Chapter 421: Undead At Gates
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Aston Harbor

"Bring the glory to the Vris'alud," commanded the man with the staff.

Immediately, the horde standing in front of the gates of Ashton Harbor begins to move.

It is a massive horde. Containing a million undead and it is moving toward the Port Midlet.

"It's such a regret, that we couldn't attack the Deepond," said the armored man beside him.

The man with the staff didn't say anything, but it's clear, that he is angry. Not at him, but what happened yesterday that poured water over their plans.

The attack was unexpected.

When they came to know about it; they were shocked. They had not expected for imperial navy to attack their ships like that.

Its merchants. The weapons the imperial had used to attack their ship had come from the merchants.

For it, they will soon pay a price.

"We will after, we conquer Greltheaven and Port Midlet. The victory here will give us the freedom to attack both Deerpond and Riverbell," said the man with the staff.

"Then, we can make the merchants pay," he grinned with joy and anger.

He has a reason to hate the merchants. Not because of yesterday's attack, but for nearly taking his life; the sling is wearing is because of that.

He was barely able to save his life from the assassin of the merchants.

He had dared to take a risk, seeing there was no movement from merchants, but he was wrong and paid a price for that.

"Do you think, Greltheaven will be conquered by the evening?" asked the armored man after a few seconds of silence.

"Unlikely. They had made preparations and got some weapons from the merchants."

"The elder-blood leading is also good. So, it should take around ten before we receive the news of the victory," replied the man with the staff.

They have no doubts about the victory. Especially in the Greltheaven.

All the powerhouses supposed to go there are there and so are special undead.

Yes, they have lost ships, but the ones going for the Greltheaven only lost the common undead, which they had gotten from Panar.

"I hope, they will do it sooner. I want the legacy under our control as soon as possible," said the armored man.

The man with the staff didn't say anything to that, but his lips had quirked up in a smile.


"Everybody understood?" asked Necromancer Methum after he explained the plan in detail.

"It's a great plan, Commander. Just like Hasit, here too, we will completely dominate the enemy and force them to surrender within an hour."

"If they didn't, we will wipe them all out," said Xander, Methum's lacky.

He had been with him for years.

"What do you think, Wayne?" asked Necromancer Methum. There is no mockery or ridicule hidden in his question; it feels like a simple question.

"It's a brilliant plan. If you are willing to listen, I have a small bit of advice," I said.

 "Necromancer Methum doesn't need some advice from a loose like you," Xander barked.

I felt a deep rage for the bastard, but no word came out of my mouth.

I had lost the battle and lost it badly. Since then, I have been suffering humiliation after humiliation and there is nothing I can do because it's the truth.

I had thought about the battle thousands of times and realized what an idiot, I had been.

If I had used my brain. I would have conquered the city.

"What advice, Mage Wayne?" asked Necromancer Methum.

"The elder blood. Kill him as soon as possible," I replied. I still remember the bastard. How he had killed my powerhouses one after another.

He was the biggest reason. I had lost the battle.

Don't worry, Mage Wayne. I will kill the elder blood myself," said the old man and grinned.

I wanted to repeat my words, seeing the confidence in the old man's face, but decided not to. He is an experienced man. He will do fine, especially with numbers.

I will fight as I had been ordered.

It won't wipe out the mark of humiliating defeat, but it will help a little if I do well enough in the battle.

"A horde of million had left for the Port Midlet," informed Zela.

I stopped and turned toward her.

"Not any toward the Deerpond?" I asked. "Currently, no, but they might," she replied.

Lucky bastards!

They have only been attacked once.

This will be the third undead attack on us. The change might be due to fifteen thousand soldiers coming from the Lord of Deerponds territory.

This will take his army to over a hundred thousand.

The number, if I had. I wouldn't have been as worried as I am right now.

"A horde of million. Even with the army he has; it will be a challenge for him to deal with such a massive horde," I said and resumed walking.

