Chapter 112: Abomination
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Viscount commanded when we were approaching the plant humanoid. The command had confused some, but we followed immediately.
It is a good thing we did as at the very next moment. A fist as big as the whole me came down hard. If it had hit any of us; we could have been splashed across the floor.
“What the hell is this?” asked Heiman. “It is definitely not treant or plant elemental,” said Ethan, looking at a giant plant humanoid, which was nearly ten meters tall and looked extremely scary.
It is now coming toward us, while at the same time thick plants released from its back and covered the gate thickly.
This thing does not want us to escape and is intelligent enough to block the gate, but the question is how this is happening. Does the influence of the temple, had reached so deep, that it could do something like this?
“It is a plant abomination created by the temple,” Viscount informed us as he looked at the abomination coming toward us.
“Captain Azalea, Mage Zela, Jon, Brul, and me, will fight it; the rest of you stay back and deal with anything that comes from behind,” he commanded.
Soon, four of them had stepped forward and appeared behind him, while five of us stepped back. Not too far, there are plants waiting for us invisible boundary of abominations influence.
If we cross that, they will come for us.
“Support me,” said Viscount, and ran toward the plant abomination with his eyes burning in the battle spirit.
Till now, he had remained calm; even when people died, his expressions did not change, nor any other emotions appeared in his eyes. Except, now; there is excitement in them.
‘Just crazy,’ I thought, seeing that.
I do not like to fight, and when I do, it is for survival. It is the reason, I forced myself to wake up every day at dawn and train for three hours till, every part of my body burns in pain.
I do not like the training, but it is what kept me alive in the place. Where people stronger than I had died.
Soon, the Viscount reached the plant abomination, and it threw a powerful punch at him. It is powerful enough to kill all five of us in an instant.
He avoided the punch before bringing his sword in his hand down, wanting to cut it apart.
He slashed at a huge hand and cut it more than half before freezing the wound.
“Yes!” Joseph cheered, but the next second, his expression froze away. When the ice surrounding the big wound cracked into pieces and the wound mended, till there was not even a scratch remained on it.
Viscount did not seem surprised; he seemed to have expected it.
He was still in the air when the plant abomination attacked him, moving its arm at an angle that a normal arm wouldn’t move. Looking at the speed, it seemed like the Viscount would have a hard time dodging it.
I was thinking that when suddenly. A tiny watery screen appeared behind his feet. It is big as my hand and even Viscount seemed surprised by it, but he quickly made use of that, by stepping on it and jumping in the other direction.
Others did not do just watch. They moved and the one who surprised me the most was Jon.
He jumped, and when he reached the top, a blue screen appeared under his feet and he stepped on it, before jumping higher toward the head of the plant abomination.
The way he jumped; it is clear he is used to them. Zela and he likely fought this way, and I could use its uses. It had saved the Viscount while giving Jon hold to reach his target.
Jon attacked the face, while at the same time, Brul and Captain Azalea attacked both of its legs, creating long gashes.
Which filled immediately.
The injuries may have healed, but it had made it angry, and it begin to punch and stomp mercilessly.
They avoided it expertly, before attacking it again and again. Which seemed to make it angrier by the second.
“It is useless; no matter how much they cut it. It will heal from those injuries,” said Joseph.
“It is not useless; they are doing great,” said Ethan and Joseph, and others looked at him in question.
“Such magical constructs are rare, but there are thousands of records of them. Due to their nature, they might seem impossible to kill.”
“It is not impossible, just very hard, but people powerful as Viscount Atre, have the ability to kill it,” he added with a smile.
“You still haven’t answered how they are doing great when they clearly aren’t?” asked Joseph, looking a little angry. “The answer is right in front of you,” Ethan replied with a smile, making joseph even more angry at him.
I thought deeply about what he said and looked harder and soon understood what is happening.
While it might seem like nothing happening to the plant abomination. It is not true; things are happening to it. Its healing is slowing down. 
It is clear that to heal; it is consuming the energy and the more it consumes, the slower its healing would be.
It also made me marvel at the power of Viscount Atre; he is the reason the four are able to cut the plant abomination. As he is the one who is taking most of its attacks, providing others way clear way against it.
It is very strong, and without the Viscount, all of them would have died already, and so are we. 
He is one who is blocking and countering all the attacks of the plant abomination. The one who is doing most of the damage 80% of the damage is done by him alone.
