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Nagato didn't say anything, he just looked down at Zetsu from above. Behind him, a white snake got out of his robe, hissing as it approached Zetsu.

This white snake is Nagato's tail.

Its body swelled violently, then opened its big mouth and swallowed Zetsu in one mouthful, then changed back to its original shape, retracted into Nagato's robe, and hid.

"Let's go back to Yuren Village first. Although I promised the White Snake Sage to defeat Jiraiya-Sensei and Hoshigaki Kisame, I need to have to have an official identity. The leader of Amegakure sounds pretty good."

Nagato muttered to himself, walked out of the ground, and returned to the surface.

The sky was blue, it was cloudless, and it was a sunny day.

A gust of breeze blew through, bringing fresh air and blowing off Nagato's hood. He looked in the direction of the Land of Rain, set off without any expression, and moved forward at a fast speed.

At this time, in Kamui space.

Obito appeared mid-air, and fell to the ground with a plop. After lying down for a long time, he took a breath and got up again.

His expression was ugly.

Nagato's growth has far exceeded his expectations. So far, he has no way to control that guy.

Going by this way, it is basically impossible to actualise the Eye of the Moon plan.

However, Obito has a last resort.

"Nagato, do you really not care about your companions? I don't believe it."

He muttered, sneered, and then walked to the place where Yahiko and Konan were imprisoned.

Ten minutes later.

'What happened? !'

When Obito found the empty stone pillar, his pupils shrank and he was shocked.

He obviously used the black stick that Uchiha Madara passed to him before his death to seal their chakra and nailed them to the stone pillar. It stands to reason that without the others rescuing them, the two would never escape.

There can be no outsiders in this divine space.

'Did an accident happen?'

Obito frowned, feeling a little uneasy, and immediately began to search around, trying to find the traces of Yahiko and Konan.

But the result was that he got nothing.

'Where did these two go?'

Obito's inner unease became stronger and stronger. This uneasiness was not because of Yahiko and Konan's escape, but because he realized that the Kamui power space he had always relied on might not be as safe as before.

Sure enough, Obito's speculation was soon confirmed.


A kunai came from the dark, making a whistling sound as it moved through the air, which surprised Obito as he quickly flashed to the side subconsciously.


It was very dangerous just now, the kunai just swiped his face and flew over, it scratched the mask on his face making it fall to the ground.


Obito shouted sharply, startled and frightened.

"I didn't expect you to be alive, Obito."

A familiar voice came from the darkness. Immediately, under Obito's horrified eyes, Minato slowly appeared.

"Minato-sensei...you, why are you here?"

Obito pointed at Namikaze Minato, and subconsciously took two steps back. At this moment, he was like a frightened little boy.

"Obito, don't be afraid, I just want to talk to you."

Minato spread out his hands, signaled to Obito that he was not malicious, and walked towards the latter step by step.


"Don't come here!" Obito shouted again, and took out a new mask and put it on his face to cover his panicked expression.

Seeing this, Minato sighed and stopped.

"Obito, what happened to you? I am your teacher. If you have any difficulties or problems, you can tell me, and I will help you."

He said to Obito with a sincere expression, hoping that the latter would put down his guard and open his heart.

It's a pity that Obito didn't appreciate it, but stared at Namikaze Minato and asked in a cold voice:

"How did you come to this place? Yahiko and Konan, you should have rescued them too, right? As expected of the yellow flash, you really caught me off guard and surprised me."

Minato also did not answer Obito's question, but continued to persuade him earnestly:

"Obito, you became like this because of... Rin's death, right? You were there at the time, and you should know that Kakashi was forced to do that. He still hasn't come out of it until now, and he is in great suffering every day. But whether it's Kakashi or you, you should let go of the pain and move on..."


Obito roared impatiently, interrupting Minato, he was really fed up.

Obviously, the two are on very different stands. So Minato was unable to persuade him.

"I don't care how you got in, but this space is my territory, and I have the final say. If you want to go out again, it won't be so easy. Die!"

Before Obito finished speaking, he took the initiative to attack Namikaze Minato.

"It seems that there is only one way to calm you down."

Minato's eyes turned cold, and a Rasengan appeared in the palm of his hand, emitting a dazzling light.


The two had a fierce fight in the Kamui space.

This battle did not last long, and the winner was decided.

Obito lost again.

After all, he was just beaten by Nagato, and he was injured, and in this Kamui space, his most incomprehensible virtual ability could no longer be used.

He can only use the Uchiha clan's secret techniques and Mokuton ninjutsu.

Under such circumstances, facing the Yellow Flash Namikaze Minato, Obito who seemed unstoppable, and was soon defeated under the continuous attack of the opponent's Flying Thunder God jutsu.

"Obito, leave here with me and come back to Konoha. Kakashi, my wife, Kushina, the Uchiha clan, and everyone in Konoha will welcome you home."

Minato walked in front of Obito, stretched out a hand to the latter, and his eyes were sincere.

"Put away your hypocritical expression, Minato-sensei."

Obito sneered, his eyes turned fierce, he did not hesitate to exhaust the last chakra in his body, and launched Mokuton Hell forest. 


Countless trees gushed out from the ground and swept towards Minato Namikaze with vines and thorns, strangling him to death.

Minato frowned, and with his superb Shunshin, he shuttled back and forth between the trees, calmly dodging the attacks of the trees. But suddenly, his figure stilled, and his movements became noticeably slower.

