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Right when Orochimaru was about to retreat, another voice that Orochimaru was very familiar with came from the rain curtain.

"Orochimaru, don't even think about escaping. With me here today, it is impossible for you to escape." A tall figure came to the street surrounded by a group of Konoha Anbu.


After Orochimaru saw Jiraiya, his face became even more ugly, and he forced a smile and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Orochimaru, I know everything about what you guys did in Amegakure secretly. Danzo, Uchiha Obito and Nagato, didn't they go to Ryuchi Cave with you to learn senjutsu? Why did you come back alone?"

Jiraiya took two steps forward and questioned Orochimaru with a serious face.

"Are you interrogating me now, esteemed Fourth Hokage-sama? What will happen if I don't answer, will you kill me with your own hands?"

Orochimaru's reply was sarcastic.

Hearing this, Jiraya sighed, his tone softened, and he spread his hands and said:

"You don't need to do this. Judging from our years of friendship, as long as you confess the whereabouts of others and follow me back to Konoha, I can let go of the past, as if nothing happened in the past."

It can be seen that he really wants to save Orochimaru, a former close friend, and does not want to see the other party make mistakes again and again until there is no cure.

"So, is this your charity to me, but unfortunately I don't want it."

Orochimaru's expression suddenly turned cold, and he refused.

He is an arrogant person with strong self-esteem in his bones. He has been a genius far beyond ordinary people since he was a child. He has smooth sailing on the road of life. He is recognized as the head of the Konoha Sannin.

But now, he has betrayed his companions and separated from Konohagakure, and has become a traitor, and he has to live a life of hiding. And Jiraiya, who used to be the tail of the crane in his eyes, has turned into the Hokage.

The gap between them is so big that Orochimaru is feeling very unbalanced and was unable to accept it.

Facing Orochimaru's refusal, Jiraiya shook his head, the regret for his former best friend disappeared in his eyes, replaced by the determination of the Hokage.

"Konoha Ninja take down the traitor, Orochimaru!"

With a loud shout from Jiraiya, a group of Konoha ninjas headed by Namikaze Minato launched a hurricane-like siege towards Orochimaru.


Facing the menacing Konoha ninja, Orochimaru sneered. In his eyes, apart from Jiraiya and Minato Namikaze, no one else is to be feared.

So, he quickly formed the seal and patted his palm to the ground, injecting a huge amount of Mokuton chakra into the ground, awakening the tree seeds that were sleeping in the ground.


In the next second, with a violent vibration from the ground, a large number of densely packed trees broke through the ground, and continued to move upwards, entangling many Konoha ninjas.

This is a jutsu that Orochimaru got from Obito. It is specially used to deal with groups.

Sure enough, in an instant, there were several screams coming from within.


Jiraiya let out a roar and interrupted the attacking trees with a Rasengan, looking extremely angry.

He originally planned to save Orochimaru's life, take him back to Konoha and imprison him in the dungeon, but Orochimaru did not hesitate to use such vicious ninjutsu to kill Konoha ninja indiscriminately, and Jiraiya couldn't bear to hesitate anymore.


Orochimaru laughed wildly, and while Konoha was in a hurry, he turned his head and fled outside Amegakure.

He caught them off guard just now, but once Jiraiya and Minato Namikaze are fully involved in the battle, it will be difficult for him to leave if he wants to leave.

So he has to hurry away.


'Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka!'

In the woods behind Orochimaru, there was the sound of trees breaking one after another, and a figure like a beast moved destroying the trees along the way, and caught up with Orochimaru at a very fast speed.

'Is it Namikaze Minato, how did he come so fast?'

Orochimaru was startled and felt the strong wind blowing behind him, so he had to turn his head to deal with the enemy's attack.

However, what surprised him was that the person who came was not the yellow flash, but a young man in green tights, with red skin and hair rising into the sky.

The blue beast of Konoha, Might Guy.

At this time, Guy had already opened the sixth gate of the Eight Gates , and green steam burst out from his body, releasing powerful chakra from inside.

"Morning peacock!"

He arrived in front of Orochimaru and roared furiously, and attacked frantically with both fists, punching dozens of punches in an instant.

The speed of Guy's punches was so fast that a large amount of flames came into being due to them rubbing against the air, and they bloomed in the rain, as dazzling as the feathers of a peacock.

In the face of such a fierce and extreme attack, Orochimaru couldn't even react, let alone deal with it.

'Bang bang bang!'

With a terrified look on his face, Orochimaru received dozens of punches in the chest, and suddenly gold stars appeared in his eyes, and his internal organs were turned upside down.

He felt like he is being evaporated by sun.


Orochimaru let out a scream, and his tattered body flew out like a rotten bag and landed on the street in the distance.

In addition to the horror in his heart, he finally remembered that the other party was Might Guy, the son of Might Duy, the inheritor of the Eight Gates.

However, this level of powerful attack was painful for Orochimaru, but it was not enough to defeat him on the spot.

Orochimaru is very tenacious, as long as there is a chance to breathe, he can come back to life.


His mouth cracked wide open, and a pair of arms stretched out from his throat, supporting the ground. Then, a new Orochimaru crawled out of his body wet and dirty.

Orochimaru Substitution Jutsu.

This was his best life-saving method, and it helped him save his life once again.

On the other hand, after using the morning peacock, the side effects of the Eight Gate erupted, and Guy knelt down on one knee in pain, temporarily losing his ability to fight.

