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Minato's shadow clone, with a curious look in his eyes, returned to the place where Yahiko and Konan had been imprisoned before, and hid there.

Because Minato wanted to talk to Obito in person.

Ryuchi Cave.

The White Snake Sage was as usual, with a huge snake body entrenched on a gorgeous throne, had a pipe in her mouth and took a leisurely inhalation, and spit out a big smoke ring.

Beneath it, Nagato stood on the ground looking at her.

"Congratulations on learning the Sage mode, Nagato. You guy did not disappoint me, and it only took half a month for you to master the sage mode."

The White Snake sage put down it's pipe and spoke with admiration.

"Thanks to your careful guidance during this time."

Nagato said humbly and gratefully.

At this time, his complexion became whiter than Orochimaru, and the skin on his entire body showed a state similar to snake scales. Around his Rennigan, beautiful purple eyeshadow was added, showing a mysterious and noble temperament.

In addition, the top of Nagato's head had a pair of horns, which are very hard. Snakes have no horns, this is a symbol of "turning into a dragon".

This is the change after Nagato entered the sage mode.

He became a half-human, half-snake being, in which the characteristics of man and snake blended perfectly into harmony.

Different from the Sage arts of Mount Myoboku or Shikkotsu Forest, the sage mode of the Ryuchi Cave is not a short-lived one, but a state that can be maintained for a long time.

During this time, the White Snake sage used its pair of fangs to continuously inject natural energy into Nagato's body, permanently transforming his physique.

Now, he can absorb and utilize natural energy anytime and anywhere, and is a veritable sage.

"Go, I know you can't wait to get out of here."

The White Snake sage said with a smile, and at a glance she could see what Nagato was thinking.

When Nagato heard her, his face changed, and he quickly said respectfully:

"When I rescue my companions, I will return to the Ryuchi Cave and learn more from you."

"No need, little guy."

The White Snake sage looked down at Nagato, it's pair of golden snake pupils flashed as she told the latter, "Don't forget your promise to me. When you defeat Mount Myoboku's contractor, Jiraya, and Hoshigaki Kisame, the contractor of the Shikkotsu Forest, come back and see me. At that time, you will be the new master of the Ryuchi Cave."

Hearing the words "new master", Nagato was very shocked. After regaining his senses, he responded solemnly:

"I dare not, there will always be only one master to the Ryuchi Cave, and that is the White Snake Sage. I will definitely complete the test and live up to your expectations."

"Okay, alright, back off. I'm a little sleepy, I need to rest for a while."

The White Snake Sage changed back to the image of an old grandmother, waved her hand and yawned, and narrowed her eyes while lying against the throne.


Nagato bowed again, facing the White Snake Sage, and exited the temple step by step.

After Nagato left, the White Snake sage slowly opened her eyes.

Although it is an sage, sages also grow old and die. At this point, she is very envious of Katsuyu, that woman is not only a sage and immortal, but also does not have a large group of subordinates who it needs to worry about.

Over the years, the White Snake Sage has been looking for an excellent successor.

At first, it fell in love with Orochimaru and admired the latter's ability and character very much, but Orochimaru's ambition was too great, so it had to be more wary of him, and it was even more impossible to hand over Ryuchi Cave to him with confidence.

Then Nagato appeared.

Nagato's talent and aptitude are even more outstanding than Orochimaru, and he is the "son of prophecy" that Gamamaru saw, who is destined to change the world.

The White Snake Sage has high hopes for Nagato. If he can really defeat the contractors of the other two holy places, it is enough to show that he is the real chosen person.

At that time, the White Snake sage can safely hand over the Ryuchi Cave to Nagato, and let him lead the Ryuchi Cave to a more glorious period.

It looks forward to see that day.


As the door of the Ryuchi Cave was pushed open, Nagato wearing Akatsuki's black-bottomed red cloud robe, put on a hood, and walked out alone.

'Da da da.'

He walked towards the surface unhurriedly, and his crisp footsteps echoed in the ground and spread far away.

Two hours later.

Nagato has walked more than ten kilometers along the ground, and the light ahead can be seen in the distance, which means that he is about to return to the ground.

But at this moment, Nagato suddenly stopped and said in a slightly mocking tone to the empty darkness:

"Come out. We are far away from the Ryuchi Cave. The White Snake sage won't interfere here, so you don't have to be so afraid."

After a moment of silence.

Obito and Zetsu came out of the darkness.

"I got the information from my clone, there is indeed no movement in Ryuchi Cave, and Nagato came out alone." Zetsu said to Obito in a low voice.

Obito, hearing that came to stand opposite to Nagato. While rubbing his chin with his fingers, he looked at the latter and said:

"I heard from Orochimaru that you were favored by the White Snake Sage and accepted as his successor. Since you have came out of the Ryuchi Cave safely now, that means you have already learned the Senjutsu?"

"That's right."

Nagato replied calmly, the hood covering his face.

"That's great, come back to Amegakure with me, and continue to complete our grand plan." Obito opened his arms and sent a warm invitation to Nagato.

Facing Obito's warm invitation.