This is a Level 40 enemy. Only those of that level could fight it. While Viscount is not Level 40, his class and aura give him the power to fight it, and with artifact; no level 40 warrior would be his match.
The weapons we use plays a great part in power, which is why people are crazy about enchanted weapons.
They will kill for artifacts and wars have been fought over the relics.
“It would have been great if I had the skill to see the Viscount's movement clearly,” said Joseph as he looked at Viscount yearningly.
Viscount is fast, very fast. So much so that I could only a blur of him and the injury he is causing to the plant abomination. His speed is a completely different level, he is even faster than the Viscount Luran, whose duel I have watched in the Owlspring.
Such people are extremely dangerous in war; they could win the war by killing the commanders and higher-ups.
It is the reason why, in every war. The powerful powerhouses, such as him, were dealt with first; they are the command, and once the command is dead. No matter how big the army is, it will collapse.
More than ten minutes passed and now, the healing speed of the plant abomination had slowed down by half.
Our powerhouses have also slowed down, including the Viscount.
They have been fighting since the moment they have taken the step into this place. Even with their levels, they couldn’t continue forever, especially against the enemies like this, where the battle turned to attrition.
Those who last longer, will win.
Zela and Jon are most troubled; their injuries have begun acting up. Black marks begin to appear on Jon’s fingers and blood started to sip out of his orifices; the same is happening with Zela.
I could not do anything other than watch and hope it is over soon before it is too late.
I am powerless to do anything; I do not have enough power to go and fight. While I do have a charm, I don’t know how useful it would be against an enemy this powerful.
Minutes passed, and the healing of the plant abomination slowed down even further.
It is visibly fast, but much slower than before, and Viscount wants to take full advantage of that, seeing the way he is attacking.
He had picked the left shoulder and had been targeting it over and over. He had already cut 70% off it and it won't be long before he cut it whole and this time even its despicable healing abilities wouldn’t be able to stop it.
He attacked the spot over and over, before finally, with the last strike; the arm got cut fully and fell.
The plant abomination screamed loudly, and I thought; it would attack madly, but instead. It froze for a moment and black smoke, begins to come out of it and at the same time, 50% of the plant making an abomination begins to turn white.
Not white. They are transforming into bone.
Within a second, it became a horror of plants and bones, making it look even more horrifying.
It roared strangely again and moved toward the Viscount; seeing that, my eyes couldn’t help but get alarmed.
Its speed increased immensely; it became a blur before it did not have such speed and power.
Viscount clashed against it and to my surprise; he was only able to cause minor injury to the plant-bone abomination. 
I opened my mouth to curse, but suddenly stopped when I saw the small wound. Which is not healing. The wound is not filling like it used to; not daring to believe it, I focused more and saw the same thing.
The abomination seemed to have sacrificed his healing for power.
“Look, something is happening there,” said Grog, pointing toward the fallen arm. 
I looked at it and saw it had also changed like the rest of the body into plant-bone and now, wriggling madly, before the plant-bones begin to rise up and, to my shock, weaved into the humanoids.
In a matter of seconds, nine plant-bone humanoids formed from the fallen arm, with weapons and all.
“Fuck, they are coming toward us,” said Heiman and I looked toward our powerhouses, who were busy dealing with the plant-bone abomination. They are in no state to rescue us.
It is clear that we will need to fight these abominations on our own.
“Rich man, you wouldn’t be having a spell scroll of Siege Fireball or other powerful spells?” asked Grog hopefully, but Ethan just shook his head.
His spell is still working, but seeing how it is losing power. In a few minutes, all the fire will disappear. 
He might well die before that; those coming at us are not if plant bone abomination is an example.
“It seemed like we will have to deal with them with our power. Thankfully, the buffs from the noble are still working,” said Grog as he took a step forward.
“Grog and I will deal with five of them. Joseph and Silver, you each handle two,” said Heiman, he did not even look at Ethan. It will be his good luck if these humanoids avoided him as the plants had done.
I took a deep breath and looked at the enemies coming toward us; they are strong and fast.
If what I am seeing from the plant-bone abomination is right, then they will also be smarter or at least will know how to fight properly.
The abomination had not only become stronger and faster but also seemed to have got smarter. I hope the enemies coming toward me are not too smart, as they already seem quite strong and fast.

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