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[Talent— Exotic Escort— initiated. The average statistical value available to be absorbed and the abilities are listed.

Name: Anna Fuker

Talent: —

Physique: —

Mental: — 

Energy: —

Luck: —

Abilities: [Ballet Dance: H]


Nik gazed at the sleeping mother-daughter pair. Honestly, he could initiate [Exotic Escort] on anyone he slept with regardless of their willingness or not. This alongside the fact that every time he slept with someone stronger than him, he would be able to work up his own reserves to truly gain additional benefits, which made his sex with Yu Yan, Samya, Gojira, and even Ryu'er, quite fulfilling at moments if he could disregard the shackles on him. Brushing the strand on Anna's forehead behind, Nik took a deep breath. She was officially his partner, Lust Recruitment and all. While Mary was going through Nik's experience. A little selfish on his part since Mary didn't actually ask for such a gesture but what kind of man Nik is if not selfish. 'Ballet dance... a skill that requires experience so that means that the ability would begin from H-. Man... it does look deep but... I'd rather not enter the entertainment industry.' Nik stored the ability into his skill/ability pool before laying down to sleep.

The morning turned out to be a peaceful one, at least, Nik hoped so. In his knowledge, he had settled Cindy's troubles and provided an equal grounds where the cops overcame an unconscious monster that could quite literally crush them, and he even destroyed a slavery operation without using too much of his enhanced strength and by only focusing on using his insane level of martial arts. Not to mention the fact that he now understood that it wasn't the japanese but chinese triad impersonating the yakuza to take out a traitor from their own operations. Preparation a serving of dragon's meat now that he could endure it, Nik felt his body stirred up and passively absorb a large amount of nutrition to invest in his physique. Slowly and gradually developing his strength. His physique was barely weaker than a peak rank 2 physique however, Nik did not have enough opponents to translate such value in the world he currently is in. "Gojira's cousin is damn delicious..." Nik burped, proceeding to use [Purification: A+] on himself to clean his bowels. He just loved the feeling of not needing to go to the bathroom. It was quite liberating, in fact. 

Instead of hurriedly cooking for the two sleeping beauties, Nik walked to the verandah of the apartment and looked out. The dawn had already lifted quite a bit, revealing an early sky and a chill breeze swooping through Nik. Of course, he didn't go out to enjoy the weather, he would rather go back to bed. It was his neighbor's rather rowdy sexual escapade. Gazing at the middle-aged couple enjoying their time with the woman muffling her encouraging moans and the man keeping his damn best to overcome his large tummy and move his waist the way he used to, Nik waved and called out happily, "Mr. and Mrs. Burnard, there a place for me, too?" He inquired with a snicker as the woman yelped and pulled her shirt down, hiding her lovely breasts while the man wasn't having any of it.

"Damn you, kid! From the moment you've moved in, we can't have sex because of the sound! We can't even sleep in our bedroom! So, bug off! I am this close in complaining you to the manager!" The man snarled, his butt thrusting harder as the woman snuck a glance towards Nik before moaning openly. "Cheers to that," Nik grinned, "Mr. Burnard, sorry about that. We'll try to keep it low from now on." Nik called out before waving his hand as he heard the couple's hushed whispers. "Huh, who knew the kid was reasonable. Our bastard is never this compromising." The man muttered to himself as the wife cooed, "We should have had him joined... hubby, pretty please?"

"No way in hell! You stick to my other pals. That kid... is dangerous!" The man harshly spanked her wife's butt, making her moans louder and squeaking. Yawning a little, Nik paid the adventurous couple no heed as a pair of arms wrapped around him from his back tightly. "So, you've really got superpowers, huh," Mary whispered into his ear before biting onto his earlobes as Nik smiled and nodded, "Yep. You've accepted the invite," Nik commented. "That I did," Mary continued hotly, "And now knowing everything, I want more! Now!" Mary's hands lowered onto his crotch as Nik whimpered, "Aw, I just promised the Burnards that we'll keep it down."

"I never did," Mary finally turned Nik around and took his lips hotly, "And ohhh~ I want in both of them!" Mary looked into Nik's eyes with extreme hunger as she gently pressed her knee against Nik's erection. "If you do that, I'll tell you a few secrets of mine, too~!" As she felt Nik's arms wrapping around him while they brought the party to the living room, Mary already had her answer as she already felt stimulated enough to shower her couch with her orgasms. Emphasis on the plural form.

Of course, what came afterward was a rushed morning where everyone had to tighten their belts quickly and leave for their respective life. Nik and Anna left for the school while the sexually fulfilled Mary bore the scolding of her boss since another major event needed the coverage as soon as possible and Mary had already proved herself to be one of the most valuable field reporters. Once Nik and Anna reached the school however, they found themselves staring at the gloomy group with a rare situation of Peter not being bullied by Flash or one of his followers. 

