Chapter 348 The Maid and her Master
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The one who enters and prevents the girl from saying something when she gets close to us, was a woman who draws everyone's attention... well, if you ask me, I wouldn't say that she was a beauty like those responsible for the fall of kingdoms... in fact, I would say that she looked closer to average. Even, from my point of view, Revy surpassed her in that regard.


And seeing the reaction of everyone else at the bar, I don't think they thought much different than me. On their faces more than anything else, what could be observed was surprise! And that was understandable due to the outfit she wore! This woman in front of everyone wore a maid outfit!!


…Well, maybe my opinion of her was a bit skewed. By having as a base the girls from the mansion to compare to another, that might be a bit unfair… after all, those girls might be over the most women of their own world in beauty.


Also, unlike Revy who dresses in a slightly provocative way, this woman's maid outfit was the kind that lacks appeal... if she wore one of those maid outfits with miniskirts and plunging neckline that I gave the girls from the guild [Alexander-sama's maids] who had no fighting qualities and decided to focus on housework, maybe I thought a little differently from her now...


No! I think that, anyway, those splendid maid outfits would not have prevented the chill I felt down my spine when I saw her enter this place! Probably, before my eyes whatever she wore, in the end I could only see it as a robe of the grim reaper! That was the only image I could associate with her!!


I had recognized her immediately the moment I saw her! Although it was not an extreme beauty, it was certainly unmistakable!! And as if my memories weren't enough to tell me that she was dangerous, the tags over her head made me sweat a bit!


[Roberta Level 95] [Combat Technique: Sambo - A] [Knife Handling - B] [Ki Control - E] [Accurate Aim - C] [Pain Resistance - E] [Concentration - E ] [Courage - D ] [Loyalty - S] [Soldier - C]


"L-Let's get out of here now, quick!"


"What's wrong, Alexander? Why do you seem so nervous? "




"...let me continue drinking"




Yes! It was Roberta! She herself could give the biggest organizations in this city a lot of trouble!!


If you compared her to the Ryozanpaku Masters, surely no one could deny that she was weaker, but… since I never felt deadly enmity from them or even from any other Master in that world, I didn't feel so threatened there!


This time it was different! If that woman had a problem with us, then surely she would not hesitate to kill us at all costs!!


Although I'm not afraid of her... well, maybe a little... 

The thing is that, I don't know why, but I have the feeling that this woman would get up like nothing after being exploded by a BIM! I can even imagine her coming out of the one that creates a black hole just like Majin bu when he escaped from the time room!!


But that was not the main problem. If there is no reason to antagonize her, then I don't see why we should seek to do that! If she wants to turn this city upside down, I don't have much trouble with that as long as she leaves our building as it is now.


So, with that thought in my mind, I quickly get up from my chair to get out of here immediately! Even though the others seemed a bit curious about Roberta, I just keep walking and just ask Revy to drag Eda away too.


"Boy... what's about this girl?"


Then Vin reminds me of the matter of that girl who seemed to get nervous again by the appearance of Roberta who wearing the maid outfit... if I leave her here, she will surely die very soon!


"...Bring her"






There was no time to explain things and be picky, so for now we had to be a bit blunt. She might be a little scared, but in the end, I think she would be happy… that sounded like what a raped would say… well, there is no choice!


The good thing is that Vin wasn't someone who cared much about what other people might think about him, and so after rubbing the back of his neck a bit, he places the girl on his shoulder. Curiously, she does not resist... it really was a miracle that someone not kidnapped her until now.


"Hehehe... this is not a suitable place for you, lady."


"...I'm looking for someone, please don't intervene"


“Hahaha… if you are looking for a Master, then I can become him. What do you say? I'll give you a good deal "


"What are you talking about? You barely have to buy some wine in this bar!


Instead of that guy, I'll give you a good amount to take care of me… if you try hard, then I can give you more, hehehe. "


As if our departure was was a switch for things to unfold, several men quickly approach Roberta looking at her in a rather obscene way. Well... even though she was probably not the most beautiful woman here and her outfit couldn't be considered seductive, this latter one was still a Maid outfit and managed to pique an interest in some people!


