Chapter 346 After the negotiations.
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(POV 3rd person)

In a rather luxurious office with a large flag with white and red stripes and 50 stars on it, several men had gathered. With a frown, the one sitting behind the desk looked at the others in front of him who seemed a bit nervous and that also have a bit of sweat running down their foreheads.


"What does this mean? Why is in one image our aircraft carrier appears, and in the next I can only see the waves of the sea... "


"S-Sir... the truth is that we don't know very well either. N-No one can explain how the aircraft carrier disappeared from one minute to another from the satellite images..."


In front of that man sitting behind the desk, two satellite photographs were exposed in which, as he indicated, one of their aircraft carriers was sailing in the sea, while in the other only the color blue could be seen.


"It is not an error? ...Didn't the satellite cameras point to another location? "


“N-No, Sir… it has been checked on several occasions and the result is the same. B-Besides... we lost all communication with this one and the people on board it... "


“Alfred… you told me that only an exchange would take place with that person... and even though the other party's request was too much, the benefit was far greater than the risk. 

That is the way I decided to agree with this, but... you now toll me that a nuclear aircraft carrier disappeared without anyone of your them knowing a damn reason of why?!!


Besides that also a squad of our best men you do not know if they live or die?!!


I hope I am wrong and you are not here with the others just to tell me this... "


"T-This… M-Mr. President… we-we keep trying to find all the information on this…"


Yes, the man behind the desk was none other than the President of the United States of America, and in front of him were some high-ranking people such as the director of the FBI, CIA, and NSA. So when he takes the photographs and throws to the faces of the first and the one who was responsible for this operation, all they could only lower their heads and look for some excuse to try to prolong this more and perhaps thus have the opportunity to solve it before they are fired in the best of times case.

...most likely they could end up living in a room of a couple of square meters for the rest of their lives because of something like this!


After all, it's not like they could say just "sorry, I screwed up and lost an aircraft carrier"... in fact, those men were now praying that they could find the people they put in charge to carry out that operation and then be able to make them spit out everything they knew!


"Isn't it supposed to just be an exchange of a better technology than ours and we would deliver some bombs that just took up space in some military barracks? 

We were even sending the aircraft carrier to intimidate the other party "a bit" and prevent them from doing something strange!


So how is it that now that aircraft carrier is missing? How is it that one of the weapons that are supposed to have the most advanced technology of us disappears without a trace?!! "


"S-Sir… we are doing our best to find out."


"So if you all have nothing until now, that only means that you are not doing enough!!"


"" ... ""


Since things were not looking good for these men, some of them were about to resort to their last resort… blaming others. In this case, the best thing was to turn to people with whom they had always had some disagreements, as the Russian nation.


After all, it was no lie that before things got out of their hand, they had to intervene because the boy had started interacting with some of them. Although… those people were more renegades than someone who was deeply involved in that government... but if that could lighten things up a bit for them, those "little" issues weren't of much importance.


Perhaps the only thing that held them back a bit was that things could become even more complicated than they already were... so while they were thinking about speaking or not, the sudden or timely appearance of one of the subordinates of the FBI director enters in the office and prevent the matter from becoming an international problem.


"M-Mr. Alfred… I-I'm sorry Mr. President for interrupting like that, but Martin contacted us."


Not caring about the interruption of that man, after all now what the president wanted most was more information, he allows that subordinate to approach the director of the FBI, and in the next instant he begins to tell him the recent events.


Immediately the FBI Director's face begins to change repeatedly. Goes from joy to intrigue, and then returns to a state the same as it had before. Curiously, the others in the place seemed to try to imitate him as if they wanted to annoy or make fun of him...


Then seeing that the others began to fret and despair at the intrigue, he quickly began to explain what his subordinate had told him. His joy was because, apparently, all his men were in perfect condition... well, a little wet according to what he had heard. Also, they seem to had the things the other party had promised.


As for the aircraft carrier... although there was good news that this one was not sunk, the words of his subordinate were hard to believe. According to him, it simply disappeared while they were still on board...


Also, the only thing that was clear was that the person responsible for this was the boy with whom they had carried out the agreement for the technology they had now.


“S-Sir… what do you want us to do? Are we looking for that boy? "




Although they now had more information, things hadn't changed really much. No, maybe now they were more complicated as was showed by the frown of the president who kept silent while thinking. Taking the seat he was in was not for being someone hasty or being ignorant after all.


If he had aircraft carriers were sunk, it may even make things more simple... at least that way they would know more about how things happened and would not be wondering how an aircraft carrier may disappear from one moment to another without the crew was able to do something. That was certainly more terrifying than if they had been attacked by another ship or plane...


Also, to make matters worse, that boy not only now had enough weapons to destroy some country! It seemed that now it was also had control of that aircraft carrier that only powerful nations had!!


“…Find out more about that boy! I even want to know how many times his mother breastfed him and how many times she cleaned him when he was a baby!!


Also... bring all our men back, I want to know everything that happened there! 

...What happened to the CIA woman who was in charge of contacting that boy? What does she know about all this? "


"Emmm... she seems to have deserted and left with the boy according to the word from Martin"


"Lie! I have known her since she was young! And I know that she is completely loyal to the country and would even happily die for it!! "


This time as if he were a cat whose tail had been stepped on, the Director of the CIA rises from his seat yelling at his counterpart. The truth is that it was not that he knew Eda that way, but... Alfred's words would leave him in the worst position of those who were here! So, if he had to turn her into a saint, then he wouldn't hesitate to do it!!


