Chapter 116: Sealed
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The carriages went through the gate and stopped in front of the white mansion surrounded by a big, beautiful garden.
The guards immediately appeared in front of our carriage, and one of them opened the door.
Through the window, I could see Stone and Ina; looking at carriages with the searching gaze.
“Silver, it is nice talking to you,” said Viscount as he got up to leave the carriage. “The honor is mine, my lord,” I replied.
He smiled and stepped out of the carriage, and I followed behind him. Immediately, Ina’s eyes found me, and she took a step, before stopping herself.
“Hanson, you shouldn’t have come,” said Viscount to his injured man. He was still recovering from the injuries he had gotten from the assassins.
“It is my duty, my lord,” he said. Viscount smiled and walked with his two men toward the mansion, talking to them under privacy skills.
I did not follow him and instead turn to Ina. “Master Silver,” she greeted as she appeared in front of me, barely holding the emotions in her eyes.
“Ida,” I said and gave her a light hug. Immediately, I felt the wetness on my shoulder. Feeling that, I hugged her a little tighter; a moment later, she relaxed.
“I am sorry. I am just glad you are alive,” she said as she let go of the hug and wiped the tears in her eyes.
“Me too,” I replied and turned to Stone, who was bringing his weakened teammates out of the carriage. While they have been healed from those powerful magical injuries; they are quite weak.
It will take them two to three days to recover from it.
“We didn’t get a chance earlier to say it. Thank you, mister Silver. We really appreciate what you have done for us,” said Jon, as they stopped beside me, while Stone watched in confusion.
“It is the least I could do after what we have been through,” I said and walked toward the mansion with Ina, while Stone took Zela and Jon to their quarters.
“Adviser Silver, Lord Lancel, had summoned you to his office,” said the guard, as I barely climbed two steps into the mansion.
“Lead the way,” I said to him, and we walked inside the mansion, whole Stone took Jon and Zela to their quarters for the rest.
“When did you arrive here?” I asked Ina while following the guard inside the luxurious mansion. I hate to admit it, but it is much better than my establishment. Every corner and every piece of art is expensive and beautiful.
There is not a hint of gaudiness that is seen in the mansion of Count Darrow.
“At late morning,” she replied. 
“You should have arrived by morning?” I asked. “Yes, but after you all disappeared, they changed the route,” she replied. 
Lancel must have raised the hell, not for me. Even after a month, he did not like me, but for the Viscount.
He is an important man and even if the disappearance is no fault of his. It will affect him and, like Count Darrow, Lancel hates it when his interests are threatened.
“You didn’t inform Carla or my family, right?” I asked. “No, all communication was forbidden,” she replied, and I sighed in relief. Carla would have been worried needlessly, and informing the family would have brought its own set of troubles.
Soon, we stopped by red-metallic doors; they are simple, but I could tell, they are very well made and heavy.
It would be very hard to destroy them.
“Adviser, Lord Lancel had asked you inside,” informed the assistant. I nodded and walked toward the door. As I reached them, I pushed, and they opened with surprising smoothness, despite being so heavy.
“My lords,” I greeted as I entered inside, where several people were sitting.
There is Lancel, and in front of him, is Viscount Atre. There are also Mage York and Robin.
“Remus, I am glad you have come out of the dungeon alive,” said Lancel as he turned to me. “It is all thanks to the Viscount Atre that we all were able to survive,” I replied. 
He smiled at that, before turning to the Viscount.
“The incident was unfortunate, but it also gives us the opportunity. I was discussing with Viscount how we should use it,” said Lancel, immediately coming back to business.
It is one of his qualities I like the most; he is lazy, but a hard worker, when it is important.
“It is indeed an opportunity that we should use wisely, but shouldn’t press too much,” said Viscount. “You are right Viscount; go for the minor concessions, not the bigger ones,” said Lancel and Viscount smiled.
A few minutes later, the Viscount left after giving some pointers, while Lancel, Robin, and I begin to hash out the new strategy for tomorrow.
Viscount is not part of our negotiations. He had his own things, something only Lancel is aware of. 
An hour passed, and we are still discussing, bringing out our views. I mostly stayed quiet on most issues, only giving my opinion when asked, aside from the trade.
I will be part of all negotiations, but responsible for the trade.
It is a good thing; I had changed the clothes in the carriage. If I had to sit here with torn clothes, it would have been awkward. 
“We will move tomorrow with this strategy,” said Lancel after three hours of discussion. 
Robin and I nodded, with relieved smiles on our faces; it is very hard sometimes to convince Lancel to follow our advice.
Thankfully, he agreed to most of our suggestions.
“Remus, take a good rest. Tomorrow will not be easy.” Said Lancel. “Yes, my lord,” I said and walked out of the office. 