Well… It's not that I didn't understand those guys there. If it weren't for the mental image I already had of her and the things the system showed me, maybe she would have made a different impression on me too. In fact, her serious demeanor made her look a bit like the strict Maid stereotype...


Perhaps it was a bit of a shame that I couldn't enjoy seeing her that way and, instead, now I was walking quickly to leave this bar taking advantage of the opportunity that several men were beginning to surround her.


Surely in their heads, they knew that in some moments a misfortune event would happen... and they were certainly right! Unfortunately for them, it was not their lustful thoughts that would be carried out!!


Looks like that I'll have to find another place to talk to Revy now… this time my influence in this world didn't help Bao avoid a calamity to his Bar.


"Come on, let's go back to the building"


"…Fuck! I wanted to keep drinking!! Also, it seems that now I was going to see a live show there!! "


"Shut up bitch"




With everyone in the car that Vin had come here for, I motion for him to turn it on so we can go now. Great! It seems that I have avoided these problems!! Since I know that Roberta can take care of herself quite well, I didn't feel bad about leaving her there. After all, this was not like abandoning a little lamb in front of several hungry wolves. She can probably find her young Master and sort out her own affairs!


"Why did we get out of there?"


" Eda says, it was about to start a great show... I just didn't want to be a part of it"


“…It's strange that you didn't want to help her, Alex-chan. What's going on? Didn't that woman fit into your range of tastes? "




Eda wasn't the only one who imagined the things that would happen to Roberta if she had been a normal Maid. Revy and Dutch most likely had a very similar thought to that… so, maybe since they weren't people willing to help someone in trouble, it was good that their thoughts were wrong.


The only one who seemed a bit nervous and was constantly looking at the bar, was the girl who was now sitting next to me. Although… I don't know if it's out of concern for Roberta or just because she's in a car with strangers right now and would like to scream for help.


“Well… I honestly think you're more beautiful than her and so in part you are right, Revy. Further…"


"H-Hmp ~ What? Have you had enough with the kid you just rescued now? "


“Of course it's not that. Unlike this girl, that woman can-"


[Tatatata] [Bomb !!] [Bomb !!] [Tatatata]


Before I could finish telling about Roberta to Revy who seemed a bit annoyed and embarrassed at the same time, things at the bar seem to have started now...


"Sh-Shit! W-What's going on there? "


"It doesn't matter, just drive, Vin."


" you know anything about that woman?"


"Well… after we met the twins, isn't it logical to think that outliers in this place are bad?"




[Bomb !!] [Tatatata … ] [Bomb !!]


Since explaining things to all of them was complicated and that would only increase the questions, I choose to find a reasonable excuse. So, since none of them can refute this, I think it was a pretty good one...


Well, avoiding having to talk about how I know Roberta, I was now able to focus on something else that we had delayed for a while and that I was a little curious about.


“By the way… do we know each other? Who you are?"




"Boy... usually when you try to pick someone up off the street, you start that kind of conversation and then you try to get her to get into your car... I think you did things in the wrong order"




…Well, I wasn't trying to pick up this girl. Also, I think those questions are old-fashioned enough to get a girl's attention, right? Or maybe in this world it is different?


Never mind, my goal was different from what Eda said. I was only interested in getting the answers to those questions, and it was not some trick to arouse an interest in the girl... although if that happened, I would not complain either.


"M-Me? I-I'm Gartzia Lovelance… p-please help me!! "


"Haa ~ …in the end it looks like we'll have problems."


"Well... at least it can't be as bad as getting involved with that Maid from before."


"...maybe that's true"


After the girl hesitated for a few seconds, she introduces herself and says that... honestly, I expected responses like "Who are you?" or "Why did you all kidnap me?" so I was a bit surprised by her words.


Maybe she didn't think that? Since she had been watching us for a while, then maybe she knew the name of the Black Lagoon company somehow and tried to hire them for something.


So there was a good chance that Revy and Dutch who started arguing as if I had caused another problem were wrong! Well, I was the one who decided to bring her, but... she may have come for those two from the beginning!!


