Chapter 111: Sudden and Shocking
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“The exit is three hundred meters ahead. The plants will attack us with everything, they have as we get closer to it. So, don’t hold back,” Viscount said, and finally activated his buff skills.
Immediately, I felt the power rushing into me. It is not just I have got faster and stronger, but I am also thinking clearer.
I seemed to have gained the clarity that made me more perceptive. It feels like I have gained the ten levels within a second.
Zela had also gone all out; first, her watery blue screen covered us all, and it was much thicker than what she had cast, and she had superimposed it, with a healing spell inside.
As she cast a spell, greyish blood came out of her eyes and ears, while her hands blacked, and skin become spells.
Her injuries were acting up. These injuries she had gotten in the Vris’alud. They are magical injuries and couldn’t be healed through healing potions or simple healing spells.
“Don’t force yourself too much,” I said to her. She nodded and took out a purple potion, and drank it.
I have gotten it for her, and it had cost me a lot. It would have cost me even more if I hadn’t been directly brought from the lightning tower, with the help of privilege, that the medal provide.
The potion made the blackness recede, but not all.
I was looking at her when something surprising happened. Ethan, who was barely fighting with his injuries, took out a scroll and unfurled it.
Immediately, the yellow fire come out and enveloped him. Making it look like he is burning. He is not; it is just a fire cover spell and looks pretty powerful.
I am quite surprised, not because he has the spell. He is from the House of Ashav, which deals with magical materials. It is normal for him to have such a spell. What is surprising is that he had waited this long to use it.
A normal person would have used it a long ago.
“Let’s move,” said the Viscount and immediately, his speed increased further, and the power of his attacks.
Now only his sword freezes anything it had touched, but also creates an area of ice around it. Any plant that comes closer to his sword would freeze in its place.
We followed behind him with our bodies filled with vigor. We could not see the exit, but since the Viscount said it was three hundred meters away, then it was.
Outside, it is not much of a distance and could be crossed within thirty seconds, but here, it will take minutes.
Slash Slash Slash
I did not hold back anything. I cut through the plants one after another using Consecutive Strikes and Weighted Strike.
This time, I will not stop the Consecutive Strikes and pushed them, as far as my body allows me to push them.
Soon, we have crossed a hundred meters and now only two hundred meters remained. We have crossed it quickly and moving to cross the rest two hundred quickly, too.
The buffs and defensive screen covering me are really helping me a lot, and my injuries also healing quickly.
We are making a good time and if this continued, we will be out of this place in a few minutes.
Two more minutes passed, and I think I could see the exit. The plants are covering it, but I could still see a rectangular block in the middle of the hallway.
“Be very careful; there is an immense danger ahead,” warned Viscount somberly, without stopping.
For nearly a minute, there was no change till there were only a hundred and fifty meters between us, when something shocking happened that horrified me and others to every inch of our life.
Rustle Rustle Rustle 
All the surrounding plants rustled together as we crossed some invisible line and moved.
They did not come at the wave of hundreds, but the tide of thousands.
Seeing that, I felt the fear in every cell of my body. This is not something we could contend against; it is a death.
It froze me for a moment before I controlled my emotions. So, what if this is above my grade, I will fight it, till I have a breath remaining in my body.
“To the gate!” The viscount roared and his powerful aura spread toward the vines, spreading the cold of its artifacts toward them. At the same time, watery shields materialized around us as sped toward the gate.
Slash Slasp Puch!
I cut through the plants as they came at me. I was able to cut most of them, but some were too fast, that I could not cut. 
I avoided them with Quick Steps, but one still struck me through the defensive layer and the armor.
I grunted in pain, before cutting the vine, and moved to deal with other plants coming at me.
I am cutting them and those I could not, I would dodge, but it is not enough. Some of the strong ones are avoiding my saber and piercing through the defensive screens before coming at me.
All I could do is not let them attack my fatal spot.
The formation is all broken, with the massive assault of plants, but we all remain closer to each other.