When Orochimaru saw this, he was overjoyed, but before he could continue to run, two more figures rushed out of the woods, covering him from the left and the right.

It's Uchiha Shisui and Hatake Kakashi.

'Swish swish.'

As soon as Shisui came up, he used the jutsu he is best at, the Shunshin jutsu. In an instant, dozens of clones separated from him, and a dazzling attack was launched towards Orochimaru.

The most powerful part of his jutsu is that each avatar has no entity, but it can be an entity.

Sure enough, it was the first time that Orochimaru encountered such an attack method, and soon suffered a big loss. He was successfully blocked by Shisui, he staggered back and lost his balance.

And Kakashi seized this opportunity keenly, and started his Chidori, a dazzling lightning appeared in his palm, like a blue lightning he rushed from the side.


Kakashi's Chidori instantly slashed Orochimaru's right arm to the ground, causing the latter's pupils to instantly dilate, but he endured the severe pain and retreated.

'Damn, when did these little guys become so powerful?'

Orochimaru's eyes moved across them and he no longer has any will to fight. There was only one thought left in his heart: escape!

But right at this moment.

A three-pronged kunai was placed on Orochimaru's neck, and the sharp tip rubbed against his skin, making him stiff and unable to move.

Because he knew that there is only person who could quietly appear behind him and that was the yellow flash, Namikaze Minato.

"The Flying Thunder God jutsu is really powerful." Orochimaru said with a bitter expression.

"It's not me, it's my team that you look down on defeated you. Guy, Kakashi and Shisui grew up quickly under the will of fire. Orochimaru, your time has passed."

Minato said lightly, and kicked Orochimaru's hamstring, causing the latter to groan in pain and kneel on the ground.

Under his signal, Kakashi and Shisui each held a chain and tied Orochimaru firmly, so that he could no longer perform any hand signs.

"Orochimaru, I will bring you back to Konoha for trial!"

With an angry look on his face, Jiraya walked over with Rasa and said sternly.

Under his orders, Kakashi and Shisui stood up with Orochimaru, ready to take him back to torture and interrogate him.

Orochimaru lowered his head and moved like a walking corpse, as if he had accepted his fate. But in fact, his eyes noticed that there was a manhole cover for a sewer on the road ahead.

He kept his head down, and when he was next to the manhole cover, he suddenly raised his head and smiled strangely at Minato Namikata beside him:

"If you could have decisively killed me just now, I'd be a corpse now. Unfortunately, you gave me a chance, so we... will meet again in the future."

As soon as he said that, Orochimaru opened his mouth, and a white snake shot out of his throat, and instantly got into the manhole cover and escaped into the sewer.

And Orochimaru himself fell to the ground with a bang, like a snake shedding its skin, leaving only an empty shell without a soul.

This scene surprised everyone present.


Jiraiya was the first to regain his senses, he lifted the manhole cover on the ground, and jumped into the sewer first.

A big chase against Orochimaru unfolded in Amegakure.

However, as Orochimaru said, once you give him a chance to escape, don't even think about catching him again.

The sewers in Amegakure are criss-crossed and constructed very complicatedly. Entering it is like entering a maze. They can't tell the difference between east, west, north and west.

Rasa is an excellent sensory ninja like Minato, and he searched for a long time, but finally returned without success.

Orochimaru escaped.

However, what Orochimaru would never have imagined was that although he had escaped the pursuit of Jiraiya and others, there was a figure staring at him from a distance in the dark from beginning to end.

It's Kisame.

Ever since Orochimaru entered Amegakure, he was discovered by Kisame who has been lurking here.

Real hunters often wait patiently until the last moment before they choose to attack.

He had been hiding in Amegakure for a while.

Due to the year-round rain, Amegakure built a huge and complex sewer system in order to drain the water smoothly, many of which are more than ten meters in diameter.

These few days, Kisame had been hiding in a spacious and clean sewer, using Byakugan to watch every move on the ground.

Just now, he found that Konoha ninjas quickly gathered on the street, so he followed from the ground along the sewers, and saw the battle between Orochimaru and Konoha ninjas.


A white snake fell from the manhole cover above, fell into the water, twisted its body desperately, and fled forward.

Behind it, Kisame lurked at the bottom, breathing with the gills on his face and shoulders, waving a shark tail and stalked him silently.

Shortly after.

Outside Amegakure, at the exit of a sewer, Orochimaru walked out with difficulty, leaning on the wall.

He glanced back at Amegakure, and faintly heard the voices of people not far away. It was the ninjas of Konoha and Suna who were searching nearby areas and were coming there soon.

Orochimaru's complexion changed, and fled all the way in one direction.

One hour later.

Orochimaru finally left the sphere of influence of Amegakure and came to a remote and uninhabited valley.

'I can take a break here.'

Orochimaru found a big rock as tall as a person, sat down with his back facing it, panting and wiping the sweat off his face.

During this period of time, he was really too weak.

First, the reincarnation ritual failed, he was beaten by Nagato, and he was lucky enough to escape with his life. Then he was chased by Obito and fled in a hurry. Finnally he was again chased, this time by Konoha and Suna together, he was surrounded and beaten by kids like Kakashi, Shisui and Guy, and once again fled in embarrassment.

It can be said that Orochimaru has reached the bottom of his life.

The good news is that things can't get any worse than this.