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After ten minutes.

A few kilometres away from the valley.

Jiraiya, Rasa and others gathered here one after another, looking at the place where the wooden golem disappeared in the distance.

That terrifying power left an indelible shadow in their hearts.

Fortunately, after counting the number of people, it was found that most of them were safe and sound, some were injured, but no one died.

However, Namikaze Minato, who was ordered by Jiraya to gaurd the back, did not appear for a long time.

"Yellow flash will be fine, right? He's my savior."

Rasa came over and asked with a frown, seemingly concerned. But in fact, his heart was cursing, wishing that Namikaze Minato was killed by Orochimaru, causing Konoha to lose a great deal of power.

This is Rasa's character, a sinister guy at heart.

"There is no need to wait, let's go back to Amegakure first and then make plans. Minato may have already used the Flying Thunder God jutsu and went back ahead of schedule."

After thinking about it for a while, Jiraiya ordered them to retreat, but he had an ominous premonition in his heart.

The group then returned to Amegakure.

A few hours later.

Kisame while maintaining Orochimaru's appearance appeared outside the Amegakure again.

During this time, he had devoured the second Kusanagi sword which he had snatched from Orochimaru, relying on its hardness and sharpness to strengthen his physique once again.

At this time, in terms of physical strength, Kisame is already the number one in the history of the ninja world, the kind that leaves others far behind.

Such a strong physique has also laid the most solid foundation for his future evolution plan. It can be said that everything is ready and only a chance is all he requires.

However, before going back, Kisame wants to finish the play.

Like Jiraiya and others, he was curious why only Orochimaru returned to Amegakure alone?

Based on his's knowledge of Orochimaru, he speculated that the other party coveted Nagato's body, and his attempt to seize the body failed, and he was beaten to retreat.

Just like in the anime, Orochimaru tried to capture Sasuke.

Kisame never doubted Nagato's talent, and it was only a matter of time before he learned the sage mode of Ryuchi Cave.

At that time, Nagato will definitely return to Amegakure and fight with Jiraiya, Rada and others.

How could he miss such a wonderful show.

Kisame strode into the entrance of the sewer, sneaked into Amegakure once again, and waited patiently.

Kamui Space.

This is a time and space outside the real world. The sky was dark, with no sun, no stars and no moon, like an endless black curtain.

On the ground, there are standing cubes or cuboid blocks, glowing with a cold metallic luster, stacked together, making anyone walking among them feel extremely desolate and lonely.

If this space is a person's heart, then his heart must be full of despair, pain and emptiness.

'Da da da.'

With a crisp sound, Minato Namikaze appeared in of the darkness.

"Where is…"

He frowned and looked left and right, trying to find a way out, when he suddenly felt that he stepped on something.

Looking down, he saw that it was a pile of shit.

In addition to Obito himself being able to freely enter and exit this place by relying on the ability of his right eye, after obtaining the former's left eye, Kisame also sent a lot of things here.

These things were all found by Namikaze Minato.

He removed his shoes from the pile of shit, walked some distance, and found another broken arm, rotted to the point that it became a bone.

This is Might Duy's arm.

Minato picked up the broken arm, looked at it carefully, stood there thinking for a while, and finally understood why he came here.

It is due to Orochimaru's Mangekyo Sharingan.

That eye, which is connected to this different space, can use it's power to open a channel in the real world and send in objects or people from outside.

"He wants to trap me in this place?" Minato murmured.

He didn't immediately use the Flying Thunder God jutsu to escape from here, because he wanted to find out the situation here. Now that he didn't find anything of value, it was time to leave.

Thinking of this, Minato Namikaze closed his eyes and tried to perceive the Flying Thunder God mark he left in the outside world.

His Flying Thunder God jutsu was improved from the version of the second Hokage's jutsu, and the distance that he could teleport at a time was greatly increased. During the previous Third Ninja War, it took him less than ten minutes to rush from Konoha to Kirigakure for support.

It can be said that any place in the ninja world, for Namikaze Minato, is like visiting a neighbor's house, and it can be easily reached at any time.

But this time, he quickly discovered that his Flying Thunder God jutsu, which was infallible, was ineffective.

The reason is that he cannot perceive the existence of the Flying Thunder God mark.

'Is it isolated from this space?'

Minato frowned.

The chakra contained in the mark is equivalent to the coordinates. With the coordinates, he can use Flying Thunder God jutsu to teleport.

It seems that he still has to think a little bit about escaping here.

Fortunately, Minato carried some ration pills and water with him, enough for him to support him for a while. Before that, he must find a way to break it and get out of here.

'I need to do a thorough search here first and see if I can find any clues.'

Minato made a plan and immediately began to act. With a swoosh, he jumped onto a towering cube, looked into the distance, and then headed for the depths of the Kamui space.

Every once in a while, he stops, closes his eyes and touches the ground with his two fingers, making a wide-ranging perception of his surroundings.

A few hours later.

Minato sensed again, thinking that he would get nothing like before, but unexpectedly came a surprise.

He found someone.