"P-Please help me… I-I saw you on the island before, and I thought you could understand me and help me…"




…Umu, it's good that I don't refute the words of those two before. In the end, was true that I was responsible 100% for this... well, now I can support Dutch's comment and say that things were not so bad too... it seems that he deserves to be rewarded for that. Since he couldn't fornicate with Chainsaw- chan today, I'll give him a free pass for tonight… no, that's too much. A "good job" should be enough!


"Help you? About wha-"


"Why do we have to help her?! It's enough with the fact that she's not in that shooting now!! "




I certainly didn't want to be a guy with a cape and boxer over tights and who going all over the world to help people, but… ignoring the puppy dog eyes this girl puts on when she hears Revy's words, was really hard! It might even be a lot easier to just help her a little and maybe her problem is not a big deal.




While making a long sigh in my mind because surely Revy would get mad at me because of this, a loud sound that catches everyone's attention prevents me from speaking...


"... Is she following us?"


“…No, she's probably going after someone else. Why would she follow us? "


"Well, that's true."


The person responsible for this was none other than Roberta who now drove a car at high speed without caring about the obstacles in front of her...


[Clank!] [Clank!] [Clank!]




"Sh-Shit, that woman is shooting at us!!"


Damn it, Vin. Just let her go on her way! Can't you see she's in a hurry!! "


“I do that but she is following us!! M-My new car... "


…Don't tell me I can't help getting involved with her? Why?! We left before she could even see us at the Bar!!


"Why is that fucking Maid following us? !!"


“I'm wondering that too! So don't look at me like this's my fault too, Revy! "


"S-She is Roberta... my maid"




The argument that had started in our car is stopped abruptly by the words of the girl next to me... now as Vin continued trying to lose Roberta and shuddering at every metallic sound that sounded like he was taking the bullets and not the car, we all turn our attention to Gartzia-chan...


"Y-Your maid you say?"








…What are you doing?"


“Now after you know the girl's name, do you jump straight to third base? You really are pretty fast, aren't you boy?


…It seems like the boy isn't the problem, why the hell haven't you done it with him yet, Two hands? "


"S-Shut up you fucking bitch!!"


No, it couldn't be! I was sure that the person Roberta was looking for was a little boy, and because of that I had even asked Revy to stay away from this one after describing him a bit to avoid problems!! So after hearing she call Roberta her maid, I had to check Gartzia-chan's gender… or maybe it could be kun! that I think about it, maybe my actions were not the most appropriate way to do it. One of my hands goes directly to the chest, and the other to the crotch… maybe having received the same treatment from both, Kurisu and Revy before, it didn't seem wrong to me do the same now. Also, it's not like I could ask her for some other way to check her gender right now...


On the other hand, I really appreciate that when my hand touches the place between her two legs, I don't get any strange sensation in my hand… I practically did this on reflex, so I really wouldn't have known how to respond if I actually found something there!


I can also breathe a huge sigh of relief as it doesn't seem like I have mistaken a boy for a girl! If Gartzia-chan was a boy disguised as a girl, then I could have received a severe blow for falling into something like that...


"Damn bastards!! How dare you stain the purity of Miss Gartzia!! I will kill all of you"


Then just at that precise moment Roberta paired her car with ours, and then her eyes were fixed directly on my two hands that were touching sensitive areas of her little lady… Damn it! Why don't she yell that before to avoid doing something like this?!!


" that woman seems to be completely furious"


"Fuck!!? How much time you will keep fiddling to that girl, damn it?"


" you think you can make your maid calm down?"


"E-Emmm… I-I don't know… m-maybe she's also mad at me because before I ran away from her."


Ignoring Revy, I put my eyes on Gartzia-chan who seemed to continue confused by my actions and also saw my hands that were on one of her developing breasts and the one that had been hidden under her skirt... I wanted to solve this in a peaceful way, but... I don't think Roberta will listen to my words, and Gartzia-chan is a little afraid to talk to her now too...


This will be a long day, right?