Troll Emerges
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Cindy actually enjoyed her time with Nik and Anna. She felt that her recent experiences would have already sapped anything related to joy from her but that wasn't the case and the woman realized that she only needed a change of pace. Mary Jane was comforting, Flash was a dick, Peter had a huge crush on Mj, and Chantal had a surprising crush on Peter. The boy named Harry wasn't present today and at the moment during the recess, neither were Anna and Nik. In fact, Cindy could 'smell' the two hidden somewhere and whatever they were doing, her body was begging to be a part of it. The flush on her face testified to her bodily desires. "You alright?" Mj asked while leaning forward, "Your face is all red and your forehead's covered with sweat." Mj whispered as Cindy hurriedly leaned back, "I am fine, really." At this time, a sweet-looking blonde girl walked up to their table and smashed her plate in frustration to gather the attention of the group. Peter, from far away, looked at the scene.

"HAH!" Flash grunted, "Since when—"

"Save it, Thomson!" Gwen glared at the blonde hunk before looking at Mj, "Where's Ann and Nik? Emphasis on Ann. Nik can go trouble other people!" She observed Cindy for a brief moment before focusing on Mj once again. "Em... I don't know? He didn't attend any of the classes today. And the moment Anna came, he took her somewhere," Mj muttered, realizing what the situation looked like as Gwen's expression worsened. "So, Ann isn't going to join the practice? Lovely!" Gwen snorted and looked at Cindy, "Hey, I'm Gwen Stacy. I never saw you around."

"Cindy Moon," she smiled, "I am from Manhattan High. Just tagged alongside Anna."

"And the guard by the gates?"

"He... didn't even notice." Cindy smiled apologetically, "I might know where Anna and Nik went. Do you want me to bring you there?" 

"Is it in some dark corner?" Gwen inquired with a furrow of her brows as Cindy looked confused, "I don't know that." Sighing at Cindy's words, Gwen sat and groaned, "Never mind... I'd rather wait until they return in a more decent 'position.' Everyone knows about those two by now..." Her words causing Mj's eyes to twitch as she looked down and started to eat her lunch while Cindy looked a little confused. Seeing her expression, Gwen, who seemed to have some sort of personal vendetta against Nik, hissed, "You don't know, do you? Nik and Anna are the types of couples who take their biology practicals seriously. At every corner of the building, in fact." She growled, munching on her burger, "Oh, and Nik still hasn't apologized for what he did! It was years ago, I know! But the man had the galls to give me a wedgie! Me!" 

Hearing her words, Flash accidentally snickered, attracting Gwen's glare as he instantly stiffened up, "Something funny, Flash? Of course, you would find it funny. Hey, I've got an idea, let's have you wear a thing and then pull it. Have your balls dissected from the center, hmm?" Shuddering, Flash raised his hand in surrender, "Hey, I am not the one who proclaimed gender equality back then and made Nik do what he did. You were practically down his neck. If you have a crush on him, at least act like Jones! She at least keeps it—"

Once again speaking something he shouldn't have, Flash slowly tilted his gaze towards Gwen, her eyes wide in fury but the girls also saw the sadness mixed within. "Mj, break-up with him, at least, you'll be spared from his stoned brain," Gwen spat before leaving in anger as Flash complained in a soft mumble, "That's really vicious..." 

"You were a jerk to her just now!" Mj glared at flash before standing up and leaving. Now, Cindy and Flash looked at each other for a few moments before the boy spoke up in frustration, "You think I was a jerk?"

"Oh, you are," Cindy nodded and continued to eat silently with Flash leaving this time around. Thinking for a moment, Cindy stood up and walked towards the old changing room of the school from where she could already hear hushed moans and the slightly familiar wet sounds alongside a soft and enticing scent mixed with raw, musky one. Just the slightest whiff of the scent caused Cindy's entire body to light up in heat and passion. The very same emotion when she almost forced herself on Nik when he swung by her school, the very same emotion when she latched onto him today, too. And yet here she was, a door's distance away from the source of her bodily passion who continued to spread his happiness with another girl. Not that she minded it. They both were a couple but... her body pressed against the door itself, almost causing her fingers to puncture the doors as she panted softly.