The army in Port Midlet is big. Two and a half times bigger than us, thanks to his father, while he is facing the army, only bigger than us.

His army is also better, and more diversified.

He had a good mix of infantry and cavalry. His cavalry is also good and capable of causing massive damage. It is the reason he was able to defend against the two attacks of the undead.

I sighed and walked toward my army.

It had gathered, and it was huge. In the past seven months, I have been recruiting people for my army.

Over 70% of these people are experienced. They have fought in at least one battle.

It's costing me massive money. I am using over 50% of the revenue of the city, for the army. Despite that, I want to recruit more.

I will recruit more. If the city had survived the attack today.

I looked at the army and a smile couldn't help, but appear on my face. It is smaller than I like, given the size of the energy, but I am confident in their abilities.

It is not just the army in here, but also the mercenaries. Some of which come from the merchant state and Inam.

This time, there are no volunteers fighting.

I have gathered them, but they will not be fighting. They will be inside the city, supporting the army, that is, on the wall.

Though, we do not think. They will need to fight, as long as we are fighting outside. Necromancer Methum wouldn't make the same mistake as Wayne did.

Wayne had used some of his forces to attack the city while he was fighting with us.

This commander will first finish us off; once he does, the city will be his for taking.

Still, we need to prepare for that scenario.

We cannot look inside his mind, or we have spies close to him. He might do what Wayne had done. Nothing could be said for sure.


Suddenly, a horn rang out, and I turned toward the wall before walking toward it.

The horn means the undead could be seen.

I reached the wall and looked through the spyglass. I could see the undead; they were in a small spot, which was getting bigger by the second.

It won't take long for them to reach here.

"They have come," I said. "They have," said Colonel Azalea, bringing her spyglass down.

We watched them come closer and closer, till they started to look like the unending tide they are.

"It's time, Lord Silver," said Stone.

I nodded and climbed out of the wall with him and the other officers.

Soon, we are standing in front of the army of fifty thousand people. There are forty-nine thousand seven hundred and twenty-two people, to be exact.

It took a large effort, but I am proud of what the city was able to achieve in these few short months.

I took a step forward and looked at my army.

"The enemies have come. They have come to take our city, our way of life. They want to conquer us, turn us into the undead," I said, using my skills at full power.

"But we will not let that happen. We will resist, we will defeat them, like we did last time. That they will think about twice, before attacking our city again!"

I was shouting at the end, but it worked.

Thud Thud Thud!

The next moment, every solider in the army begin to hit their legs hard on the ground. It begins to feel like the earthquake has come.

It stopped a couple of seconds later.

"Follow me," commanded Stone and began to lead the army outside of the gates.

In the past battles, we had charged out the gate when the energy came in front of the city. Now, we are more confident in our abilities, but also because the army is big will need some time to charge out.

Which the enemy might exploit. It is hard, but there are many skills and weapons.

We don't want to take any risk, regarding it.

Soon, the entire army stood in front of the gates, looking at the enemy, which was barely visible to the naked eye.

"It is one massive horde," I said, as I looked unending horde through the spyglass.

"If it had been my first battle, my lord. I don't think I would have the courage to fight it," said the half-orc beside me.

The orc beside him snickers, but doesn't say anything.

"I don't think, I would too, Major Kruabur," I replied.

My heart is shaking in fear. My body would have to, if not me, control it.

It wouldn't look good to see the lord of the city scared.

I put a spyglass down and waited. I didn't have to wait for long before I could see the massive unending horde with my naked eyes.

It is massive and getting bigger by the second.

I could see some of the people beside me shaking. Some even took a step back, when the enemy's fear skills started to affect them.

A moment later, waves of skills activated from our people. Resisting the fear skill of the enemy.

We might have been able to resist it, but we were not able to wipe the fear from our eyes. Which is natural. If one is not scared of seeing such force, then they aren't human at all.

The massive horde came closer and closer, before stopping at a mile away from us.

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