The chakra of his shadow clone is almost exhausted.

The next second, a large number of trees rushed up frantically, entangling Minato.

In desperation, he glanced at Obito for the last time, and took the initiative to release the jutsu, and with a 'poof' he turned into a cloud of white smoke and disappeared.

'Shadow clone?'

When Obito saw, his face became more ugly.

'I thought my desperate counter attack defeated him, but I didn't expect that I actually fought with a shadow clone for so long.'

In particular, Obito was puzzled by how exactly Namikaze Minato entered the Kamui space? He rescued Yahiko and Konan under his nose. Is it a pure coincidence, or has it been planned for a long time?

The more Obito thought about it, the more creepy he felt, and he broke into a cold sweat unconsciously.

His biggest trump card is this Kamui space. If it is really cracked by Namikaze Minato, he will no longer have a safe place to stay.

Thinking of this, he knew that he didn't have time to rest, and quickly scanned the Kamui space from the inside to the outside with his Mangekyo Sharingan, looking for any possible loopholes and suspicious points.


In the temporary office, Hokage Jiraiya, Kazekage Rasa, as well as Namikaze Minato, Yahiko, and Konan, who had just returned not long ago, gathered here.

Jiraiya patiently listened to his two disciples and learned about their experiences during this period of time.

"Yahiko, Konan, I have wronged you. I didn't expect that Great Toad Sage's prophecy of Nagato would bring you so much trouble, and the Akatsuki organization you worked so hard to build was destroyed. Especially Yahiko, you lost your life. You now depend upon the Impure reincarnation. I'm sorry..."

Jiraiya apologized to his two former disciples, and seemed very remorseful.

In his opinion, it was because he revealed the Nagato's identity as the "Son of Prophecy" that Obito, Danzo, and Orochimaru had their eyes on the three, causing the three teenagers to suffer so much ordeal.

181. Nagato's Declaration

"Sensei, please save Nagato. Orochimaru lured him to Ryuchi Cave. His current situation must be very dangerous."

Konan requested Jiraiya.

Hearing this, Jiraya thought about it for a moment, and responded to Konan: "If you are worried that Orochimaru will attack Nagato, you don't have to worry too much."

He told Konan and Yahiko the news that Orochimaru appeared alone in Amegakure, and said confidently: "Nagato is the Son of Prophecy, and he can turn misfortune into good fortune when he encounters anything, and nothing will happen. You know, the peace of the entire ninja world depends on him."

Hearing what he said, the two of them felt a little more at ease.

At this moment, Minato Namikaze, who was on the side, was suddenly shocked, and then stepped forward to report to Jiraiya: "Hokage-sama, my shadow clone just saw Obito."

He explained the content of the conversation between the shadow clone and Obito, as well as the process of fighting.

"Minato, Obito is your disciple, and you should know his character best. Why do you think Obito has become like this?

Jiraiya frowned and asked Minato.

"Obito is an innocent and kind kid, but he has a radical side in the depths of his personality, which is easy to be stimulated and used. So I suspect that he may have been deliberately guided by someone after Rin's death. Unfortunately, I couldn't ask Obito the name of the person hiding behind the scenes."

Minato combined the clues and his own inferences and said.

"It's really confusing." Jiraiya sighed.

"But there is good news."

Minato thought for a moment, and then added, "When my shadow clone saw Obito, he was already injured. Judging from the information provided by Yahiko and Konan, Obito should have waited outside Ryuchi cave until Nagato came out. Obito must have fought Nagato but lost and escaped."

"What about Nagato, where is he now?" Konan hurriedly asked.

"Konan, don't worry."

Yahiko put his hand on Konan's shoulder, indicating that she should not worry, and gave a guess, "After Nagato left Ryuchi Cave, there is a high probability that he will return to the Land of Rain. After all, this is the place where he has lived for more than ten years. Therefore, we just have to wait patiently at Amegakure."

"Yahiko is right. I will immediately send someone to wait outside the village. As soon as Nagato returns, I will let you meet as soon as possible."

Jiraiya agreed with Yahiko's opinion and made arrangements immediately.

"Hokage-sama, please let me handle Obito. When my shadow clone and Obito fought, he had already left the imprint of Flying Thunder God on him. As long as he appears again, he would not be able to escape from my perception."

Minato volunteered.

"Well, I'll leave this to you."

Jiraiya nodded his head. He understands Minato's concerns very well. Minato wants to work hard to save his disciple Obito, but he is not the same. He wants his beloved disciple Nagato to return to the right path as soon as possible.

He now only hopes that Nagato has not been influenced too deeply by them during the time he spent with Obito, Danzo, Orochimaru and others.

He hopes that everything can be salvaged.

Three days later.

The sky was dark, the thunder rumbled as lightning flashed in the dark clouds, and the rain shrouded the world.

Another rainy day.

The sky of Amegakure is like a funnel filled with raindrops that never ends. It does not stop all year round, washing the village with rainwater.

However, in the afternoon, the rain rarely stopped, and the sun penetrated through the gaps in the clouds and shone into Amegakure, bringing the rare good

 weather in the year.

'Da da da.'

Outside the village, clear footsteps rang as a figure wearing a red cloud robe with a black background, stepped on the stagnant water on the ground, and appeared at the entrance of the village.