'Gosh!' she gasped internally, 'Do I really need to do that here?' Cindy thought to herself and looked around. Finding a female restroom, she hurriedly entered the room and occupied a stall before pulling up the hem of her skirt and biting it to keep the fabric up, revealing her panties of which she pulled the base fabric aside, allowing Cindy to see her own entrance drooling with juices. She had never experienced such a state before. Even with Hector. However, the moment she thought of Hector, all her randy emotions now were opposed by the guilt she felt. 'God,' she let go of her skirt and held her face with both of her palms, recalling Hector. 'Please keep him safe...' she choked with emotions. She hadn't gotten her closure, she still didn't kick his ass for cheating on her, and she still hadn't given him the last farewell! She wanted Hector to be safe despite his infidel ways. 'What am I even doing... masturbating while using my enhanced hearing to keep tabs on the two people who actually understand my situation and want to help me... I am the worst!' Thinking to herself, Cindy leaned back and sighed. 'But I still want a release so bad... should I just watch porn?' Cindy thought as she recalled her brother watching the show.

'But I don't have any mobile phone with me yet. Wait... do I even need to hear on them? I can probably...' Thinking to herself, Cindy turned her palms to face herself and erected her fingers which instantly secreted a gush of white organic webbing that, under Cindy's less than amateurish control, started to stick together and form a rod-like figure barely the length of a palm and quite thin actually. Seeing this, Cindy's lips twitched as she just hid it behind the toilet. After all, her father had already told her that her webbings would melt away and lose their durability after an hour or so. 'Can't even make a toy that they use in those videos...' she stood up, unwilling to let her body's desire get a better of herself, not in her current situation, at least.

As she walked out, she found the door hiding her desires click open, too, revealing a slightly sweaty but happy Anna who tagged alongside Nik as he adjusted his belt. The three of them stopped instantly, looking at each other before Cindy pointed at the bathroom with a curious expression. "I... em, think that my powers also brought some stomach problems..." Cindy almost felt like crying at this point but held on and looked at Anna and Nik, "What were you two doing here?"

"Practice," Anna grinned, "Nik showed me some of his powers!" She squeaked before hugging him tightly as Nik raised his eyebrows and nodded, "Yeah, some of them. Anyway, while we were training, my mind... sort of got an idea about your situation." Nik smiled, obviously aware of Cindy's current sensuality, and continued, "Let's talk while walking. I think that I have found a connection to your situation."

"Really?" Cindy inquired in surprise as the three began walking. "Yeah," Nik nodded, "First, there's an explosion in Hall of Science, second, we both got our particularities from one of the experiments in that lab. And all of this happened in less than three days. Finally, there's also news going that many guards of the Osborn Corporation were found unconscious, the same company that kinds of own the destroyed place. Now, your situation is by no means a coincidence, and... you did say that your body jumped on its own, right?"

Nik looked at Cindy who hurriedly nodded. "Our bodies will only register fear instinctually if it feels that it is in danger. I have a feeling that your defense mechanism is slightly edgier than mine but there's no way a simple person can threaten us. Only an enhanced person, or someone with enough technological means can truly harm us and both of these situations aren't that far from Osborn Corporation. Maybe someone from the big C found you getting the bite or they are following you from different means... like your scent..." Nik muttered, causing Cindy to look away with her mind already pushing the blame to Nik himself. Of course, Cindy was aware that her scent may have been flooding the entire corridor itself. 

"Now, all of this is speculation but I have a hunch that Osborn Corporation is definitely involved. Harry isn't here today, too, or we could have tried to get some info from him..." mumbling, Nik concluded, "And as far as we know, the assaulter might really be an enhanced person. He couldn't have gotten the powers from the same source..." This statement caused a few questions to emerge in Cindy's mind while Nik sighed, "Anyway, I now think that getting the police involved is a better alternative. Better yet, the billionaire superhero accessible to everyone— Tony Stark."

"Yes!" Anna pumped her fist with a wide smile, "I gotta have his autograph. Before we go, let me grab the Iron Man helmet I purchased!" Anna looked towards Nik as he shrugged, "Sure. I'll grab my action figure, too." Seeing the duo's antics, Cindy groaned, "Mine is still back at my place..."

"Oh, about your parents, it is best that they realize that your identities might have been already leaked." Nik suddenly spoke as Cindy practically shouted. "What?!"

