hmm? Why do I know that?" The girl White had been waiting for woke up to find White staring at her too much as soon as the birds took to the sky and sang. "Go...good morning," she nervously greets White. Lythalia finally let go of White and sat as she rose up. The wool blanket fell as Lythalia sat, exposing her white nightgown with long sleeves. This was too stimulating for White, as she had the soul of a man, and White's face was fully red. "Eh? Human girl, are you all right? You seem fully red."

"I'm alright, haha-" White was unable to reason as her stomach grumbled in hunger. She was embarrassed. It looks like one more thing that will stimulate her mind will lead her to pass out. "I suppose we should eat first before exchanging questions and responses. You're probably hungry right now as your stomach was grumbling for something to eat just now," Lythalia giggled at White. White did not respond and only nodded at Lythalia; she was deeply embarrassed. "Let me change my clothes first," Lythalia said as she slowly removed her clothes in front of her wardrobe. "He-here? You're going to change here?!" White was stuttering.


"Why? Is there a problem? We are both females, so I don't mind, and I'm already used to it before when every people was still alive, the servant are the ones helping me to wear my dress, but since they are gone... Forever, I need to do it alone, *Sigh*" Lythalia sighed and didn't want to continue because it was just a reminder of the incident. "Well, I'm done. Should we..." Lythalia was looking at White, who appeared to have had enough and passed out. "My, my, I guess she's the one who can't handle it, how rude I am in front of the guest." Lythalia giggled.

Lythalia walked into the kitchen wearing a long-sleeved polo uniform and a long skirt. Looking around was a familiar thing for White, although it was unfamiliar to White's memories. "She walks up to the strange-looking wardrobe, which is surrounded by glass bottles and food. She takes eggs, beacons, rice, and more rice. What's that thing? And it seems cold inside; what sort of magic do they use in this?" It is White's thought, as she stares at it.


White's mind stopped working when he was watching her do something and stared too much at her. Lythalia placed the frying pan on top of the strange thing that had a floating fire. "Is that an entirely new breed of a dragon?" She begins by chopping and prepping the ingredients. She then prepared the egg and rice while seasoning the meat. She then mixes the ingredients together. "Is she supposed to add another sauce after that? Another one-of-a-kind sauce? There's also salt. Is this how you really cook? Well, maybe since I feel like it was familiar, and I did it too before," White thought to himself.


"But can she actually cook? Or she is just showing off." After she finishes cooking, she serves the rice with a glass of milk to White. "I don't care what the taste is. I'm already hungry." Lythalia enjoys seeing White's happy face after White takes a bite. "It was incredible. Is she a professional chef? Where did that word come from? Well, I don't care. Maybe it just means she's a cook." White has been speaking her mind since the beginning and still has no idea about it.


"I don't really know if you are complimenting me or mocking me, but I'll let you go this time," Lythalia thought, smiling as she stared at White. "Hm hm hm," Lythalia giggled, covering her mouth with her palm. "Calm down. No one's going to try to take it away, you know? If I remember correctly, I haven't introduced myself, my name is Lythalia Dasandral. What is your name?" Lythalia asks. "I... I can't remember anything, and I really want to ask, What are those weird things? Why do they have magic inside them?" White asked, tilting her head curiously. White appears unconcerned about her name.


"Oh! I guess it explains why you talk like you don't know. That thing is called a magic appliance, and it is powered by a magic stone. It is not just a magic appliance; there are also magic tools, magic weapons, a magic vehicle, and more. By the way, human girl, what do you want me to call you? I can't just keep calling you "Human girl," you know." 


"Can you name me then? I still don't know anything, and I seem to have lost my memories..." White looked downcast. making Lythalia think of her little sister, who usually uses her charm on her. "Ethea..." Lythalia speaks her sister's name unconsciously. "Ohh! Ethea sounds like a good name!" White, who was now Ethea, was overjoyed. "Oh my, it seems she misunderstood me. Well, it will be rude if I take back what I said. I guess I'll just let her, hoping my little sister won't mind, and I guess I'll visit my little sister's grave, knowing she'll be jealous."Lythalia said it in her mind.