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Age of Emperor Argon 30th June, Year 161

‘I hope you enjoy Greltheaven, little brother,’

"Master Silver, we have arrived at Greltheaven," Hendriks said as he shook me awake. Even after waking up, the words of my brother echoed in my mind, reminding me that it was not a dream but a harsh reality.

‘I will have my revenge, you bastards,’ I thought before turning to the small city by the river. The place where I will live, all thanks to my dearest siblings, who will pay for what they have done to me.

I pushed my thoughts aside and took a closer look at the city, which was truly a sight to behold. Despite being a newly built settlement, it had not yet been officially inaugurated. The city was a masterpiece of architecture and engineering, and it was a marvel to behold.

This was Greltheaven, named after the fourth prince of the empire. He had constructed this city in just two short years, at a staggering cost. The city was a testament to the prince's vision and ambition, and it was a symbol of his power and wealth.

Building such a city was a huge gamble, as there was always a risk of it being destroyed. However, if it managed to stand even for just ten years, it would generate a wealth of resources that would support the prince's aspirations and ambitions.

In short, the city was a high-risk, high-reward proposition for the prince, and its success or failure would have a significant impact on his future.

"Grandmaster Raldin deserves all the praise in the world," Hendricks said, awe-struck. "The city he designed is truly magnificent."

The city had an expansive inland port, which had room for further development. Surrounding the port were the thick white walls that looked like they were carved out of marble.

They looked beautiful and delicate, but looks could be deceiving. They were enchanted with powerful wards that could even stop multiple meteor spells cast by level 30 mages. I had heard they did the trial a few months ago, and the walls held on without a scratch

However, I have my doubts about the accuracy of this information. It's possible that it may not be entirely true.

Beyond the walls, the city was a sight to behold. It was a blend of tall and magnificent structures, each built in a unique style that reflected the diversity of the empire's architecture.

Our ship navigated the Trollmouth river and eventually docked at the port. We disembarked from the ship and stepped into the bustling port.

In a month's time, the city would be officially inaugurated, attracting people from all over for a variety of reasons - some as residents, some as tourists, and some for entirely different purposes.

Soon we reached the carriage that was already waiting for us. The driver was a man who looked to be in his mid-sixties, with sandy brown hair.

“Mister Silver,” he greeted as he took our bags from the porter and loaded them into the carriage swiftly, before opening the door for us.

A few seconds later, we sat comfortably in the carriage, and it began to roll.

I watched the port through the glass window, and I have to say, I was impressed seeing the archaic beauty. It was a stark contrast to the modern ports back on Earth, which are filled with heavy machinery.

Instead of machines, Greltheaven ran on magic. I was fascinated by the way magic was integrated into the daily lives of the people here, from manual laborers to chauffeurs. I could feel the driver activate a couple of his skills for our comfort during this ride through the city.

It's incredible to see how magic plays such a crucial role in the everyday functioning of society. It's like a second nature to the people here, and they've seamlessly integrated it into their lives. It's fascinating to see how it has shaped the cultures, traditions, and even the architecture of this world.

There is a popular saying in this world. ‘It is classes that make us,’ and I can’t help but see the truth of it. It is due to my class that I have come here.

If I had not received this class, I wouldn’t have come here. I would have even thrown away the scraps my brothers had left me. However, they had made thorough preparations. They ensured that I would come and stay here for the rest of my life.

A fitting end for the bastard, they said.

They had gotten everything while I got the scraps. I wouldn’t have even minded the scraps, but they interfered with my class, my base class.

Once again, I calmed myself and focused on the city. The carriage had passed through the huge gates of the port. It rolled comfortably down this cobblestone road, wide enough to comfortably fit several carriages at the same time.

As the carriage rolled through the city, I saw beautiful buildings in various architectural styles. Every building was uniquely designed, from smallest to biggest.

Looking at things, it is very clear that the prince had grand ambitions for the city, which is good because now it is my city. I want it to flourish, as it is good for business.

I couldn’t help but sigh when I think about my business. Those bastards have thrown something at me that I had no interest in. A business some may not look favorably on. None of that matters anymore, I’m forced to it, as it's now connected to my base class.

I take solace in that one day, I'll take revenge against those who have wronged me.

Soon, the carriage had reached the entertainment district, which was known for hotels, casinos, and much more.

Many business houses had made investments in the city, not because they believed in its future, as most of them thought it would be destroyed within a decade, but because of the fourth prince, who was a strong contender for the throne, and nobody wanted to be his enemy. So they made a token investment, like my father, to benefit both sides.

The prince got the investments he needed for his new city, while the business houses got some time before they needed to choose sides in the inevitable war of succession.

Soon, the carriage slowed down and stopped at the gate of a beautiful mansion.

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