"This kind of obvious by now. Don't you think that your boyfriend might have already told the assaulter about you if you were the target all along?" Cindy's expression fell as she hissed, "Ex-boyfriend," she emphasized. "Right," Nik smiled, "We also need to get a 'super' involved before something actually happens to your ex."

"Here's an idea," Anna spoke up, "Why don't the two of you become superheroes?"

"And if you speak a little louder, we might as well have no choice," Nik pointed out, making Anna stick her tongue playfully as Cindy seriously considered the suggestion. "And why not, because I have seen the horrors of the darkest corner of society and if it does go 'super', I'd rather provide support from sidelines. Did you forget, we don't need to be crime fighters," Nik nudged Anna's shoulder, making her recall the conversation in the car as she pouted, "But seeing Incubus in action would have been awesome."

Hearing her, Nik whispered with a playful smirk, "Sweetheart, you just played a major role in Incubus' action, remember?" 

"There you are!" Gwen's voice echoed as she made her way towards Anna while glaring at Nik, "Did you forget about your practice?" Gwen inquired with a stormy expression, making Anna yelp in surprise. "Ah, snap! I gotta run! I'll meet you guys later!" Anna hurriedly waved her hand and ran even without replying to Gwen, making the blonde athlete focus on Nik instead, "And you!"

"Hey, there," Nik grinned, "Looking smashing as usual!" His words instantly causing her to grit her teeth. Chuckling, Nik shook his head, "Come on, Gwen. You can't remain angry at me forever."

"Continue such greetings, and I just might," She snorted before turning on her heels and leaving while stomping with every step. 

"Why don't you just apologize?" Cindy inquired as Nik shrugged, "It's fun this way. I like seeing her on the edge." Nik stated before looking at her, "And... do you have anything else planned? Or will you just tag along?" 

Cindy thought for a moment before sighing, "Tag along."


"It is quite simple, really. While everyone thought that I have a stupendous amount of knowledge of the supersoldier serum, what I did, no... what my father did was that he began finding issues in his own blood and started creating a remedy. In reality, every Osborn would find death at the age of 40 and we just reversed it," a raspy voice taught, "Reverse of decay is strength. There is no serum in my hands but just method to stop my own decay," Hector was out of tears as he pleaded weakly. He was too hungry, too desperate, and too thirsty to give the 'Goblin's' teachings any thought. 

"Boy, you will thank me after what I am presenting you," Goblin installed a tube of his blood into the pipes that were connected to the large cylinder that held Hector. "I am giving you strength, kekeke, let me rephrase it," The Goblin snickered, "I am giving you strength and you will provide me with Data... alongside the girl you exposed as Cindy." Pushing a few buttons as his red blood traveled through the metallic tubes and erupted as a gaseous fog into the cylinder, Hector panicked. He struggled against the leather belts holding him in place and begged Goblin to not do anything but his cries soon stifled and he started trembling. "If it were before, your chances of dying would have been plenty. But the formula is now incubated in a human body and the rejection rate is minuscule. Rejoice!" Goblin shouted with his wrinkly face contorted by a maniacal grin. "You will have power!"

Meanwhile, Hector's body continued to struggle against the restraints more viciously. His skin melting and his hair withering by the second. His physique, instead of shrinking, grew in size while his skin turned mud-yellow. Hector's eyes lost its pupils and his skull continued to shift and change. Soon, the boy broke out his restraints but he had long lost his mental faculties. Smashing his fist against the tube, causing a crack to form in the cylinder. 

Unfazed, the Goblin just chuckled darkly, "Kekakakaka! Haahaahahahaha! I'll call you Troll! They took everything from me while thinking that it is I who stole first but not anymore! Not! Anymore!" He roared.

"Grrooouughhhhhh!" The Troll roared akin mindless beast and finally broke through the cylinder. With the military-grade glass shattering out and littering the entire floor, Troll slowly walked towards Goblin, completely naked and his monstrous tool jiggling alongside his newfound inflated stomach. With a ground-shaking thud, the Troll fell onto his knees, crushing the glass underneath and softly whimpering while sniffing the Goblin. "Hah! Those meds worked!" Goblin laughed, "All you need is clothes and you are good to go!"

Goblin turned with his lab coat swishing about. On the wall right in front of him, a picture of Cindy Moon was nailed down alongside Tony Stark, and Nick Fury. "I'll get all of you! Kehehehehe."