"What's going on guys?" Anna chirped quite happily. Her boyfriend's a superhero, after all. "Harry's dad is missing," Mj whispered while Flash snapped a reply, "Jones family died in a road accident and she's in a coma." Suddenly, the atmosphere froze as Mj and Flash looked at each other with an incredulous expression before Flash hurriedly patted Harry, "Hey, man! Your dad's missing? Sorry about that."

"No, no," Nik muttered, "None of you knew about Jones, huh." Recalling the petite brunette with a major crush on him now in a coma with her family lost, Nik mood dampened slightly as Anna kept her tongue in restrain. The situation just now became too awkward as Mj still felt shocked by the revelation. "Jones... is in a coma? Why didn't you say this earlier?" She inquired as even Harry didn't have the heart wallow in his own insecurities. After all, their classmate just went through an even worse situation, no, she is still going through it. "I just overheard it. Dean's giving teach a hard time and telling him to relay the news." Flash admitted before taking a deep breath. "Anyway, I don't have the mind to hang out today. I'll see you later babe," Flash whispered to Mj with a little distant tone. On the other hand, Harry groaned, "Great. Another bad news... I'm taking a break from all of this..." He turned around and walked away with slumped shoulders. 

"Harry..." Peter muttered, his eyes revealing heartfelt sadness as he smiled weakly at the group. Aside from Harry, he didn't have anything common with the group so he took his leave, too. "Hey," Nik patted Anna's back, "You've got class, too, right? We'll meet at the cafe," Nik pecked Anna's cheeks as she nodded and stumped away. "Good day for bad news, huh, Mj." Nik walked past the heartbroken redhead as she didn't have the stomach to bear such news at once. Gazing at Nik's back, Mj kept her silence, her gaze conflicted for a few moments before she was awoken from her stupor by one of her girlfriends. Walking into the class, Nik enjoyed the sight of the collection of students nonetheless. This was his first time being a student after all. He had been trained and educated as a prostitute, of course, but it was by no means a school and the Holy Orchid Institute was more of a supernatural training institution. 

Sitting behind Gwen, Nik whispered, "Heard your dad made a big arrest yesterday. Must have bugged you hard." His comment instantly pulling an annoyed grunt from the blonde ballet dancer with a passion for drumming, "You remember, huh?" She whispered as Nik leaned forward, "You used to complain about your dad not being in time whenever there was a piece of news praising him. It's hard to forget." He continued, "Heard that this time, he bagged Human Traffickers."

"He did," Gwen leaned back, showing one of the rare moments where she didn't want to butt heads with Nik. "He said that there's a superhero involved. Can you believe that?"

"If I see it, then yeah. And fortunately, I've seen good ol' Carl Lucas in action."

"Ah," Gwen recalled, "Then maybe it is true. Good things are happening in the city." She smiled a little as the teacher walked in, making Nik smile wryly.

"Uh... yeah, I don't think so."

"Students," The teacher addressed before relaying the tragedy onto the class as Gwen's expression froze. 

Despite his shortcomings, Nik had proved his academic skills with decent scores so when the teacher continued on the class by handing out the questionnaire for the quiz regarding the natural history of the nation, Nik found it relatively easy. A tiny part of him wished to cheat but... well, what would become of him if he actually deemed a paper test valuable enough to cheat for? 'Some old man said that a piece of paper can't decide my future,' Nik thought as Sky and various other spirits resonated with the statement.

"But a dagger to your heart can," Sky commented virtuously.

"But a blade against your tool can," Lilith snickered.

"I believe that a piece of paper can decide a future..." Asmodeus shrugged, "What if that piece of paper is the image of Supreme Seraphim humping his 'Holy Wife'!"

"I believe that— pfft!" Pure instantly laughed at Asmodeus' words before realizing something great, "Ah, I don't know the context! Will you tell me?"

"You're in for a ride, darling," Asmodeus snickered. 

[I would like to understand, too.] Lola spoke up, making Nik sigh internally. 'Damn spirits and A.I. All of you are actually freeloaders. You need to pay up with your bodies eventually,' Nik snickered with crooked desires as none of them took it seriously. After all, they already knew it. 

As the hour passed, the teacher collected back the answer sheets silently. Honestly, the teacher himself felt pretty bad for thinking that a single piece of bad news caused the students to take the test without any complaints, and honestly, it was refreshing and quite a guilt trip for the teacher. Despite her lack of academic achievements, Jessica did liven the class with her presence. Every student did.

