Life Update (Yes, the Novel will continue!)
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So... Where have I been?

I've had some health complications that wore me down for months. I've always been an insomniac, but it reared its ugly head more often this year. I was getting sick often, and it's been a struggle. They were made worse due to my brief stint with COVID last year (apparently, smoking is not good for you, who would've guessed).

Being a TA also wore me out even more. Though, I will be a full-time teacher next year in the fall! So that's cool.

But yeah, I was just mentally and physically exhausted, so I took a long sabbatical from writing. I apologize for leaving the timeline half-finished, especially since it was reaching one of the more exciting parts of the story.

I did try to get back into it a few times over the past year, but I was unable to finish even a single chapter. There were times I stared at my doc for hours, only for me to fail to put down my thoughts into print.

However, I feel a bit more refreshed now, and I'm happy to announce that the next chapter (which will be a massive chapter closing out the Third Coalition War) is nearly completed! Thank God for Korean historical dramas and Victoria 3 for sparking some ideas and inspiration in me.

I will do my best to get this timeline back up and running. Time to grind some old, rusting gears and regain my writing mojo.