Chapter 2: Fate of The Damned
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Lyra swore under her breath. She was sure the last thing the capitol needed is a huge man and a spoiled redhead trying to commit murder on the open streets. The Order of De Larune heard the clap of thunder followed by an intense strike of lightning and sent her to find out its origin just to be greeted to an execution of a stranger. She was a paladin, not a knight.

She was simply a sentinel paladin with little voice in the order council’s decisions. She served as a paladin would. Conducting Arcana lessons and pleasing the elder Cleric in their responsibilities.

‘This job could be assigned to Zeon, why in Gilgamesh was a paladin a first choice.’ She tought as she ran closer and closer to the sound of clashing steel and clattering. Her green scarf flowed behind her along with her silver hair that was tied into a braid. She was wearing the order’s uniform of an emerald shirt underneath amber colored armor. She wore a flowing skirt along with knee high boots that reveals itself through the slits but that didn’t bother her from being agile. The crest of a crow with daggers at its feet was at the edge of her skirt flap. Her staff strapped to her back. The intricate design that had a dragon head holding a blessed flame of paladins in its eyes was at its tip.

She ran closer and closer to the fight. Her heart skipped a beat. She let out a hearty grunt as she pushed forward. She took in the sight in front of her. A man with striking gold hair and bright teal eyes was gripping a stone blue sword was facing a large monstrous man with a large tattoo on his chest. At the back was a redhead in a white robe clutching her bloody shoulder. Her crest gleamed as Lyra’s eyes widen. Everdore.

She had to act fast. Everdore have done nothing but stir trouble. She ran even closer to the man in blue. Pushing him away from the large fist slamming into the ground.

“Are you looking for death!” She exclaimed. He looked up, meeting her eyes. He quickly averted his gaze behind her. “Triumvir!” He casted, a forcefield blocked the incoming attack from the master. They rolled out of the way as the spell collapsed.

“well, well. A paladin of De Larune,” Teyarine mocked. “What are you gonna do, angel? Cast me a love spell.” She continued as her injury seemed to heal faster than mortal men would. Lyra gritted her teeth. “Excelarium Asdetra!” she casted.

Runes appeared at her palms as vines crawled underneath teyarine. “gah, Master, KILL THEM BOTH!” as red suddenly flashed in the master’s eye. “you take left, I’ll take right?” the mystery man said.

“as long as I punch that brat’s face in.” she replied as they ran to the opposite sides of the large man.

“Strike of the willow.” Rowan yelled as sparks built up at the edge of his blade. “Thunder clap.”

The master howled in protest. About to grab him when Lyra appeared behind him.

“Waver at my judgement.” She chanted, holding out her staff that gave a golden glow with smoke erupting in the dragon’s mouth; a large golden circle summoned underneath the master as started yelling in protest. “Blessed heart, cleanse.” She finished her cast as the large man started sinking into the circle. “Rahhhh- Little one, save me!” He roared as teyarine did nothing but stare. “tsk- I’ll kill you for this.”

“mistora.” She casted as smoke enveloped her. “No..- AHHH” the master yelled before sinking into the circle. The spell closed as the remains of the fight lingered.

“She’s gone.” Rowan said, turning around. “h-hey.” Lyra exclaimed. “Where are you going?! Who are you? You need to present yourself to the order for causing this ruckus.”

“hmm. My name is Rowan Stormroar.” He replied. She paused. “Wait, Stormroar as in high guild master of brotherhood Malachi.?”

“no that’s my brother.” He said nonchalantly. “and I’m getting my drink.”

She huffed as they both entered the tavern.”You still need to present yourself to the council you know.”


Her eye twitched as she trailed off. “we caused enough damage to get visited by some powerful people.” She sat down with him as if nothing happened. The tavern was no longer full of people, either out of fear of the guest coming back or fear of rowan starting a bigger ruckus with any of them. Lyra started small talk with Le’tor, who decided to watch and stay where he was behind the bar.

“You don’t seem fazed at all.”She started. “Had experience with arcana users?” She added, gesturing to the two of them. “Aye-“ He replied, facing the barrels behind him to serve a pint. “-was a guild member myself. Brotherhood of Malachi’s. before his brother, of course, took over.” He gestured to Rowan who grunted in response, pint raised to his lips causing her to roll her eyes a bit. “The old master had to retire. Its either the enemy’s bones would break by his magic or his own brittle ones. His beloved didn’t hesitate and made him quit, lovely couple, Living their days at the Isles Fortuna.” Le'tor finished.

The Isles Fortuna was well known to any arcana user. A place of wise men and elder magic. Most retire there for the preservation of their legacy. Lyra heard tales from her comrades of their childhoods filled with enchanted wonder in their time at the Isles. But to the rest of the Capitol, they see it as a nest of snobby nobles who looks away with disgust at anyone who doesn’t have potential to be an arcana.

The luxury of magic.

A cough stopped them both as Le’tor was about to serve another drink. They turn to greet the guest

“Stormroar. Lady Lyra. You are both summoned by the council.” The new arrival wore an outfit identical to Lyra’s, but only by its color scheme. He had the same amber armor and emerald shirt. He was wearing brown pants along with the boots. His dark skin made his magenta eyes look all the more intimidating. His Morningstar strapped to his back looked like it can crush 2 skulls in one powerful swing, his build was very intimidating. “I won’t repeat myself. Follow me.” His deep voice said, void of emotion. They glanced at each other, both wearing a frown. Fate is starting to play its song.