In his perception, three kilometers from the ten o'clock direction, there were two faint chakras, and they were still, and it seemed that two people were resting there.

Minato's eyes lit up and he rushed in that direction immediately.

After a few minutes.

Namikaze Minato concealed his breath and looked at the target's location. At a glance, he saw two figures, a man and a woman, tied to a stone pillar, their heads lowered, looking very weak.

"They are…"

Minato found that both of them were wearing Akatsuki's uniform, and the woman had blue hair and the man had orange hair, which reminded him of the two names immediately.

Konan and Yahiko.

These two are Nagato's partners, the founders of Akatsuki's organization, and the apprentices that Jiraiya once accepted.

After discovering the two of them, Minato was very cautious, he did not show up immediately, but thought quickly in his mind.

'Were they imprisoned in this place by Orochimaru?

Did Orochimaru use this method to coerce Nagato into their camp?'

What puzzled Minato the most was why Orochimaru disappeared and didn't come to this space? If he saves Yahiko and Konan from here, wouldn't Orochimaru lose everything?

While thinking of many questions, Minato finally decided to save the two in front of him first and ask them to clarify the situation.

Thinking of this, he moved from the dark and came to the two of them.


As he got closer, he discovered that both of their hands and feet had been penetrated by a black rod, which had pinned them to the post. That kind of black stick seems to be able to seal the chakra in the human body, making Yahiko and Konon unable to struggle.

The two noticed Minato's arrival, and both raised their heads and looked at him suspiciously.

They thought the person who came was Obito, but it turned out to be a strange man they had never met. The most eye-catching thing about this man, apart from his eye-catching yellow hair, is the Konoha ninja forehead guard on his forehead.

While the two were surprised, Minato watched them and asked first:

"You were also attacked by Orochimaru and were sent to this space by his eye jutsu to be imprisoned here?"


Hearing these words, the two looked at each other, and finally Konan opened her mouth and asked with a vigilant look:

"Who are you?"

"Almost forgot to introduce myself."

Minato showed a sunny smile and tried his best to appease the two, "Don't be afraid, I'm Konoha's Namikaze Minato, and like you, I'm a disciple of Jiraiya-Sensei. You are Yahiko and Konan, if I'm not mistaken, right?"

Hearing this Yahiko and Konan were stunned.

The person in front of them is the yellow flash of Konoha who is famous in the ninja world?

The name, Namikaze Minato, is second only to the top powerhouses like Hoshigaki Kisame and Jiraiya. Yahiko and Konan have heard about him for a long time, but they did not expect to see the real person here.

Yahiko noticed the three-pronged kunai on Minato's waist, and combined with the appearance of the other party, he had already believed Minato's words.

So he finally opened his mouth and said:

"We were attacked by Uchiha Obito with his eye jutsu while we were waiting for Nagato outside the Ryuchi Cave, and then we were imprisoned in this space."


Hearing Obito's name from Yahiko's mouth, it was Minato's turn to be surprised, he opened his mouth wide, and didn't come back to his senses for a long time.

'What is going on?'

Konan saw that Minato didn't speak, and didn't know what he was thinking, so she took the initiative to add:

"We had to cooperate with Obito and others because we were threatened by Obito. Nagato is now in Ryuchi cave, and he must have encountered danger, because it is Orochimaru's territory, he may plot against Nagato."

After Minato listened to Konan's words, he felt even more chaotic in his mind.

'Forget it, let's not think about it for now, it's important to save them first.'

He glanced around, frowning and looked solemn, and quickly asked the two of them, "Where's Obito?"

Minato learned from their mouths that Obito was not here most of the time, but only occasionally came back to check to confirm their condition.

After getting this information, Minato no longer hesitated, and helped the two to remove the black stick from their bodies, allowing them to regain their freedom.

"Anyway, I'll take you out of this hellish place first. Come with me."

He told the two of them, and then walked forward one step ahead.

"Yahiko, are we going to follow him?" Konan looked at Yahiko and asked in a low voice.

Yahiko is a lot more awake than usual. The most direct reason is that Orochimaru, the caster of the Impure reincarnation jutsu, was already in a coma in Kisame's Box of Ultimate bliss, and was unable to suppress Yahiko's consciousness any more.

"It's better to believe in Konoha than Obito. If Minato Namikaze can really take us out of here, Obito will lose the leverage to threaten Nagato."

Yahiko looked at Minato's back and said slowly.

So, the two quickly followed.

Some time passed.

"It seems that this is the edge of this space."

Namikaze Minato stretched out his hand and touched a layer of invisible space-time enchantment, and ripples appeared in circles. Here, is the connection between Kamui space and the real world, where the space barrier is the weakest.

'There it is.'

Minato succeeded in perceiving the Flying Thunder God mark that he left in Amegakure.

"Are you ready?" He turned his head and looked at Yahiko and Konan.

The two nodded in unison, and said at the same time, "Please, Minato-senpai."


Minato made a seal and separated a shadow clone to stay here. Then, he walked between the two and put his hands on their shoulders.

With a swoosh, the three of them disappeared from the spot in an instant.