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It's an odd thing to know that you've died, yet still remain cognisant.

Part of me understands that I should be feeling some rather destressing emotions right about now.

Fear, apprehension, perhaps anger? Anger to having my life took from me, fear for what's to come, apprehension of the fact death is undocumented yet generally has some negative connotations.

Especially for an atheist.

Though on the subject of religion, it's not that I don't believe in gods or higher powers, what I believe in is infinity, infinite futures, pasts and possibilities. However, I never followed any religious texts, since in my opinion anything written by the hands of man should at least be taken with a grain of salt.

And for those who claim the bible, and such, were written by your gods, well you'd think a god would have better grammar, half the words in the bible are the word 'and'.

Alas I'm getting side-tracked, though honestly there isn't much for me to do here.

I can't see anything but darkness, I can occasionally hear voices, muffled though they are, it sounds like there talking through a thick door, as for what I feel, I'd say constricted.

I feel like I'm suffocating but somehow comfortably.

Now again I should probably be feeling some steep emotions right about now.

Except that's not my style, I've never really been one to panic, or really feel much in general, I'm more of a logical and blunt kind of guy.

As for where I am, I have a sneaking suspicion I'm in a womb, it's a logical deduction based on what I know of pregnancy and abashedly I must admit to there being a bit of wishful thinking.

I've read plenty novels of rebirth and reincarnation.

Following my belief on infinity, the chance such novels could hold truth or at least be prophetic in a way to my life are non-zero and while I understand that it's unlikely I have been reincarnated, that is the outcome id like the most so I will just act under the assumption that its true.

With that in mind currently I'm just hoping that I will get some gold finger, cheat or something.

Never been one for effort, in fact I quite enjoy sleep and the act of doing nothing at all.

Then again, probably due to my reading of escapism novel but my views of life are probably something to be considered somewhat twisted, see the only thing of value to me is power, not political or anything but individual power.

I suppose this started when I read the lines ' all the suffering in the world, stems from a lack of individual ability' and they really struck a chord with me.

I spent my first life doing nothing at all until my eventual demise simply because I saw no reason to do anything, there was nothing to be gained from being active, humanity had its limits, I could have exercised, learned martial arts, done all sorts but in the end any idiot with a gun could best all that effort.


There was no point in trying when the limit of humanity was so low.

But if, in my new life, that limit ceases to be, then I vow to embody power, I hold no value for companionship and I detest the thought of sharing my power so I refuse to grow along others.

Like playing a video game, if you're in a party the individual exp gain will be decreased.

And I find that unacceptable, I must grow as much as is possible and I must do it alone so that the power is mine and mine alone.

Speaking of power, provided this world meets my expectations then typically there would be some 'inner' power to harness, and since I've nothing to do here, I might as well try get a head start with some meditation.

Some time passed, I don't know how much exactly but I've managed to sense that 'energy' I was talking about, although it feels wrong, like its incomplete and I can't do anything with it but feel its presence like a blanket under my skin... kinda creepy put like that.

Anyway, I feel like half of my energy isn't here yet, at least I hope it will come once I'm born, I can feel it, it just doesn't feel like it's ready yet, like it still needs to grow,

I am assuming it has something to do with my not being born yet, which means it likely has something to do with the physical body and will finish development in accordance with my new body.

Or maybe it is something like qi (spiritual energy) and ki (physical energy) in cultivation novels??

I have got qi energy since my soul exists and is developed yet I would be lacking in ki because my body is not yet developed.

eh who knows, I will find out when I'm born, for now I'm tired and criminally comfortable.


A/N: Hello! dear readers, and welcome to my first fanfic, i dont really have anything to say but fair warning there will be a lot of time skips in the first few chapters, as i want to actually get to the ninja-ing quickly. also this is mostly an SI and i am a sociopath so, while my SI wont be pointlessly sadistic (hes a sociopath, not a psychopath, there is a difference) he also wont hesitate to do stuff you might think is fucked up, from the obvious like murder, to torture and emotional manipulation later on (for infiltration mission for example).

anyway i will do my best to make things make sense, though with the naruto timeline being what it is i will probably be editing bits of canon, nothing major, mostly just cleaning up the timeline.