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'Wait, those eyes...'

White Snake sage's pupils shrank as she noticed the Rennigan under Nagato's bangs. She felt that they are extraordinary and felt like she saw them somewhere before. But maybe due to her being too old, she didn't immediately remember them.

At this moment, Danzo got a little impatient.

"Orochimaru, can this old woman can really teach us senjutsu?"

He came to Orochimaru on crutches and pointed at the White Snake sage, with his face full of doubts. He ran all the way here, his bones were about to fall apart, just to see this white snake sage.

But from her, Danzo could not feel any power, and couldn't help but feel greatly disappointed.

"How dare you disrespect the White Snake sage?"

Seeing that Danzo is questioning the White Snake sage's ability, the three snake princesses were so angry that blue veins appeared on their foreheads, and hissed as they wanted to teach Danzo a lesson.

"Hmph, What Ryuchi cave? You are just a group of snakes pretending to be sages. Do you think this old man will be afraid?"

A cold light flashed in Danzo's eyes.

In his opinion, even if Orochimaru stood by, he, Uchiha Obito, and Nagato would be enough to sweep the Ryuchi Cave.

Seeing that a battle is about to break out.


The White Snake sage said slowly and stood up from the throne.

The next second, with the sound of "Poof", a huge cloud of white smoke enveloped the White Snake sage's body.

After the white smoke dissipated, under Danzo's horrified eyes, the old woman was replaced by a large white phosphorus snake with a body length of tens of meters, in front of everyone.

This large white phosphorus snake, with orange hair and yellow eyes, had a green opal on its chest, a red luminous pearl on its head, and two golden rings on its tail. It emitted a sense of grace and nobility.

Its super-long body coiled around the throne as she hissed and looking down at Orochimaru and the others with stern eyes, making them feel unprecedented pressure.

"What a powerful Chakra..."

Nagato looked horrified and muttered. In his eyes, the sage chakra in the White Snake sage's body was as dazzling as the sun in the sky, making him almost unable to open his eyes.

"Looks like it's not in vain that we came this time."

Obito's eyes were bright, as he also sensed the vast power within the White Snake sage's body. In his opinion, this power is even stronger than Hoshigaki Kisame's Satori form, and it is not just by a level at all.


Danzo swallowed his saliva, and staggered back several steps out of fear.

At this moment, he is full of regrets. If he can do it again, he will never have such stupid words and deeds again.

Under the White Snake sage's coercion, Danzo wasn't able to have any thoughts of resistance and escape, and could only wait for her judgment.

The White Snake sage looked at Danzo and said slowly:

"Although you have offended me, since you passed the three tests and came to me, I will give you the power of senjutsu. As for whether you can withstand this power, it depends on your own fortune."

As soon as she said that, she set off a gust of wind and rushed towards Danzo. She stretched out a pair of fangs from her big mouth, and slammed into the latter's shoulders.


Danzo let out a shrill scream, looking very miserable.

"Unlike the other two holy places, the way to train senjutsu in Ryuchi Cave is very simple, that is, the white snake sage directly injects natural energy into the your body."

Seeing this, Orochimaru explained to Obito and Nagato, "If Danzo can handle this energy, he can get Sage Chakra and Sage Mode. But if he can't handle it, tsk tsk ... just wait and see."

Orochimaru told the truth.

'Gurg, gurg.'

After the White Snake sage injected a large amount of natural energy into Danzo's body, she retracted her fangs, and her huge body re-squatted on the throne.

At this moment, everyone's eyes were focused on Danzo, waiting for the result.

The White Snake sage used its fangs to first inject natural energy into Danzo's body.

This simple and rude teaching method is both high-risk and high-reward for ninjas who came to Ryuchi Cave to train senjutsu.

The Orochimaru in the anime also borrowed the White Snake sage's method, and came up with a copycat version of the sage mode - the cursed seal.

Everyone present in the hall kept staring at Danzo, watching the changes in him.

After the initial scream, Danzo gradually seemed to get used to the natural energy in his body, and his expression became soothing.


Danzo suddenly threw away the cane in his hand and raised his hands, as a look of excitement and ecstasy appeared on his face.

"I feel it, such a powerful force. Is this the Sage Chakra? Am I going to become a Sage?"

Danzo muttered to himself, his eyes bright, and his back straightened. At this moment, he seemed to be twenty years younger and returned to his prime.

He is in high spirits.

"Hahaha, I obtained the sage mode!"

Danzo opened his arms and laughed wildly, as a powerful energy burst out from his body, forming a fierce airflow that swept the entire hall.

At this moment, he has reached the peak of his life.

Seeing this, both Obito and Nagato were moved and looked on with eager eyes.

Even an old man like Danzo can withstand the power of the White Snake sage and become a Sage. Both of them have stronger talents and physiques, and there is no reason to fail at all.

However, Orochimaru, who was standing on the side laughing, folded his arms and looked like he was watching a play:

"Danzo is too happy too early, how can it be that simple?"

As soon as Orochimaru said that.


Danzo suddenly felt that something was wrong, and his laughter stopped abruptly.

Then, he was surprised to find that dense white snake scales appeared on his hands. They spread at an extremely fast speed, and soon followed his arms, covering most of his upper body.

"What happened?"

Danzo panicked a little, and felt itchy on his face again. It turned out that snake scales covered his entire face, leaving only one eye exposed.

The Sage Chakra in his body is running out of control!