"Huff, to think that we would be asked such subjective questions..." Gwen took a deep breath, intentionally pushing her chair back to push Nik's desk. "Hey, dumbass, how'd you do?" She inquired without looking back, making Nik smile. "Me?" he leaned forward, not minding the stare from his classmate beside him, "Amazing. You know me. I am like Holmes with my mind driven by sweet hallucinations." Scrunching her brows, Gwen snorted, "I thought you got clean."

"I am, but for my 'mortal' enemy, you seem quite talkative today." Nik waggled his brows as Gwen looked back with a narrowed gaze. "Yeah, my bad," she spat before turning towards the board. The next class would be taking place in the same room so the students didn't move as Nik slumped back on his chair and pushed his legs against the legs of Gwen's chair to give himself a good amount of space once again. After the classes, however, Gwen did cordially invite Nik to visit Jessica in the hospital after she grilled the teacher for information. Aside from Anna who tagged alongside, everyone else had their own gig which made Gwen feel a little annoyed. "They all are too selfish! Can't even spare time for—" Maybe a little too annoyed since she didn't stop venting at all.


"Do you guys want to visit Jessica?" To Gwen's inquiry, Peter replied with a refusal. He didn't know Jessica well enough and the fact that Mj wasn't tagging along really reduced his own motivation, too. "Ugh, no. I have to help my uncle with some repairs back at home." His refusal, like Flash's basketball practice, Mj's interview with an agent, grew on Gwen's nerves. Snorting, she turned back, pulling Anna's hands and making Nik wave at the group before following the two girls. "Damn, is it me or Gwen's getting really along with Nik?" Flash mumbled out while smacking the back of Peter's head, "And why are you sitting with us, Parker? Forgot your way around the school?" He growled, making Peter adopt a meek expression before he hurriedly snuck away, making Mj groan. 

"Flash!" she looked at him, "I can't do it anymore!"

"What?" Flash looked at Mj with apparent annoyance when a sly chuckle broke their impending argument. "Oh, if it isn't the star actress and Flash Thompson!" Brandon sat next to Flash, "Hey, Mj, what're you doing here? Nik's left, right?"

"Whatever," Mj rolled her eyes, "I am done with you guys," The redhead spat and left the table before walking away, making Flash glare at Brandon, who only chuckled. "Oh, come on, Champ. We both know you're into Linda. Like... 'really' into her!" Seeing Flash's expression crumble, Brandon took out his cellphone and revealed a picture from afar where Flash cornered a Brunette and exchanged a passionate kiss. "I just did you a favor. You can smack Linda's cheeks without being a cheater." The blonde rogue snickered. "All I want is a little favor in exchange for my silence."

"Man, I don't want to come in between you and Nik—"

"Who says it's about Nik? We both are... cool." Brandon twitched, "I want you to get me a pass into the Eve Night Pub. You know, your father's hole?" 

Meanwhile, as Peter made his way towards the corner where his uncle— Ben— would pick him up, a pair of hands suddenly pulled him into the back of a van in the broad daylight before the yellow passenger van ignited into action and drove away. Within the van, almost at the verge of losing his consciousness, Peter saw a green blurry figure, his glasses must have fallen off. "Kahahahaha! You're smart! Harry said so!" The jarring voice echoed as the promising youth lost his consciousness. "You'll definitely make for a good base!" The Goblin promised to himself. 


"Where did you run off to?" Carl Lucas aka Luke Cage inquired White Tiger as they both found themselves standing in front of a bearded handsome man. Tony Stark.

"Uh... personal stuff. Anyway, we ready for questioning?" 

"Yep. Superhero interrogations, baby!" Luke pumped his fists as Tony gazed at both of them with amusement. "I have already procured a blood sample from the beast. Remember, I am only doing this due to," waving a tube filled with blue liquid, Tony continued, "Nick and I have a lot to chat. You guys got one hour and after that, I want to meet him again."

Tony smiled and then winked at White Tiger, "And you can swing by anytime, darling."

"Whatever," White Tiger snarled, walking past him without even giving him a hint of recognition. "Thanks, man. Hey," Luke looked at Tony, "Can I get a sweet armor myself? I know bullets don't work on me but... we are talking about an armor here!" He grinned, making Tony think carefully before shaking his head. "No offense, Carl—"

"Luke. I go by Luke Cage now."

"Right, Luke. But I'd rather keep the Iron Man gig to myself. Hotties dig it..."

"Believe me," Luke grinned, "I know."

"Hey, I heard you fought against Hulk—"

"If you mean that I got my ass handed down and ribs broken, then yeah—"

"Are you coming?" White Tiger shouted, making Luke take his leave after patting Tony's shoulder roughly, allowing Tony to feel the monstrous power for himself.