I am tired and want to take a rest, but there are a few things I have to do first.
“Captain Azalea,” I greeted the woman. She looked fresh, it is clear, she had bathed and changed into a new set of clothes.
“Adviser Silver,” she replied and walked toward the office, while I turned to Ina. “Do you know where I am staying?” I asked, “Yes, Majordomo had informed me, when we come here,” she said and led me toward my suite.
Soon, we stepped out of the elevator and stopped in front of the white doors. She took out the key and opened the doors.
I walked into the beautiful suite, like the mansion. Everything here was beautiful. I like how minimalistic this suit is.
“I will freshen up and ask the kitchen to send the dinner for us; we will be leaving after finishing the dinner,” I said and walked to my room, before stepping into the shower.
I sighed as the cold water cascade over my body.
I am clean. All the dried blood, dust, and other things have been removed by the spell, but there is nothing like a shower that makes you feel clean.
I stayed in a shower for half an hour and washed every part of my body before walking out, feeling truly clean. 
I dried myself and walked into the closet, where all my clothes were perfectly lined up. I picked a suit and wore them before waking out of the room.
I had an extra set of clothes in my iles bag, but that was for an emergency like a dungeon. Iles bag space is precious, and I had thought carefully about everything I had placed there.
I had walked into the living room and saw dinner had been brought and already set on the table.
“Eat with me. It might take some time to the place where we are going,” I said to Ina. She hesitated for a moment before sitting down in front of me. 
We ate in silence. I had already asked her what I wanted to do earlier. So, there was nothing else to talk about.
“Earlier, a delivery of sealing boxes came in your name. It is from Ethan Ashav,” she informed. 
“Where are the boxes?” I asked her. “I had placed them in another room after Stone said they are safe,” she replied. “Good,” I said and continued eating.
A few minutes later, I finished the dinner and walked to the room. 
As she had said, there were three brown boxes. They are wooden and of different sizes, but all three would fit in my iles bad perfectly.
‘These three should be enough,’ I said to myself and opened them, before wearing gloves and bringing out the things from the iles bag.
I have touched them with my hands in the dungeon, but I don’t want to take the risk again, with healing and all done on me.
In front of Ina’s widened eyes, I took out the things. The first ones were the swords. I took out both of the swords and placed them in the box before closing it. 
In the second box, I placed the tiny piece of a big abomination. I had picked it up when I was walking toward the door; I am not the only one done that, others also did it.
Ethan had even thrown away many things from his bag to make a space for them.
It may be a tiny piece of plant-bone abomination, but it is big as my hand and thick as my thigh. It is also quite heavy, so I had to be careful in putting it into a box where it barely fit itself.
The last box is a little smaller than the box I had put my swords and made small and big brackets for different things.
I placed berries and flowers; I had picked in a dungeon. And also, the things I found lying on the battlefield.
Not every part of the plant was used in the abomination's creation. There are some flowers, seeds, and even fruits that didn’t; I picked a few that were near the gate.
“Are these the things you have found in a dungeon?” Ina asked. “Yes,” I replied and put the boxes in the iles bag.
I felt relieved as I placed the boxes in the bag. Ethan had warned me to place them in the sealing box as soon as possible. 
The magical materials are dangerous, many of them needed to be placed in a sealing box before storing them in an iles bag. 
As their magic could erode the enchantments of the bag.
“Legs go,” I said, and I walked out. 
As we stepped out of the suit, Stone appeared behind us. 
“How are Jon and Zela feeling?” I asked. “Aside from the weakness. Very good,” he said. I nodded and stepped into the elevator. 
A few minutes later, the carriage stopped in front of me. Stone opened the door, and I stepped inside with Ina. 
“Take us to Axel Emporium,” said Ina. A moment later, the carriage moved and soon it rolled out of the mansion's gate into the city.
We did not speak, instead looked at the city. At night, it is even more beautiful than the day. 
Every part of the city is covered in light, with people of every race walking under. One would be surprised to see there is very little undead in the city of the undead kingdom.
Of course, there are undead, but far fewer numbers than one would imagine in their mind when they think of the city in Navr.
Navr had a huge number of undead; millions of them, but the majority of them are hidden. The ones that are visible are farming and mining undead.
Soon, the carriage reached the Johar district; one of the market districts. Where the lights are extra brighter and the buildings are bigger, with lots of people, but despite that, the carriage barely lowered its speed.
In the market district of Owlspring, the carriage had to reduce its speed by a fourth, sometimes fifth.
It is surprising because the number of people is about the same. The only difference here is that Jalrux is far better planned than the Owlspring.
A few minutes passed, and the carriage stopped in front of a huge nine-story building. It is all tall and wide, and it only sells one thing; the thing I am very interested in.

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