Chapter 347 At the Bao Bar Again
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(POV Alexander)

It had been a few days since the exchange happened, and various things happened since then. The first was that, apparently, the people behind large organizations were observing the Black Lagoon company with more suspicion...


I had seen several men from the triad group watching us! And even Balalaika the moment she saw me back on the Island, there was a slight change in her attitude towards me… and unfortunately, it was not for the better!


I can only say that information travels very quickly... although surely the American government would try to hide those things that happened there, it was probably impossible for it to achieve it completely. So surely some rumors are starting to spread between their two competent nations.


...that's why this doesn't surprise me so much. Also, so far it is not that they have tried to do something strange and they have only been observing us until now. In fact, I was a little more concerned about those who had been a "little" affected directly.




“Damn promiscuous nun, how much more do you pretend to be in that state?!! "


"Leave me alone bitch... better do something useful and bring another wine bottle!"


Another thing that had changed was Eda. Since we returned, she had begun to drink more... it seems that, upon returning from that island, she was forced to break all ties she had with the CIA. According to her words, if she dared to step on American soil now, surely she would end up in a small dark cell!


...well, I don't think they received her with ovations after what happened there. In fact, I thought she would blame me more for that, but… her resentment is directed at the man in a suit we met there. Maybe the only thing that consoles her is that this guy's situation shouldn't be better than hers... once gets drunk, she begins to toast by the fact that the guy is probably sunk in shit up to his neck.


Also, perhaps by losing the main purpose of her life, she was now a bit lost. Maybe I should do something to help her a little… well, I can do that later. Now I have my own problems since I have lost the source of information on that side, and also an important partner to get materials for the production lines at HOTD.


…May I have no choice now but to talk to Balalaika? Well, since I've obtained quite a bit of those material for a while, I think I can also wait until the group of Gloterus can take care of that.


Although the reason I had come to Bao's bar was not to indulge Eda's desire for self-destruction. One was to get away from the Black Lagoon building for a while...


Since I didn't want to go through the things that happened days before there again, I had returned together with Balalaika so we could have another quiet night. Vin seemed a bit annoyed by that, but since he couldn't abandon his precious boat either, he had no choice but to slowly return with it along with the other two guys.


Unfortunately, that only solved the problem for a very short time...


So, with no other choice even though I don't like to intervene in these matters with other people, I had to come to terms with those two. During the day they could do whatever they want in that building, but... at night it was forbidden for sounds of applause or sweet voices to be heard there! Furthermore, with the support of several of the girls, they had no choice but to accept.


…Well, I don't think it was a bad deal either. It wasn't like I was forbidding those things completely. For that reason, during the afternoons we usually went out so that we could give these two couples their time alone.


But hey, today I not came here solely for that, and this time I had a slightly different reason. Since I already had enough weapons, then now I had to leave this world and take them to HOTD. But there was only one problem… Revy would surely want to join me and that would cause me some inconvenience!


No, Revy wasn't the problem itself. Although her character may be a bit thorny, I don't think this was on the level of getting on bad with all the girls on Gaia… probably. 

My concern was the twins! Although the one in charge of watching over those girls was Leona, the truth is that I can't say that her common sense is the most normal of the persons here! Also, if Revy accompanies me to Gaia, I feel like it's a bit cruel to leave Leona alone in this city. But, without a doubt, I'd be even more concerned about leaving the twins alone here!


Well, they wouldn't be exactly alone, but... surely in a couple of days after we leave, then the first victims of them would be Vin and the others! And, in the end, the story where they end up dying could repeat again!


…Since I had saved them, then now I couldn't just put them aside, could I?


As for taking them to Gaia... I would honestly rather say a few last words at Vin and Benny's funeral than one of the girls from the mansion!! That would be sad, but I could get over it.


No, it's not like I want them to die... sure, as long as they comply with our previous agreement. For that reason I had especially dated Revy here, I thought that spending a little time with her would make it easier for her to agree to stay here with Leona… although, still it couldn't prevent that from continuing to be a bit troublesome!


…I was actually a little tempted to have some wine from this bar to get some courage to talk this out with her sooner.


Also, it didn't help that now that I wanted to spend a little time with her, we found Eda here. Renka-chan was now walking with the Chinese girl, it seems that being girls from the same country ... although from different worlds, the two hit it off quite well. Leona on the other hand, stayed taking care of the twins as usual.


“…Shouldn't you be“ enjoying ”your day with chainsaw-chan? What are you doing here?"


"...boy, do you think we're rabbits or something?"


As if this weren't enough, Vin also walks into Bajo's bar and heads straight over to where we were to sit next to me. As for his question with which he answers the mine, there was no need to answer, right?


"She has a job now, right?"




Fuck! They were a mature couple with only a few months who started dating! If they weren't in bed now, it was just because some of them had a job! And even more if we consider the type of job they have and the city in which they live that generates a lot of stress and there are sexual stimuli everywhere!


Unfortunately for Vin, Chainsaw-chan's job is quite in demand in this city… which, by the way, isn't quite a pleasant thing to think about.


"By the way... in this city there have been quite a few children lately, right?"




Because I was looking for an opportunity to speak with Revy, I hadn't been paying much attention to my surroundings. So when he points his gaze to a place in the bar, sure enough, there was a kid there who was out of place... well, I don't think I was someone you should find in such a place either...


"...that youth girl has been seeing you since we arrived"


"Hahaha, what's up Revy, are you jealous of that little girl?"