No one is speeding toward the gate alone; it will be a huge mistake. Everybody understood, the only way we will be able to deal with the tide and reach the gate is by being together.
Another plant cut me and released nasty toxins that made me scream like never before, but despite that, my saber did not stop moving.
Instead, it moved faster and got stronger, as it broke past the previous record of Consecutive Strikes. Getting to the thirty-seventh strike, before moving to the thirty-eighth, which is even more powerful.
Slash Slash Puch!
It cut through one plant after another, getting faster and stronger with each strike. Still, it did not stop all the attacks coming at me.
There are too many of them; I could not cut all of them. All I could do was deal with the most dangerous ones while avoiding the ones that could kill me or slow me down.
Like the attack from the vine, just now, which had tried to circle my neck, but I avoided it with the Quick Steps and cut it. Doing that, I was attacked by the two plants, at my back and left leg.
I am getting injured in every part of my body and these injuries are piling up very fast; the only thing that made me relieved is that we are getting closer to the gate.
I was fighting when I saw something horrifying; Martin, who was fighting behind Grog, had got a vine wrapped around his leg.
He cut it immediately, but he froze a moment later for some reason. Another took a chance and pushed its thorns inside him, before pulling him, while he screamed in pain.
Joseph and Grog moved to help, but they were too slow. The plants had pulled him too far back that they could not do anything other than hear his screams, which suddenly stopped a second later.
Martin’s death horrified me, far more than the death of Cooper and Roth.
They were common people who did not have a combat class and never fought anyone. Martin is a mercenary, with decades of experience and twenty levels in his pocket.
The plants killed him within seconds.
If he could die, I could die too, and much more easily at that. As I am not even Level 10 in my warrior class. I am much weaker than him, with a lot less experience.
This realization struck me, and instead of freezing me on the spot, it gave me strange clarity.
Likely because I always knew I might die since I took a step here and after seeing someone powerful at Level 20 die. The fact had stamped itself on my heart.
I moved with a greater purpose. I understand I might die, but till that happens, I will cut every plant I come across.
I was fighting when, once again, a watery shield appeared in front of me. Stopping the attacks of bone-wooden needles coming toward me.
These are the attacks that are most dangerous for the warriors; the mages are best at dealing with them.
A moment later, the plants destroyed the shields, and I cut them with my saber. Some injured me, but I was able to dodge the most dangerous ones with the Quick Steps before cutting them apart.
Less than a minute had passed since the tides of plants attacked, and we are still defending.
We have crossed fifty more meters, and now, the gate is only a hundred meters away.
A few seconds later, one nasty plant drilled into my shoulder, making my left hand useless. I had nearly dropped the charm, which I have in it; ready to activate it if I saw anything close to killing me.
I bear the pain and kept fighting. There is no other choice.
We kept moving, no matter how many injuries piled on us. These injuries are so serious that if there weren’t healing spells from Zela, many of us would have fallen down.
Another minute had passed and when suddenly something strange begin to happen around the gate.
The plants begin to move, not only those around the gates but also those around us. The attacks slowed down until they stopped as all the plants moved toward the gates, gathering in a huge ball, which was getting bigger by seconds.
“What the fuck is happening? The plants shouldn’t behave like this,” said Brul as we moved toward the gate.
Even in a magical world, it is very strange what is happening in front of us. It is sending a shiver down my spine every moment, as more plants gather near the gate.
“Boss, it is sending my danger sense off the charts!” said Heinam, as we moved toward the gate.
We were less than fifty meters away from it when a drastic change occurred. It suddenly gets taller, before spreading into the humanoid shape.
First, the head appeared, before the plants moved and created the arms and the legs separated.
An armor of plants formed, and its feature become more pronounced, making it a real plant humanoid.
I am shocked seeing it; others seemed just as shocked as me. Nobody expected something like this to happen.
It shouldn’t have happened. We are in the land of death for god’s sake; here the death energy is everywhere. Plants should die here, not thrive and turn murderous.
It is unexpected, sudden, and absolutely shocking.

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