"Mr. President, I want my men to interrogate that men"


“He is not a traitor! Why should he be interrogated by someone from the CIA?!! "


This time it was the turn of the FBI Director who started to get nervous. He didn't totally trust Martin either, and of course he didn't want this man to put him in a worse situation.


"Hush you two! You've messed things up long enough… David and his men will be responsible for questioning everyone who returns. 

Of course, everyone must understand that this issue will remain top-secret, right? …if any of this becomes public, their heads will be the ones that will fall first. "


Knowing that each of these men had their own agenda, the president intervenes to prevent them from making things more complicated. Also, since the Director of the NSA would be the most neutral on this, his organization was the right one to obtain the most reliable information without altering it to benefit someone.


"Y-Yes sir!!"


Also, surely none of those in this office would publicly accept the things the president was saying about exchanging weapons or losing an aircraft carrier despite someone pointing a gun at them. After all, the image of a nation was one of the most important things to this one.


"After obtaining the information from those men, then we will see how to proceed..."


With those words to end this meeting, all the men begin to leave the oval office to carry out their respective tasks. In addition, several aerial vehicles were soon mobilized to pick up the soldiers who had been stranded on that island.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

(POV Mr. Chen)


“Sir… some politicians in our country now insist more on getting more information about the boy from the Black Lagoon company. It seems that something important has happened... "




Since Balalaika and the people from the Black Lagoon Company had left Ruananpur, things here were pretty quiet. It seems that the latter one had indeed gained quite a reputation in recent months… small groups no longer dared to cause them trouble.


The good thing was that they didn't seem to have any rivalry against the big organizations here… well, there was a bit of a hustle with the Russian group but that seemed to calm down quickly. Also, I wouldn't mind if those two groups killed each other...


...maybe the only annoying thing was that, somehow, that boy had caught the attention of the Chinese government. And they had begun to exert a little pressure on the leaders of the triad on the continent, and they on us to do something.


The truth is that I did not want to get involved with that boy... this city was already too chaotic to also look for trouble by yourself. Besides, even Balalaika had to swallow some bitter experiences in dealing with that boy… so I had a very bad feeling about getting involved with him.


"Just tell them we'll investigate what we can."


Even so, sadly even I still had to follow orders. So I have no alternative but to do some research on that boy. Of course, it's not like I have to kidnap him for questioning. As long as I could get a little information without upsetting the little guy too much, it should be fine.


…I don't pretend to have any conflict with him after all. I just hope that the peaceful… or normal days in Ruananpur could continue for my group.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

(POV Some kid on the Island where Alexander was now)


I had come to this place in the hope that I could find help, but… none of the people here seemed interested in that. No, the impression that all those people gave me was that they could even take advantage of the situation I was in and make things worse!


That's when I saw a group get off a small boat. Surely if you compared this to the vehicles the other people that came to here, they might not be able to do much to help me...


But there was also something that motivated me to talk to them! In that group, there were some children my age!! Because of that, they might not be bad people, right? Also, strangely everyone seemed to follow the long-haired redhead's orders.


I was about to go talk to them, but... then they met up with another group. Besides, they were all quite scary... especially the woman with the scar who was talking to the red-haired boy and who didn't seem happy to see him.


That woman was frowning the whole time they spoke! But perhaps they did not get along so badly since, after talking to each other for a while, he along with the other two children and also some women left the Island in a helicopter.


That discouraged me a lot because I didn't have the opportunity to talk to them… I thought that, in the end, I would be the same again as before and I couldn't ask anyone for help. Although, the good thing was that thanks to the fact that I had reached out to them to talk once I got some courage, I heard a few things that might change that!


Apparently, they came from a city where there were many people that if I paid them, then they could help me. Also, if these people were there, then I could see them again and this time be able to talk to them! So, thinking about that, now I had to find a way to get to that place. 

I was quite lucky and three of the men who were with those kids remained in this place. Also, remembering that they had come in a boat, I quickly ran in that direction.


Since I couldn't risk being rejected by those three, I had no choice but to board this one before they left and without them knowing. Once I get to the city “Ruananpur” that they talked about, I will look for the rest of them, or I may also find other people to help me!


I thought it would take a while for them to go back to the boat and get out of here, but it wasn't long after I boarded for the launch that this one start sailing across the sea. From what I could hear, those three were in quite a rush to get out of that place.


Also, it seems that not long after that, some shots were heard from that Island... it was clear something had happened there.


That worried me a lot… I had separated from my maid and she had stayed in that place! Unfortunately, she would surely not approve of this and that is why I had no other alternative than making this... I just hope she is okay. Well, since she wasn't alone, then there should be no problems.


I'll get help there, and then I'll make the bad people who killed my father and try to take all the things from our family to pay for it! Besides, I can't let our people suffer like that either… I had to do something!


So I hope that in Ruananpur I can get help... above all, to be able to find that red-haired kid again. That person may understand my situation more and maybe help me!


So after a bit of a long journey, we reached the port of Ruananpur City the next day… sadly, I fell asleep and now there was no one in the boat! Now I will have to look for those people walking through the city...


B-Besides, this place wasn't exactly what I expected it to be...