"Stop talking nonsense, Dutch! This is simply saying what I have noticed!! "


As Revy says, that girl who seemed to be roughly the same physical age as mine, she was looking directly at me… also, when she notices that our attention is directed to her now, she begins to act a little nervous.


Well, although I would like to say that I was now more confident in attracting the opposite sex because of my physical appearance as Vin suggests, Revy had shaken this up a bit after I returned from Kenichi's world...


Although… maybe someone closer to my physical age could more clearly distinguish that I had more manly features now, and not mistake me for a woman then!


“Yes, it was surely that!! Since Shigure, Renka-chan, and Miu-chan had said that my physique had changed a bit during those months, then Revy's not noticing it was because she was a bit older! "


"Little Alex-chan... what do you mean I'm a little older?"


"Eh? T-That is... "


Sh-Shit, I said my conclusions out loud! Fuck! I was coming here to have a nice time with her and not make her mad!!


"I-Isn't it rare that someone like her is here?"


"Hmn? Now that you mention it... it's really weird "


…There was no way that conversation with Revy would end favorably! It was like having fallen into a swamp and, surely no matter how much I spoke to sweeten things up, I would end up sinking more!! After all, any man knew that age was a taboo subject for women... and more if it was something like comparing them with another woman!!


Even Revy who doesn't seem to care much about those things, surely she was no exception to that… therefore, I could only try to change the subject! And it was good that this seemed to work very well!!


Although the fact that a child is in a bar was not something normal, it was not exactly what I was referring to... a little girl walking through this city alone was quite abnormal!


"...that girl should now be in a brothel wondering like me why the lord has abandoned her..."


Yes! This city was not exactly one where when someone sees a little girl like her lost, then he would kindly approach and help her!! As Eda suggests, that would undoubtedly be one of the fates that would await someone like her for walking freely in this place alone!


It didn't seem like someone was with her... so, that she could get to this bar safely was already being lucky enough. I wonder if she's the daughter of a mob boss in this city so she can walk so freely in the streets? Although none of these three people seem to know her... and I don't remember her from the anime either.


"That girl has been around the city for a couple of days hanging around the streets..."


"Eh? Has she been in this city for several days in that way?


…How is it that she has survived intact all this time, Bao? Is she someone known of important people in this city? "


Probably seeing our curiosity about the girl, Bao who was cleaning some glasses behind the bar decides to join our conversation. If she could still act the way she did now, that's probably because nothing bad has happened to her… and to spend so much time in this city and accomplish that, then could only be by the reason that Revy was asking.


In fact, we were just waiting for the confirmation of that, but… things seemed to be a bit more complicated than we had thought.


"Well... the only person she's asked about until now and as far as I know, was someone close to her age with red and long hair..."




Like a good bar master, Bao seemed to be quite knowledgeable and begins to tell us what he knows about the girl... also, when he spoke about that, his eyes were directed directly at me and therefore others do the same in the next instant.


" you know her?"


"Don't look at me, you know I just got back here, and the only place I've been to is the island where I went with all of you..."


"Well... maybe it's a coincidence?


Either way, it seems that girl was lucky enough to give a similar description to yours. "


"Yes... anyone who approached that girl, after knowing that she was looking for someone with those characteristics, then probably walked away as fast as he could from her... also, surely she reminded them of the two 'pretty' twins you are taking care of."


…Everyone agrees to Bao's statement after Vin's words!


It is almost certain that people in this city will begin to see little girls in fancy dresses very differently than they did before! Since that little lady in appearance gave a very similar impression to the twins, it was not difficult to think that someone else would think of them when they saw her.


Also, if the reputations of those twins weren't enough to knock weird ideas out of anyone's head who tried to do something to that little girl, the other girls in the company had their own reputations too! And that includes me too!!


So, if the others thought that she had something to do with us, it wasn't so strange that she remained fine until now...


Well, I'm glad that my reputation at least helped a little girl avoid ending up in disgrace, but… I can't help but feel like the others in this city look at us a little like we have an incurable infectious disease!!



I don't think that girl was so lucky for her to find someone similar to Alexander and be saved thanks to that... besides, she keeps watching us until now."




Well, that was also true... unfortunately. No, it's not that I dislike her.. that little girl was like a small bud of a flower that had begun to open, and surely when she did it completely, she would become a natural beauty of this world! 

She had straight blonde hair down to the middle of her back, very bright blue eyes, and her body was beginning to take on the curvier shape of a teenage girl.


…Even though she was a bit out of my strike zone due to her age, that was something that a few years could easily fix! So I did not rule out the option of having a good relationship with her now and waiting for her to fully mature to be able to harvest her.


But the main problem is that it could be said that she came looking for me at the wrong time... if I happily started talking to another girl now, it would only make it more difficult to talk to Revy about my departure from this world!


And to make matters worse, that girl didn't seem to want to allow me to find a solution where we could all talk quietly without problems! As if making a decision, she inhales deeply, exhales slowly, and then with a determined face, she begins to walk in the direction where we were.


Well, if she didn't give me a choice, then I'd have to put Revy above her… that was a bit of a shame but she didn't give me another option either. So I thought, but... taking a quick look around this bar, if I turned her down now, there were a lot of vultures circling her waiting for their chance to feast! I'd probably condemn her if I do that!!


So as I almost held my head and slammed it against the bar counter, more unexpected things happen… damn it! Is that in this damn bar all the atypical people of this fuking city get gathering?!!


Suddenly someone you wouldn't expect to find in this kind of place walks through the door and catching everyone's attention here...