Nagato smiled, then shook his head and coldly replied:

"I refuse."

The atmosphere between the two parties suddenly turned sharply, and instantly dropped to freezing point.

Obito narrowed his eyes and stared at Nagato, his friendly tone disappeared, replaced by threats and warnings:

"Nagato, you have to think clearly. Don't forget, your most cherished companions, Yahiko and Konan, are still in my hands. Do you want to ignore them?"

"Obito, don't you have any other skills other than using your inferior means to blackmail others? Unfortunately, this trick of yours is useless to me."

Nagato mocked Obito and added inwardly, "Even if Yahiko and Konan are killed, I can still summon their souls from the pure side and resurrect them using Impure reincarnation. "

Obito naturally didn't know Nagato's thoughts, but he was indeed irritated by the latter's remarks.


An iron chain fell from his sleeve, he then held it in his hand, and walked towards Nagato step by step.

"Since good words are useless, it seems that I can only use force. Come on, Nagato, let me see the results of your training in Ryuchi Cave. Don't let me down."

Obito said and accelerated towards Nagato.


He threw the chain out of his hand, it flew at a high speed, and went straight to Nagato's throat.

Nagato stood on the spot, neither dodging nor moved aside, he grabbed the incoming chain as soon as he moved, and then yanked with force, pulling Obito to himself.

In his other hand, a black chakra stick appeared and stabbed towards Obito who was flying towards him.

Seeing that he was about to be penetrated by the black rod, Obito unleashed his Kamui in time to make his whole body blur, allowing the black rod to pass through his body.

The two brushed past each other, and the brief encounter in the first round was a tie.

"You really haven't made any progress. You can only do this from start to finish. Obito, you've disappointed me too much."

Nagato turned around and said lightly, grabbing Obito's chain.


Obito snorted coldly, and rushed towards Nagato again at a faster speed. A wooden thorn grew out of his palm, stabbing at the latter's heart at lightning speed.

'Ha ha.'

Nagato just sneered, seeing that Obito's attack was about to arrive in front of him, he suddenly disappeared from the place.

He used the Shunshin jutsu, but his speed was so fast that it looked like teleportation.

'Not good.'

Obito's complexion changed, and without hesitation, he activated his Kamui again, but before his Kamui took effect, Nagato flashed behind him and kicked.


Obito was kicked heavily, and suddenly felt a sharp pain. His body became unbalanced as a result, he flew forward, and finally slammed into the wall.


Obito struggled to climb out of the wall, his knees went weak, and he fell to his knees with a thud.

"Your movements are too slow, and in my eyes, you are just a little faster than a turtle."

Nagato admired Obito's embarrassed appearance and mocked ruthlessly.

At this moment, Obito suddenly raised his head, and the Mangekyo pattern in his eyes suddenly spun, applying an illusion on Nagato.

But the next second, Nagato didn't have anything to do, but instead used the Rennigan to launch a countermeasure with illusion, causing Obito to suffer the consequences.


Obito let out a scream, his right eye was bloodshot and shed a line of blood tear.

"Poor fellow."

Seeing this scene, Nagato shook his head and said contemptuously, "Don't you want to know what I learned in Ryuchi Cave, I'll tell you mercifully."

As he spoke, he walked towards Obito:

"As you can see, in the sage mode, my taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu have all been increased in all directions. All the basic abilities of ninjas have an increase in power exponentially. This is the difference between a Sage and others. Obito, you are too weak, and you are not even qualified to make me serious and show my real skills."

As soon as he finished speaking, Nagato stretched out his hand and activated the Bansho Tenin.


Under the irresistibly strong gravitational force, Obito floated off the ground and flew towards Nagato with a look of horror.

At this moment, he saw the Rennigan under the hood, indifferent and ruthless like the eyes of a God, and finally realized the fear of death.

Driven by a strong desire to survive, Obito desperately used up his Mangekyo Sharingan and tried his best to unleash his Kamui.

Obito disappeared with a woosh.

"Still able to run away?"

Nagato murmured, lowering his arms. Although Obito is not his opponent, Kamui is indeed very tricky, at least it is first-class in escaping.

'Forget it, he is just a mouse, like Orochimaru, nothing to worry about.'

Nagato ignored Obito who had escaped, and looked at Zetsu with his deep eyes.


Zetsu was suddenly startled, he subconsciously took two steps back, and then quickly sank into the ground, trying to use the earth escape to escape.

Nagato calmly squatted down on the spot, pressed his palm to the ground, and activated his perception.

'Found it.'

As the corners of his mouth curled up, wood chakra poured into the ground from the palm of his hand, and quickly disappeared from the ground.

After a few seconds.


A big hole opened in the ground, and Zetsu was bound by the wooden vines, struggling in vain to as he slowly rose up from the hole.

Nagato came to Zetsu, and a black stick appeared in his sleeve, he pierced the latter's body and immediately sealed Zetsu's Chakra.

"You, what do you want?"

On Zetsu's face, White Zetsu on the left side screamed loudly, and Black Zetsu on the right half looked gloomy, but their eyes showed fear of Nagato.