Taking It To The Office (April 2019)
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It was with a delicious afterglow that the lovers lowered their backs onto the mattress, before taking a moment to regain their breath. The man reached for a pack of pills on the nightstand and they popped one each, both the woman and the man regaining their usual sex.

Jak felt a familiar twinge of dreariness wash over him as his great carrure came back to him, Lili stayed unfazed as she popped her e-cig off its charging stand and slid back into her underwear.

They’d been having sex-swapped love sessions more often lately.


It was all a kink thing, of course, both of them agreed on that. And Jak definitely enjoyed it more than as the one penetrating. So it all worked out for the better. They had one rule though: “Keep it in the bedroom”, an old wisdom they’d taken from the BDSM scene.

It wasn’t literal of course - all it meant was that all participants *and* spectators had to be consenting. 

But the appeal... it didn’t make it disappear. Jak wanted nothing more than be in a female body for just one day at work, like a secret vibrator under a classy suit.


And so, despite their golden rule... Lili eventually caved. One day with a vagina under the hood. Make it count. Jak was ecstatic.

They commissioned a custom pill, which would barely touch up Jak’s appearance. He’d still get to be female, just... very subtly.

The idea of a barely male Lili didn’t appeal to her though, so she passed, despite Jak’s offer to make it an in-it-together thing.

He loved it when his wife called him Jaky when sex-swapped. He decided he’d think of himself as such for this special day.


Jaky’s heart was pumping as she rode the subway to the office, next to her wife, the anticipation of getting to fool all her colleagues for an entire day getting to her.

Oh she couldn’t wait for none of them to even have an inkling of what she was doing.


As she passed by the reception and the two ladies went their separate ways, she couldn’t help but stifle a goofy grin as Janiss welcomed her with the usual “Hi Jak!”. If only Janiss knew that under this classy suit was a tiny pair of breasts belonging to a lady called Jaky!


The joke only kept getting better as Georj, Maxwel and Anita all passed by as she was getting to her cubicle, and all of them shot her the usual greeting, not an ounce of a clue on their faces. She even waved Anita with a feminine gesture that her colleague didn’t seem to notice!


Having this secret feminity underneath her suit was making Jaky giddy like no other thing. She found herself pleasantly surprised as this happiness carried her through a regular morning of debugging work. Critical pacemaker software promised safe by Jaky, a hidden woman!


When Alex passed by asking for a stack of post-it notes, she even dared herself into taking a pose that flattered her very modest chest... And even with that, they didn’t notice. With the novelty wearing off, Jaky promised herself not to try that again, she didn’t want trouble.


Lunch break came and went. She ecstatically recounted her morning to Lili, who nodded contentedly. She noted how peppy Jaky was being about this and shook her wedded’s shoulder with a grin. “Keep it up love.” She said to her blushing mess of a mischievous partner in crime.


By the time Jaky had gone back to her cubicle, she’d forgot her own warning, and when a colleague chatted her up she once again went back to straddling the line between being feminine and being caught. It was with an odd disappointment she found herself wishing for the latter.


The whole thing was now starting to rattle her brain. Yes, sure, she was a woman, but she wasn’t being treated like one. And that weirdly hurt. No matter how hard she tried, people stayed oblivious - her disguise was too good. She wanted out of it…


But she couldn’t, could she? This was just for a day. One day of being a cute little secret lady, then back to her usual male self. That was what she’d negotiated for for months, right? Why did it felt like it wasn’t enough? Already she was dreading how little time she had left.


She focused back on her debugging, while her entire being screamed internally. “Please, please, anyone, notice I’m a woman. I want to be treated like a woman, and I don’t even know why I want that? What is happening to me?” Her mouth, however, stayed silent.


She quickly found she couldn’t continue her work. Her screen was blurry behind her tears, and her mind was assaulted with daydreams akin to nightmares, like the pills not working ever again after she turned back. What if that was her last time ever tasting the feminine side?


She descended into the break room trying and failing to hide the mess her face was. There, she stumbled upon one of Lili’s floor colleagues, Quin, who shot her a “Oh, hey, trying something new today?”

Jaky had to pause and double take. Her disguise busted in an instant.

And, as she almost expected at this point... she wasn’t mad. But relieved. She sat down next to Quin on the couch. “Is... is it that easy to spot?” She asked giddily.

“Nah.” The other replied. “I was just expecting it to happen eventually, I knew what to look for.”

“...What do you mean?” Jaky asked, confused and intrigued.

“Okay, so first, bit of a privacy breach here, but I’m kind of Lili’s best office friend. She told me about the pills you two take to get frisky.”

Jaky blushed and retreated further into the cushiony couch.

“Point is...” Quin started, handing her a card. It advertised a get together for all the queer workers of the office. “Sure, a straight couple might buy those pills once for the novelty of it. I’ve yet to meet one that buys them in bulk where it didn’t mean something deeper.”

Jaky’s brain failed to parse what Quin was telling her. 

“Oh by the way, I’ve also had this talk with Lili just after lunch. Last I saw her she was still mulling it over.” 

Jaky’s phone rang once. Almost mechanically, she pulled it out to read the text message from her wife.

“I think I’m bigender.” was all it said.

Jaky’s glance wildly went back and forth between the phone, Quin, the door, herself. She sank some more into the couch, before pulling her arm forward and typing a reply, using only her thumb, all she could muster.

“I think I’m a woman.”

“That makes sense.” Lili replied. “Am I finally gonna get the lesbian night you’ve been refusing so far?”

Oh. Now that too made sense why Jaky’d been iffy about it until now. “Gosh babe. Yes.”

She shot a glance at a delighted Quin, who simply said “See ya at the pot!”