With a thud, Danzo fell to the ground because his legs had disappeared, replaced by a snake's tail.

His one eye, the pupil also changed and turned into a snake pupil.

As Orochimaru said, Danzo was too happy too early.

During senjutsu training, if you can't bear the natural energy, you will be devoured by it. In Mount Myoboku, they will be turned into a frog and eventually turned into a frog statue; in Shikkotsu forest, the cells will split leading to more organs and limbs, and finally turned into a flesh-and-blood monster; while in Ryuchi Cave—

They will loose their mind and turn into a half-human, half-snake monster.

Moreover, the training in Mount Myoboku and Shikkotsu Forest is a step-by-step process.

Ryuchi Cave is different. Once you accept the natural energy injected by the White Snake sage, there are only two results:

Either go to the sky in one step, or smash to pieces.

"Help, save me..."

Danzo rolled, struggled, and roared in pain. At this moment, he seemed to be undergoing the most cruel torture in the world, he was full of fear and despair, and his voice became weaker and weaker.

"It seems that you failed."

The White Snake sage's was indifferent, as if she was not surprised by this result. It hissed, and instructed the three snake princesses on the side, "This guy's meat is too old, I can't chew it with my teeth, so I will reward you."


Hearing that, the three snake princesses immediately became excited, they hissed one after another while staring at Danzo not far away.

Under Obito's and Nagato's horrified eyes, these three flower-like women transformed in an instant, and like the White Snake Immortal, they showed their true bodies.

'Whoosh whoosh.'

The three big snakes swam on the ground and rushed towards Danzo, they open their big mouths of blood, and then they divided Danzo and ate him.

Letting out a desperate scream for one last time, Danzo was torn into several pieces and entered into the three snake girl's stomach.

Soon, Danzo disappeared under the eyes of everyone present in the hall, leaving only some scraps of clothes and blood on the ground.

Shimura Danzo, the former Hokage assistant and ambitious root leader, reached the end of his life and was tragically buried in the belly of a snake.

Witnessing Danzo's death, Obito and Nagato had changed their expressions, subconsciously feeling fear, fearing that the same ending would come to them.

When Orochimaru saw that Danzo was dead, he couldn't help shaking his head and sighing, showing a look of emotion. He turned his head and said to Obito and Nagato:

"This is the price of failure. Since ancient times, I don't know how many people have come to Ryuchi Cave in pursuit of the power of Senjutsu, but very few people have been able to go back, because they have all become the lunch...or dinner to the White Snake sage and her subordinates."

After listening to Orochimaru's words, even Nagato, who is determined, can't help but hesitate.

Obito quietly retreated to the entrance of the hall. Just now, after some weighing in his heart, he has decided to give up on sage mode.

For Obito, only surviving and completing the Moon Eye plan one day is the most important thing. There is no need to risk his own life in such a place.

However, Ryuchi Cave is not a public toilet, where he can come and go as he wants.

"It's your turn."

The White Snake sage said looking down on Obito and Nagato. When it noticed that Obito was trying to escape, a cold light flashed in her eyes, and jokingly said, "Little guy, where are you going?"

Before she finished speaking, her huge snake body left the throne and opened its mouth again revealing a pair of fangs aimed at Obito's shoulder, and bit towards the latter.

To the White Snake sage's suprise, this time it wasn't able to bite anything.


It was surprised to find that the Obito in front of her had turned into a phantom, so much so that it bit down and only bit the air.

"If I want to leave, even if you are the White Snake sage, you can't keep me here."

Obito said proudly, his right eye had turned into Mangekyo Sharingan at some point. He activated Kamui to escape.

Obito has become more proficient in Kamui now, and can escape into different dimensions at any time. As long as he doesn't die, no one can kill him.


Obito jumped back, the corner of his mouth raised a mocking arc, and then pressed his palm to the ground.


The next second, in the ground shook violently and a large number of trees rose from the ground. As if they were alive, they flew towards the White Snake sage and its three Snake princesses, entangling their huge snake bodies.

Taking this opportunity, Obito appeared beside Nagato in a flash, and said to the latter, "Follow me."

As he spoke, he reached out and pressed Nagato's shoulder, intending to use the power of Kamui to bring the latter into a different space, thereby escaping from Ryuchi Cave.

For Obito, Nagato who is transplanted with Uchiha Madara's Rennigan is the key to realizing the Moon Eye plan, and it is the most important piece in his hand.

He will never let Nagato fall into the White Snake sage's hands, or even be eaten by the other party.

However, just as Obito's hand was about to touch Nagato's shoulder—

A violent power suddenly radiated from Nagato's Rennigan, forming a powerful repulsive force outside his body.

Shinra Tensei!


Obito was caught off guard, and he received a direct hit from Shinra Tensei. He flew out dozens of meters and knocked down a wall of the hall on the spot.

"Nagato, you..." Orochimaru, who was watching from the side was quite surprised when he saw this scene.

"I want to stay and learn senjutsu." Nagato said calmly. Despite witnessing Danzo's death, he made up his mind.

During this period of time, Nagato deeply understood one thing.

In this world, only strength is the most important thing.

As long as he learns the sage mode of the Ryuchi Cave, he can obtain great power. At that time, neither Obito nor Orochimaru can threaten, use or manipulate him anymore.

For Yahiko and Konan, for Akatsuki, and for freedom, he must stay and learn senjutsu and there is no turning back.