Chapter 4: Truthful Myths
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“This is where I leave, I have the training ground to tend to. Lyra. Council master poltius.” Khalsar gazed at Rowan with an emotion he can’t point out. “Rowan.” And with that, he turned his back and walked away. “well then, here.” Poltius said and pushed open the doors in front of them.

They walked into a library. Books reached the ceilings on shelves made of wood. Rows of tables lined across the center of the library with some paladins and clerics were reading books or chanting spells under their breath. He saw a knight or two reading novels along the rows of shelves. “Do follow me.” Poltius said, gesturing to a spiraling staircase in the corner. They walked up to a corridor with a lion statue at the end. He approached it and placed out his hand and a glow appeared. The sliding of stone was heard and a wall moved to reveal a study.

“Council masters often have their own personal dormitory in the fortress.” Lyra murmured to Rowan

The study had red carpet with a bookshelf on one side and a rather large painting on the other. Beneath it was a fireplace where a roaring blue flame lingered. Poltius walked towards the oak table and grabbed an old book that was placed upon it. He opened it as he walked towards the two. “Did you ever read old story books, Rowan?” He asked as he offered the book. Rowan took it with hesitation. “well, I’ll tell you anyway-“  He started with a thoughtful gaze. He opened the book revealing a picture of a barren land with a pitch-black sky.

“Before the blessings of Kovena and Dah’lir, the gods of life and of death, the land was barely alive. There were 8 nations those representing their blood-“ He let Rowan turn to the next page. The image of 8 different races stand that looks like they were waging war; Each had a different color attire. “-the 8 nations were The Band of Knights, The Covenant of Clerics, The Dwarf Pride, The Orc Horde, The Sanctuary of Paladins, The Honor of Rogue, The Elf Haven and The Den Dragonborn.”

The next page had the races staring up to the gods before them. “They wagered their lives in the sake of getting the last bit of land. Then the goddess Kovena and her blessed wings gifted the 8 with a land full of life and that land was divided among them for it suited each’s way of ambition. The god Dah’lir grew with envy for they adored the goddess but never him-“

A picture of the 8 worshipping the goddess but the darkness of Dah’lir was depicted at the bottom. “Kovena decided to rest into the world and in that slumber,believing in peace and so he began his plan.”

“-He was full of envy and decided to lure the 8 nations with a gift; Reverent, magic beyond boundaries. Back then, who ever had it, used it to full extent. They worshipped him as the god of death he was.” Poltius looked away as Rowan turned another page. “Kovena awaken from her slumber, and when she rose, she saw a land of war once more, the nations rose to one another wanting to prove they were the strongest among mortals. Her anger drove her to bound reverent magic to one of her blessed wings and cut it off, wrapped it in chains along with Dah’lir and was banished to the deepest pits of the earth.” Rowan turned the page to see the goddess cutting of a wing that was tainted black and Dah’lir in chains while the nations bowed, awaiting mercy.

“She felt pity for us and gave us laws to follow with the blessed magic Arcana and in return we were bound to use it unique to our nations.” Poltius finished. Lyra tilted her head. “What does this have to do with Everdore?” she asked.

He smiled as he approached Rowan and turned the book to its final page or what was left of it. The page was torn and missing, the contents of the book was incomplete. “What this story won’t tell us is the fact that there will be a time where Dah’lir will come back and seek the destruction on Arcana and Alderich. That being said-“ Rowan cut off the council master’s words.

“The raven feathers.” He said.

Poltius nodded. “A theory firstly, but after what happened today…” He dozed off, fearing the worst. “What are the raven feathers?” She asked. “the feathers of the kovena’s cursed wing are said to contain so much Reverent magic. But it was just a legend.” Rowan started.

“legends are sewn into the fabric of history with truths.” Poltius finished. “If Everdore does manage to find the cursed wing, then this is more serious than anything else.”

“what is the council’s move?”

Poltius leaned against his desk and huffed. “An investigation should be proper. But lives will surely be on the line.”

“And if Everdore resists?” Rowan replied.

He closed his eyes in frustration. “Then our fears have been realized. There will be war.”


Teyarine felt a shiver done her spine while walking through the dark halls of the guild house, purple flames were on each pillar to the hall. The high guild master will not be pleased. She gripped onto to her shoulder; it was healed but the stain of her blood remained. She had one opportunity to end that stupid pest and she had failed and its weight will be on her. She entered the hall where three men were seated at the center.

She kneeled in front of them. “I have returned.” She said, her voice wavering. She cursed in her head; she shouldn’t panic.

“I have heard… disappointing news, Lustrous.” The man at the center spoke while he stood up slowly. “Do you want to know something?”

“Yes master?”

“You are one of my brightest pupils, very much the ideal child of Everdore.” He approached her and softly held her chin, making her look up. She looked with adoring eyes. She reached to caress his hand. “I am grateful, High guild master.”

“I know, all my children are.”

A loud slap was heard across the hall. Teyarine clutched her cheek in pain.

“But failure is something I don’t teach.”

“I won’t disappoint again, I will spill Rowan Stormroar’s blood.”

He grinned under his hood. “Good.” As he presented her a raven black feather. “You are much more than just a failure so do prove it.”

He grabbed her chin and forced her to open her mouth as the feather was shoved down her throat. He kneeled in front of her as she started choking, her eyes turning pitch black and purple veins popped out her neck. He simply grinned at this reaction. “good, accept it; My loving gift to you, my lovely child.” He softly held teyarine’s neck.


He snapped her neck as she fell, helpless on the floor. He picked her up and went to his seat. He sat down with her in his arms. He started humming as her body twisted and shook. She bolted up as she gasped for air. He caressed her hair.

“My beautiful child, such pain for this beauty. Do not fail me.” He said dropping her off his lap. She fell with a soft thud but clutched onto his legs. “I-I will not fail you again.” She giggled. He returned her twisted smile. “I know you won’t.”

"We are indeed at war But let's not strike just yet, lest we forget."